Top 19 Ways To Keep Your Hamsters Cool In Summers! (Complete Guide)

When summer months come closer, we want to prepare in every possible manner for the challenges ahead. But what should we do with our Hamsters?  Do Hamsters enjoy the warm summer weather or suffer during those scorching heat and humid days?

So, I decided to do some research on the same and also consulted a few experts, and here is what I have learned!

Hamsters enjoy a moderate and stable environment, and there is no need for you to worry about those summer days till the temperature is below 78°F(25.5°C). However, if there is a fluctuation above that, then you might need to ensure a few steps to keep them cool.

We need to take some additional measures to keep cool. The proposals include moving them to a cool spot, providing shade, hydration, and helping them cool down.

We need to keep our Hamsters cool during summers, but how can we do so? Do not worry, we have got you all sorted. Read till the end to understand more on this!

Picture Credits: Mouse, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Ways To Keep Your Hamsters Cool!

It can be a challenging task for you to keep your Hamsters cool, especially if you live in a humid area.

So, I have collected some of the best tips up my sleeves to share with you all so that you can take care of your little ones in those hot days.

Choose The Correct Enclosure

During hot days, make sure the enclosure of your Hamster has enough ventilation.

Picture Credits: Mouse, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

If it is possible for you, the best option would be to switch to wire cages if you have tanks. 

If not, keep the tank of your Hamster in a well ventilated room

Refresh And Refill The Water Bottles

An adult Hamster drinks anywhere between 20-25ml water per day. If you leave in a humid region the amount of water intake may vary.

The consumption of water is dependent on a variety of factors, including the age, size, diet of your Hamsters.

During summers, Hamsters tend to drink a little more water than usual, therefore providing them with clean and healthy water is essential.

Also, Hamsters don’t drink warm water, therefore you must change the water every few hours, this will encourage them to drink more. In return, your Hamsters will remain hydrated and cool.

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Provide More Than One Source Of Water

It would be a wise investment to provide more than one source of water in your Hamster’s enclosure.

Hamsters are quite picky so they may not always prefer drinking from a water bottle.

Keeping a bowl, with provide your Hamster with an alternate option to drink water.

Here are some of my favorites leak-proof water bottles from Amazon. Check them out!

Feeding Watery Vegetables And Leafy Green

You must consider feeding watery veggies to your Hamsters during these hot days, as they are excellent to keep up with hydration. One of the best choices would be cucumber.

Picture Credits: Mouse, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

A cool piece of cucumber from the fridge remains cold for a prolonged period. Therefore, it is a great summer treat for your little ones.

However, keep a check on the amount of cucumber you feed your Hamsters. Do not end up overfeeding as it can lead to diarrhea among them.

Also, remove all the uneaten vegetables from the enclosure after a few hours. It can ruin the bedding and it’s foul smell can cause stress in Hamsters.

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Use A Frozen Water Bottle

You can also keep the enclosure of your Hamster cool by placing a frozen water bottle on top of their enclosure. You can also place them inside at one corner of the cage.

Wrap the water bottle with a thick cloth or towel before using it. Do not use it without the cloth or the towel.

Also, make sure that the water bottle does not leak, it could be dangerous for your Hamsters.

Cover The Enclosure With A Cool And Damp Towel

You must consider your Hamster’s enclosure with a damp towel during hot days. This will help to remove excess heat and also serves as an extra layer of insulation for the enclosure.

However, there are a few things you must keep in mind if you are using a damp towel.

Firstly, do not cover the entire cage with the cloth, this will stop the circulation of air. Cover only a portion of the cage.

Secondly, make sure you squeeze out all the extra water from the towel. The dripping water can soak your Hamsters, which can make them vet.

Add Some Hiding Spots In Their Enclosure

It is very important to provide your Hamster with adequate hiding space, to keep them happy and stress-free.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Hiding spaces will give give your Hamster a place to rest and also escape the heat.

You can also prepare hideouts at your home for your little ones just by following the necessary measure:

Cut slash a small opening out of a cardboard box to make an opening. Make sure that you do not leave any sharp edges, or your Hamsters might hurt themselves. Your Hamster can use this place to relax.

You can either get a wooden made hiding spaces for your Hamsters or fleece made snuggle bed, which they can get into and feel at home. These are some of my favorites.

Also, you must avoid using plastic shelters during summer as they radiate heat; thus, they heat up quickly.

Place A Tile In The Cage

Cermaic or porcelain tiles are great ways to keep your Hamsters cool during hot summer days.

These tiles are cool to touch, no matter how the weather is. You will see your Hamsters lie down in the tiles whenever they feel overheated.

Also, you must ensure that the tiles has no sharp edges and is placed securely so that it does not hurt your Hamster.

Placing a ceramic food bowl in your Hamster’s enclosure is also an excellent trick.

Regular Brushing And Hair Trimming Helps

If you have a long haired Hamster, then you must consider brushing their coat in frequent intervals.

You must not know about this but long haired Hamsters are more prone to heatstrokes as compared to short-haired breeds.

Also, you must trim the hair of your long-haired Hamsters during these hot days. It will help them to cool their body temperature. Also if you are not experienced, take help from a vet to groom your Hamsters.

Regular brushing is also essential as it helps in removing the knots in the hair.

 You will also notice that your Hamsters shed a bit more as summers arrive. They do so to lose out the excess hair from their coat. Therefore, regular brushing also helps to remove the excess hair stuck in the coat.

Have a look at this grooming brush, I got from Amazon! My Hamster absolutely loves this.

Add A Self-Cooling Mat

A self-cooling mat is no less than a luxury for your Hamsters. If you live in a place where weather conditions are extreme, then you should consider adding one to your Hamster’s enclosure.

Just like tiles, these mats are an excellent way to cool down the body temperature of your Hamsters. It will give them instant relief from the heat.

You will notice that your Hamsters love to lie around these cool mats during the hot days.

Consider Moving The Enclosure (Avoid Direct Sunlight)

If your house has a lot of windows and drafts then you must consider moving your Hamster to the central part of the house.

This way the enclosure of your Hamster gets the least amount of direct sunlight and the least heat would radiate through walls.

Also, keep them away from your kitchen area. This part of the house is considered the warmest.

Therefore, moving your Hamster’s enclosure to the central part of the house is an excellent way to maintain a cool living environment around your Hamsters.

Avoid Uninsulated Sheds Or Garage

You must never house your Hamsters in an uninsulated shed or garage as it can be hazardous for your Hamsters.

The heat level in these areas can rise twice as high inside such shed than out. It can be like a death trap for your Hamsters.

Therefore, you must avoid housing your Hamsters in such places during hot days or even any part of the year. Also placing your Hamster’s cage in such areas can also attract snakes to your house.

You should never house your Hamsters inside a poorly ventilated shed as good airflow is important for them.

Cover The Windows

If the temperature outside your home is scorching and humid, closing all the windows and doors, and drawing curtains over them will help to keep the room cool.

Closing the windows and doors also avoid waves of heat from entering our home, which is crucial during hot summer days.

Use A Fan Or An Air Conditioner

Fan will help to create a flow of air in the room where you Hamsters are housed. This will help to keep your Hamsters cool. 

However, you must make sure that the fan does not blow directly on your Hamsters. It can cause stress in your Hamsters.

In extreme heat conditions, you can also use an air conditioner to cool down the temperature around your Hamsters.

Add Frozen Sand

Hamsters spend 20-30% of his life grooming himself. Sand baths are Hamster’s way to keep themselves clean.

Picture Credits: Norma, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: nelsonandnorma

You can provide your Hamsters with chilled sand, this will keep the temperature of their body cool.

Place the sand in a zip lock bag, and keep it is the freezer. After a few hours, place this sand in your Hamster’s enclosure.

Also, sand baths are the best alternatives to water. It ensures the cleanliness of our Hamsters without putting their life at risk.

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Add Icepacks Or Gel Packs In The Enclosure

Ice packs or gel packs work wonders in summers. 

You can wrap the pack with an old pillow cover or an old sock then hang it in one of the corners of your Hamster’s enclosure. This will make sure that your Hamsters can’t chew on it.

You will see that your Hamsters will love to lie around the packs as the cold air will make the surrounding area cool.

Change The Bedding Frequently

It is very essential to change your Hamster’s bedding frequently in the summers. During this season, the risk of flystrike in Hamsters are really high.

The soiled and the wet bedding where your Hamster lives are one of the significant causes of flystrike rather than the Hamsters themselves. 

Flies generally drop eggs in the manure of your pet. These eggs if not cleaned, later hatch maggots which may feed on Hamster’s flesh.

If you ever see your hamster hit by a flystrike it is always advisable to visit the vet as soon as possible. Delay in such conditions may worsen the situation.

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Use A Thermometer In Their Enclosure

Adding a thermometer to your Hamster’s enclosure would be a smart move. This will help you closely monitor the temperature around their enclosure.

You can either add a smart thermometer or a normal thermometer. If you ever find the temperature around the cage extreme for your Hamsters, then you can take some necessary measures to bring it back to normal.

The temperature should be around 68°F-74°F (22°C- 24°C), as this is the ideal temperature for our Hamsters to stay healthy as well as happy.

Make A Diy Hidey Ice Cushion For Your Hamsters

Though it may sound a little difficult for you, you can easily make an ice cushion for your little one. Hidey ice cushion is an excellent addition during summers.

The process is quite simple. Measure the hidey, then cut a piece of old pillow cover of the same size as that of hidey, in the form of two circles.

Then, sew both the pieces of the circle-shaped pillow cover halfway through. Stuff the circle with some soft bedding material and the icepack.

Now you can sew the other half of the circle (it would be better to use a chain, this will help you to change the bedding that is stuffed inside, once in a while).

Then place the cushion in the freezer until it turns cold enough for our Hamsters.

Now, you can use this cushion. Put it inside your Hamster’s enclosure whenever the weather is extreme.


Hamsters are sensitive to frequent temperature fluctuations, so it is important for us to take proper care of them.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our Hamsters live a healthy and a happy life.

Having a suitable enclosure with all the essential supplies and following some primary care we discussed earlier could help your Hamsters pass through those warm days pretty comfortably.

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