Do Hamsters Attract Flies? (All you need to know about flystrike)

Flies can be nasty for you and your Hamsters. Flies are both annoying as well as dangerous, especially when you don’t know what attracts them and how to get rid of them. Could it be that your Hamster attracts flies? Or is there something else to it?

Hamsters do attract flies. The environment where your Hamster lives are one of the significant causes of flystrike rather than the Hamsters themselves. Flies generally drop eggs in the manure of your pet. These eggs if not cleaned, later hatch maggots which may feed on Hamster’s flesh.

There are a lot of reasons because of which flies might get attracted. Flies usually like damp and smelly areas so we must be very particular about sanitation.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

Cleanliness is the key if you want to prevent flies from coming near your Hamster.

Before thinking about the solutions or remedies to this problem it is important to learn about flystrike.

So, As an inquisitive hamster owner, I did some research, and here is what I found out!

What Do You Mean By Flystrike?

Flystrike is a condition affecting a large number of animals worldwide. It is caused by flies.

Under this condition, flies lay eggs in the manure of the animals. Later these hatched maggots feed on the flesh of the animals. It is a serious condition and needs immediate attention from a vet.

Flystrike is a common disease in Hamsters. A large number of hamsters lose their lives every year due to flystrike.

It is very important to clean the urine and feces of your hamster regularly.

I did some research, and here are a few common reasons due to which flies get attracted to hamsters.

Why Do Hamsters Attract Flies?

There are numerous reasons due to which flies get attracted to Hamsters.

In the majority of the cases, flies are attracted by the living conditions of the Hamsters. The more unpleasant the cage, the more the flies.

If you ever see your hamster hit by a flystrike it is always advisable to visit the vet as soon as possible. Delay in such conditions may worsen the situation.

Let us check out a few common reasons which attract flies towards Hamsters.

Stale Food

Uneaten food is one of the favorite places of flies to come and hover around.

Hamsters usually defile their food, so even seems like it is fresh, it may not be.

You should always be particular about the amount of food you are serving your Hamster. Never serve them extra.

If the leftovers are lying around for several hours, then it is an open invitation for the fruitflies and bugs to come by.

Smelly Hutches

Cleansing your little one’s cage may not be the favorite part of your to-do-list but it is a must.

As a Hamster owner, you must make sure that you clean its enclosure at least once in a week.

Make sure you clear all the visible droppings. Foul smell usually tends to attract flies.

Leaking Water Bottles

Leaking water bottles are also one of the reasons due to which flies get attracted.

Most of the Hamster owners ignore if he sees the water bottle leaking but sometimes it can cause serious issues.

Leaking bottles tends to damp the entire bedding and enclosure of the Hamsters which usually creates a foul smell.

Such damp areas invites flies over.

Urine Of Your Hamster

Sugary urine is one of the primary reasons due to which fruitflies get attracted.

Many Hamsters are prone to diabetes. Diabetic Hamsters usually tend to drink more thus urinate more. Flies are attracted to the sugar smell.

Hamsters having urinary infections or bladder stones have wet bottoms most of the time.

The bottom of the Hamsters should be checked at least once in a day to make sure it is not wet. During summers it should be checked at least twice a day.

It is suggested to use high-quality bedding in your Hamsters enclosure to avoid such problems.

Dry Or Bald Skin

Hamsters suffering from infections have dry and furless skin. Flies tend to attack such Hamsters.

Flies also bite Hamsters. They usually bite the blad area or area with less fur.

Make sure your Hamster is safe from flies, especially when he is ill.

Unsustainable Placing Of The Enclosure

If you have placed the enclosure of the hamster in an incorrect place it may attract flies.

By incorrect place, we mean that we should not keep it near the drainage system or garbage piles.

Such places are damp and smelly thus invites flies.

We must keep the cage or hutch in a dry place with no drainage nearby.

What Type Of Flies Can Hamsters Attract?

Hamsters usually attract bugs, house flies, blowflies, and fruit flies. These are the most common ones.

Such flies usually get attracted to smelly places or leftover food. Make sure you clean the cage regularly.

Such flies lay eggs in the manure of hamsters which may prove fatal.

So, dispose of animal waste frequently.

What To Do If Your Hamster Has Flystrike?

Having a flystrike is a deadly situation. It can be a life-threatening situation for your hamster.

It is suggested to take it to the vet as soon as possible. It requires immediate attention no matter what time of the day it is.

Do not try to take out the maggots by yourself it may worsen the situation.

Your Hamster needs to be given painkillers or inflammatories after the surgery. Do not hurry and medicate the Hamster by yourself.

Always visit a vet in such cases.

Are Flies Attracted To Hay?

Yes, soggy hay does attract flies. Hay which we use as bedding for our hamsters usually remains moist. Hamster’s urine and leaking water bottles often moist the hay.

Make sure you use good quality hay which has high water absorption capacity.

You must change the bedding of your Hamster at least once in a week to avoid such problems.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Flies?

Now that you know what are the notable attractants of snakes around your hamsters, we can quickly fix this matter. There are a few tips you can apply to ensure that your little one is safe.

Picking Up The Best Enclosure

The first step which you can take is to choose the best enclosure for you Hamster. An enclosure must be such which is safe as well as comfortable.

A glass cage is the best option if you always feel that your Hamster is in danger because of the flies. Glass cages will not let flies enter the cage and harm your Hamsters.

Though glass cages may be a little expensive, but they work wonders.

Placing The Cage In The Suitable Place

You must make sure that you do not place your Hamsters cage near a drainage system. Avoid keeping them in side-rooms such as storage units.

You must always choose a well lit and ventilated place for your Hamster’s cage.

If the cage is kept in dry spaces, there would be minimal chances of a fly attack.

Clean Enclosure

Cleaning your Hamster’s cage is a must to drive the flies away. Flies usually gets attracted to dirt, scatterings, and leftovers.

You may use a disinfectant solution and a semi-dry cloth to cleanse your hamster’s cage.

You must clean the cage at least once a week to keep your Hamsters fit and healthy.

Removing All The Stale Food

Stale food often creates foul smell which in turn attracts flies.

Hamsters usually hid their food in beddings or at the corner of the cage. Make sure you clean that area too.

If leftovers are not removed from several hours it will attract flies.

Using Leak Proof Water Bottles

Water bottles in the cage usually tend to leak making the entire bedding wet.

There are even cases when you don’t even realize that the water bottle has a crack. Such cracks let water drip and sog the entire area.

It is highly recommended to use a good quality bottle. Cheap bottles may seem ok but they create a lot of problems after a few days.

Make sure to keep a regular check on the water bottles.

Change Bedding Regularly

You should build the habit to fix a permanent day ( once a week ) in which you will change your Hamster’s bedding.

Hamsters hide food under their bedding. This, in turn, creates a foul smell if the leftovers are not cleaned at regular intervals.

Flies will not come by if the surroundings and the environment is clean and tidy.

Using Flystrike Protectors

You can always try using flystrike protectors to safeguard your Hamsters from one. Flystrike protectors helps a lot.

However, if the scenario is not good and the maggots have already attacked your Hamsters it is best to visit a vet.

Never try to pull out a maggot all by yourself, you may end up hurting your Hamster more than ever.

Using Fly Traps

Flytraps are also an efficient way to stop the flies.

You can find fly traps in any local all in one department. Prefer using chemical-free and odor-free straps.

In a few cases, fly traps work wonderfully.


Do Hamsters attract flies? Yes, Hamsters do attract flies.

There are several reasons due to which flies might get attracted. Untidy environments are the primary attractants of flies. Flies usually hover around damp and soggy places

However, you can control the situation by taking some preventive measures.

If your Hamster is hit by a flystrike do not try to treat it by yourself as it may worsen the situation.

Make a visit to the vet if any such thing happens.


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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