Do Hamsters Like Music? (All You Need To Know)

It has been scientifically proven that music has the power to change one’s state of mind. We surely do enjoy music. Ever wondered whether your Hamster feels the same way? Does music calm them? Are they afraid of it? It is a question that boggles a lot of Hamster owners. So, I decided to do some research, and here is what I found out!

Most Hamsters love to be around classical music. Research even shows that Hamsters have an emotional connection with music. Slow-paced and instrumental music works best for them. On the other hand, fast-paced music, metal, or rock music can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety in them.

Hamsters are highly reactive to music, so you must observe them know whether they enjoy it or not. Do not be amused if you see your Hamster dancing to the tunes. Also, look for signs of distress among them.

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Hamster Essentials

Always start by playing a soft and soothing sound. High-pitched music can cause distress among Hamsters. If they look scared or startled you should stop the music to try a different genre.


You will notice every Hamster has different reactions. Most of them tend to enjoy it while others just run away from it.

The genre of music also plays a very integral part. Hamsters usually like soft and slow-paced music. 

You can tell whether they enjoy it or not by observing their behavior.

Blinking or shutting eyes, twitching of ears are some of the few signs that help you to learn that your Hamster is enjoying the music.

Few Hamsters also get stressed by the sound. You will find them running all over the enclosure and causing chaos.

Exposure to music at an early age is very important. This helps in building the personality of your Hamsters just as for humans.

Repetition is the key. You will notice that your Hamsters get more comfortable each time you play the same music.


Music works wonder for some while does not affect others. Different genres of music leads to different reactions in Hamsters.

Two major factors play a role in this. Firstly, the personality of your Hamster. Secondly, exposure to music at an early age.

Each Hamster possess different personality trait and honestly, you cannot do much about it.

However, it is suggested to introduce music to your Hamster at an early age. This makes them habituated to the music and has a calming effect.

Start with soft music and keep the volume low. Then you may gradually increase the volume with passing time.

Rock and Metal can sometimes induce fights among Hamsters. On the other hand, classical music is known to calm their mind.

Many Hamster owners even believe in music therapy to calm their aggressive hamster or to get them to sleep.


No, Hamsters are not afraid of music. However, high-pitched noise makes them aggressive.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Loud noises such as that of thunderstorms or drums can surely frighten them. Loud music with very high frequency sometimes can also lead to heart attacks.

On the other hand, many hamster owners have even noticed their pet fall asleep listening to slow-paced and soft music.

Choose the correct place for your Hamster’s enclosure. Do not keep it near your television set or stereo.


Research has shown that all animals love classical music in general. Hamsters are no exception.

Classical music provides a soothing effect. If you are someone who enjoys classical music and likes to hear it daily, you will see that your hamster will also get used to it.

Listening to classical music calms their mind. You will often notice them dancing to the tunes or them sticking around to listen.

You still need to be careful with the type of classical music you choose. Never play the music too loud. Make sure that it is not high-pitched.


Hamsters do not like being around loud music. Hamsters are sensitive to sound and react to high-frequency music.

You should also learn to control the volume of your television set or stereo system if your Hamster is around.

If you love to play instruments like me, do not keep the cage of your hamster in the same room while you are practicing. Exposure to loud music can harm their hearing ability in the long term.

Even children should be taught not to scream or shout near your pet. Hamsters have delicate ears that can easily tear.

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Hamsters have poor eyesight and to compensate for this God has gifted them with a very keen hearing ability.

Hamsters have a much greater hearing ability than us. They become aware even with the slightest of sound.

You should introduce music to your hamster at an early age.

While introducing them to music for the very first time trying to keep the volume and bass low. You can gradually increase it as your pet starts to get comfortable with it.

The rule of thumb is, not to play music louder than your television set.

You must also make sure that the music you play has a consistent frequency and do not end up in a screeching note.

Music is known to bring joy to your pet’s life. It also tends to make them feel less lonely.


Fast-paced music makes Hamsters aggressive. They become over-enthusiastic and sometimes also run all around the cage causing chaos.

Genres like Rock, Pop, and Metal should be avoided. Loud scratchy violin or drums will surely frighten them.

Make sure you do not keep the enclosure of your pet too close to the stereo or the television set.

The rule of thumb is to start playing with a low volume and then gradually increase it.


Do Hamsters Like Music? Yes, Hamsters do certainly like music.

Many Hamster owners even use music as therapy to calm their Hamsters. It works wonders.

All Hamsters love classical music in general. Not only do they love it, but it also has some positive effects on them.

You must always select soft, slow-paced music, and you will see them enjoy it thoroughly.

Introduce music to them at an early age, this will help them to build their personality.

Never keep the enclosure of your Hamster near your television set or stereo, this may disturb their mind.

Also, look for signs of distress, if your Hamster looks restless stop the music immediately. Give them personal space to relax.


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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