Do Hamster Cages Need A Lid? (You Must Know)

Hamsters, like most small pets, are animals that are adored by many people. Just like dogs or cats, Hamsters are also the type of pet that requires immediate attention when it comes to the basic necessities of life. With that said, there is one common question among many Hamster owners, do Hamster cages need a lid?

Cage Lids are of utmost importance for our Hamsters. Hamsters are excellent escape artists and will leave no chance to escape or run away. Besides this, cage lids also keep our Hamsters safe from all predators. Also, veterinarians always suggest going for a wired mesh covers instead of solid covers.

The lean body structure and paws help our Hamsters to climb easily. Some Hamsters are even known to climb as high as 25 inches. Therefore, your Hamster can easily escape if they get a chance.

Also, your Hamsters will definitely climb and run out of the cage if they see a possible threat. Continue reading the article to learn more about Hamster cage lids.

Are Cage Lids Necessary?

Cage lids are very important for our Hamsters. There are two main reasons due to which we must never forget to cover our Hamster’s cage.

Firstly, cage lids are essential for the safety of the little ones. Using a cage lid will make sure that our Hamsters are safe.

If you live nearby a stream or a lake, then the chances are pretty high that a snake may come to your house. In such cases, we should never leave our Hamster’s cage uncovered.

Also, if you have other pets at your home besides your Hamster, then a cage is a must. Just because your other pet is trained or trustable, doesn’t mean nothing wrong can happen in the future. The cage lid makes sure that these predators do not have any access to your pet.

Secondly, cage lids make sure that our Hamsters do not have any chance to run away. You must know that Hamsters are great at escaping. They will be gone in the blink of an eye if they get a chance to escape.

Even though you may think that the sides of the bins are pretty high for a Hamster to escape, you never know.

The cage arrangements (toys, hiding, etc.) and other cage decorates make it easier for our Hamsters to climb up and escape the cage. Thus, it is very essential to keep our Hamster’s cage covered all the time.

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Can My Hamsters Climb Out Of Their Cage?

Yes, your Hamsters will easily climb out of their cage, if the cage is not covered. Hamsters are quite desperate to break free, just like any other creature.

Even if you have a cage of a standard height, you Hamster will find a way or another to get out of the cage.

Also, the cage essentials such as Hamster wheels make it much easier for our Hamsters to climb and reach a higher point.

Is Covering the Cage Safe For My Hamsters?

Mesh Covers are absolutely safe for our Hamsters. One of my veterinarian friends considers mesh cover as the best option to cover a Hamster’s cage.

These mesh covers are ideal to allow the proper flow of air in our little one’s cage. It makes sure that our Hamsters do not face any kind of suffocation. However, make sure that the mesh top is securely latched.

Also, these tops safeguards our Hamsters from our other notorious pets such as dogs or cats.

On the other hand, never use a solid cover for your Hamster’s cage. These solid covers will block the flow of air in our Hamster’s cage, leading to poor ventilation.

Poor ventilation in our Hamster’s cage can also lead to respiratory diseases in them. Therefore, we must be very careful about this and never fully cover our Hamster’s cage.

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How To Make A Hamster Cage Lid For Bin Cages?

Sometimes, wired meshes available in the market are quite expensive and unaffordable. In such cases, you can easily make one at your home just by following a few steps listed below:

  • Get a hardware wired mesh from the commercial market. You can find these wires online too. Use a metal mesh only, your Hamster will probably chew out all other materials.
  • Use a marker and a scale to measure the top of your Hamster’s cage. Now, cut the mesh in the same size as that of the cage top.
  • You need to drill the bin first, and then attach the mesh using zip ties.
  • Cut out the excess zip ties. This will make the cage top look tidy.

How To Keep The Wire Mesh Intact To The Cage?

Most owners prefer zip ties to keep the mesh intact to the cage. These zip ties are strong enough to keep the mesh intact throughout.

You can also use duct tape after securing the cage with zip ties for extra security. Also, never use just duct tapes to attach the lid to the cage, it won’t work (telling from my personal experience).

Zip ties are easily available in the market. If you do not find it in the nearby markets, you will always find them online. Also, you must always keep some extra zip ties with you for emergencies.

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Can My Hamster Live In A Plastic Bin?

Plastic bin cages are completely safe for our Hamsters. However, use a wired mesh to cover the top. A solid cover will lead to poor ventilation.

Plastics bins are cheaper in comparison to the regular cages. Therefore, most Hamster owners tend to choose plastic bins for their Hamsters.

Do Hamsters Try To Escape?

As Hamsters are one of the prey animals, it is in their natural instinct to hide or run away from things. You must be very careful if you have a Hamster. A small opening and they are gone.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

There are a few other significant reason due to which our Hamster might be trying to escape:

Therefore, it is essential to understand the behavior of your Hamsters. If you want to learn more about Hamsters as escape artists, check out this post next.

Can I Put My Hamster Cage On The Floor?

I would advise you to not keep your Hamster’s cage on the floor.

Hamsters get scared very easily. Keeping them on the floor would make them look at as walking giants.

Also, our Hamsters will feel the vibrations more prominently if we keep them on the floor. The vibrations of the footsteps, cleaning, or vacuuming can lead to stress in our little ones.

Besides these, you will have a difficult time cleaning the cage, if it is kept on the floor. Even feeding or bonding with our Hamsters will become a tedious task.

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