How To Find A Lost Hamster? (Step By Step Guide)

A lost Hamster can be a nightmare for any owner. One would never want their little one to get into any kind of trouble. Now that my Hamster has escaped, what should I do to find my lost Hamsters? From where should I start? Let’s find out!

Start the search by closing all the possible exits. Look around everywhere. Some of the potential Hamster hiding spaces are under the bed, sofas, TV set, or other furniture pieces. You can also try to entice them with their favorite treats or toys. Searching for them during the night works like a charm.

In such situations, you must not lose patience and act smartly. Get yourself a well-laid-out plan to find your lost Hamster. However, if your Hamster has left due to bad treatment, then there are high chances that he will never return.

You must be curious to learn more about your Hamster’s escaping behavior and the steps you should take if your Hamster escapes. So, let’s get right into it!

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Why Do Hamsters Always Try To Escape?

Hamsters are pretty good at escaping. A tiny default in their cage, and they are gone. Hamsters have in their instinct to run or hide away because they are prey animals.

A Hamster may be trying to escape due to several reasons. You must observe your Hamster intently to understand their behavior. Here are some of the common reasons due to which your Hamster might be trying be escape:

  • They Live In A Small Cage: If you are keeping your Hamster in a small area, then probably he will try to escape. You should provide your Hamsters with adequate space to run and play.
  • They Are Bored: It is important to keep your Hamster engaged all the time. Chew toys are the best way to keep a Hamster entertained. If your Hamster is bored, they will try to find ways to break free.
  • They Are Scared: If your Hamster is scared of you or any other member of your family, then they will surely try to escape. Sometimes even your other pet can scare your Hamster.
  • They Are Hungry: If you do not provide your Hamster with enough food, then they will attempt to escape in search of food. Therefore, it is essential to serve your Hamster with fresh food and water every 24 hours.

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Where Do Hamsters Hide When They Get Out?

You must think like a Hamster to understand their hiding behavior. Hamsters mostly prefer small and secure places to hide.

Some hiding spaces that are quite attractive to Hamsters are underneath your bed, cupboard, or other furniture sets such as sofas or dining tables.

Look nearby for other stuff such as shoes, boxes, entertainment units, or other home fixtures. Do not forget to check your basement and other low-lighted areas of your house.

Bathrooms are Hamster’s favorite hiding spaces. Therefore, give a thorough check to the bathroom.

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How Do You Find A Lost Hamster In Your House? (Step By Step Guide)

If your Hamster has not escaped the house, then finding them will not be a difficult task. The steps listed below will surely help you find your lost Hamster:

  • Close All The Possible Exits: Start by closing all the doors and windows of your house. Also, make sure that your others pets do not have access to that particular room in which you lost your Hamster. Your dog or cat getting hold of your Hamster may be a nightmare for you.
  • Search Thoroughly In Your House: Look for your Hamsters in each room one by one. Look behind every furniture piece, television set, under the bed, and every possible tiny space.
  • Check For Any Tiny Cracks Or Crevices: Hamsters are amazing escape artists. A tiny hole in the wall and they are gone. If you live in an old house, then the chances of cracks or crevices are more.
  • Try Looking For Your Hamster At Night: Most Hamsters stay active throughout the night. There are high chances that your Hamster will come out of hiding during the night when the environment is dark and quiet.
  • Entice Them With Their Favorite Treat: Use your Hamster’s favorite treat to lure them. Sprinkling the treats near the Hamster’s cage often works like a charm. If any of the placed treats disappear will give you a general idea about your Hamster’s hiding.
  • Track For Your Hamster’s Movements: Sprinkle some sand near your Hamster’s treat. The tiny footprints will ensure you about your Hamster’s presence.
  • Be Patient: Do not lose hope. There have been several cases where Hamsters are known to return even after several months, without any scratch.

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How To Find A Lost Hamster Outside?

In such cases, pet owners often panic, thinking about the condition of their pet. However, worrying doesn’t help. Instead, you must act wisely and take the necessary steps.

Listed below are some of the steps that will help you find your lost Hamster outside your home:

  • Look For Them In Your Garden: Firstly, look for your Hamster in your home garden. In most cases, Hamsters do not tend to cross the boundary of the home. Also, remove all kinds of potential dangers to your pet such as mouse traps.
  • Talk To Your Neighbors: When you are pretty sure that your little one is not at home, start reaching out to people living nearby. Inform your neighbors and other kinds about your Hamster’s flight. They will help you to search in every possible area. Look for your Hamsters beneath all the cars in your neighborhood, in the bushes or shrubs, inside an open garage, nearby park, etc.
  • Spread The News In Social Media: Spreading the news of your missing Hamster over social media will help you a lot. There are high chances that a few animal lover groups will come to help you search for your Hamster.
  • Visit The Nearby Aminal Shelter Or The Local Veterinarian: Visiting your nearby animal shelter or the vet is an excellent idea. If anyone would have found your Hamster, then there is a possibility that he or she might have taken him to the local vet or the animal shelter.
  • Play Their Favorite Music: With prior permission from the authorities, play your Hamster’s favorite music in the local park or garden. If your Hamster has taken shelter there, then they will probably come out.
  • Entice Them With Their Favorite Treat: You can use your Hamster’s favorite food to search for them. Leave bits and pieces of the food in your garden or other places where you suspect your Hamster might have taken shelter.

The sooner you start the search, the better. Whatever the situation might be, you should never give up. There have been cases where Hamsters returned healthy to their home even after months.

How Do You Get A Hamster To Come Out Of Hiding?

Hamsters are quite sensitive. Therefore, the first step you must take is to avoid any loud noises or screams. Also, avoid any kind of eye contact, it will just scare them away.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Hamsters are sensitive creatures. Therefore, the first step involves comforting them in the best way possible. Avoid any kinds of loud noises or sudden moments.

Never poke your Hamster to come out. This would just scare them more.

Move your body slowly while attempting to lure your little one out of hiding. Kneel on the floor as you call your Hamster or reach out to him. Never do the mistake of screaming his name in anger.

Consider using your Hamster’s favorite treat to grab his attention, and encourage him to come out of the hiding instead of pulling him out of that place.

Also, shut the door and ask your family and other pets to avoid the room to keep the surroundings calm and controlled.

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How Long Can A Lost Hamster Survive?

A lost Hamster would not be able to survive for more than 4-5 days. Lack of food and water will lead to a deterioration in their health pretty quickly.

On the other hand, if a lost Hamster finds some reliable source of food and water supply, then it will be able to survive for several days or even months on its own.

Can A Hamster Find Its Way Home?

An escaped Hamster will soon realize that it has come to an unknown place. As they are not trained to survive outside, they will be cautious in their approach.

Hamsters are pretty smart and will try to find a place to hide, away from the outside world.

Also, it is very rare for any Hamster to remember the path for their way back home. While escaping, they may end up being in an unknown land. Being in a new place, they often get confused and lose their way.

The best idea would be to search for them in your neighborhood, garden, or nearby places where they may feel safe. Try to entice your Hamsters with their favorite music or food.

As soon as your little one realizes any familiar sound or smell, they will tend to follow it and come back home.


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