Are Hamsters Smart? (Here Is The Truth)

Whenever I see my neighbor’s pet dog performing tricks I often wonder whether my Hamsters could do the same? Are Hamsters smart pets? If yes, what are the things that my Hamster remembers?

As an inquisitive Hamster owner I did some research and here is what I found out!

Hamsters are smart animals. They have a sharp memory and even remember their owners, parents, and siblings. With proper training, you will also see them respond to their names and other commands. They understand words by our tone of voice and also by our body language.

You must keeping in mind that training your Hamster is not an overnight process. It will take your time and affection for Hamsters to respond.

Also, observe your Hamster intently and you will notice how smart they are!

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

How Smart Are Hamsters?

Hamsters are smart pets. They are smart enough to recognize their owner’s voice. Also, they do remember the enclosure they have been living in.

With proper training, Hamsters can even be taught to do a few tricks. They can even respond to some basic commands.

To test their grey matter, you can try a few things during their floor time. You can hide some of their favorite treats around and see if they can find it by using their senses.

You can even trick them into a maze using some of their favorite treats and check if they can get out on their own. I bet you will be surprised by the results.

Not only they can find their food around the maze, but they can also remember their steps and pathways for months.

This is the best book I ever came across. It helped me a lot to understand my Hamster better.

Training Your Pet Hamster (Training Your Pet Series)
  • Bucsis, Gerry (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

How Good Is My Hamster’s Memory?

Hamsters’ memory is quite sharp. They often remember all the good and bad experiences that have happened to them.

Good experience like they often remember you serving them a treat and bad experiences like a time when they have injured themselves while training .

Hamsters tend to remember all the favorable and unfavorable moments of his life.

It has also been noticed that Hamsters often remembers their pathways and retrace their way back to their enclosure if you leave them in a room.

The kind of memory pattern that Hamsters have in them biologically is quite delightful and mind-blowing sometimes.

Do Hamsters Know Their Name?

Hamsters do remember their names. They understand and relate sounds from particular behaviors and responses.

Stick to one particular name if you want your Hamster to respond to you. Also, always try to call out the name in one tone.

Whenever you feed your Hamsters with treats, try to call out their names loud and clear.

Patience is the key, give your Hamster some time, such things cannot happen overnight.

Do Hamsters Remember Their Owner/Others?

Studies have indicated that Hamsters do recognize their owners on the basis of their scent.

To build a bond with your Hamsters, it is very important for you to spend at least 1-2 hours with them daily.

Put your hand in your Hamster’s enclosure on a daily basis, this will help them remember your scent.

You will soon notice, one day, your Hamster sniffing your hands and will be comfortable when you pick them up.

It is advised not to introduce your Hamster to your friends until he is comfortable with you.

Do Hamsters Understand Words?

Hamsters do understand words by the tone of our voice and body language.

Hamsters are slow beginners therefore you have to patient with them. Spend at least 1-2 hours a day.

You can teach your Hamsters various words like ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘come’, or ‘stop’. All these words can be taught to Hamsters with a little bit of training and affection.

Hamsters understand sign languages too, like creaking of the door may indicate them that their owner is back from work or the ripping of a plastic packet may indicate them that its time for their treat.

Observe your Hamsters intently and you will soon notice how well they pick words!

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Can Hamsters Be Trained?

Although it is impossible for Hamsters to be as trained as dogs or any other pets, past researches have thrown some light on it.

Hamsters are quick learners, with patience and love you can teach him to do various tricks.

You can use treats to induce your Hamsters to come to you.

Make sure your Hamsters are sufficiently relaxed around you before you make them learn something.

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How To Litter Train My Hamster?

Firstly, you must understand it is not an easy process to teach your Hamster to use a litter box. It is not an overnight process, it takes a lot of time and efforts.

Buy a suitable litter box for your Hamster, I personally prefer a glass box.

Then, place some litter on the box along with some of his soiled bedding and droppings. Always buy litter that is dust-free and odor-free.

The soiled bedding and droppings will trick your Hamster to come to the litter box.

Make a separate sleeping and eating area for your Hamster, this will ensure that your Hamster uses a litter box.

Lastly, remember not to force your Hamster to get into the box, this won’t work instead you will just annoy your Hamster.

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How To Train My Hamsters To Do Tricks?

Firstly, to train a Hamster it is very important to bond with them. Try to spend at least 1-2 hours a day with your Hamster.

Never try to hold your Hamster forcefully, this will just make him aggressive. He will try to jump out of your hand and can hurt himself.

Try to bribe your Hamsters with treats, it works wonders. However, do not engross yourself too much and overfeed your Hamsters.

Whenever you feed your Hamster, try to call him by a particular name. Try to keep the tone same.

You can also teach him tricks like jumping through hoops. Try to excite him with a treat. Make sure you do not keep the hoop too high. Your Hamster may hurt himself jumping inappropriately to fetch the treat.

You can also try teaching your Hamsters trick by placing obstacles in his enclosure and keep a treat at the end of the path. Treats will trick Hamsters to solve the puzzled path.

However, make sure that you do not put any sharp or edgy obstacle, your Hamster can hurt himself.

Always keep in mind not to be too harsh on your Hamsters as this may result in they disliking you. In such cases, you will see your Hamster will not be willing to come to you and can also bite you.

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Do Hamsters Have Feelings?

Yes, just like us Hamsters have feelings too.

As Hamsters can not approach us verbally, they usually do it through signals. Being a Hamster owner it is important for you to observe and understand these signals of your Hamsters.

Hamsters portray different emotions of joy, sadness, fear and anger by different signals.

How To Show Your Hamsters You Love Them?

The best way to handle hamsters is gradually and carefully to assure that they don’t become terrified of you. Do not begin introducing your hamster to any stranger, until you are confident that they feel protected with you.

Try to spend at least 1-2 hours a day with them. This will make your Hamster feel safe and comfortable around you.

If you have more than one Hamster make sure you give them just and fair treatment. If one of your Hamsters feels that the other Hamster is getting more attention and care, then jealousy may develop.

Also, treat your Hamster with their favorite food at least once in a week. This will surely keep them happy and cheerful.

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