Can Hamsters Drink Tap Water? Is It Safe?

Water is important for Hamster to stay fit and healthy. Hamsters need to keep themselves hydrated to stay active. Being a Hamster owner, you must know by now how picky your little once can be when it comes to food. But is it the same with water? Can they drink tap water? Is it safe for them?

As an inquisitive Hamster owner I did some research and here is what I found!

Hamsters can drink tap water. As long as the water is safe for human consumption, it can be given to your Hamsters. If water has a high mineral content it is something you should be bothered about. Hamsters cannot handle excess minerals especially the ones with pre-existing health complications.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

Tap water contains essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. Excess of these minerals can cause health complications in Hamsters.

If water has excess salt, it can lower the blood pressure of your Hamster.

An adult Hamster drinks about 200ml water a day. You must serve fresh water to your Hamster daily.

Let us learn more about the tap water consumption of Hamsters, their water requirements, and at what point we must be concerned about our Hamsters!

Is Tap Water Bad For Hamsters?

Researches show that water good for human consumption can be fed to Hamsters without any doubt. But being a curious Hamsters owner, the regard for the safety of my Hamster always runs in my mind.

You should always consider giving your Hamster soft water. Sometimes, soft water is too salty and may not be suitable for drinking. Hard water can be harmful for your Hamster.

Hard water is basically the water that has excess dissolved minerals mainly calcium and magnesium. Whereas soft water has a low concentration of minerals. A good example of soft water is rainwater.

Tap water sometimes also contains chlorine. Chlorine can cause eye and skin irritation in Hamsters.

Also, calcium present in hard water can cause kidney stones and respiratory tract infections.

Different areas have different kind of water. Location plays an important role. You must find out the type of water coming from your tap.

If you are still unsure about the type of water you may read this article by Water Research Website.

How Much Water Does My Hamster Need?

On average, a Hamster needs 20-25 ml of water a day. The amount of water consumption depends upon a lot of factors.

The age of the Hamster is an integral factor. Older Hamsters tend to drink less. Young and growing Hamsters drink a lot. They drink about 35ml of water a day.

You must also take into consideration the size of your Hamster before deciding the amount of water they need. Each Hamster has its own water needs.

If you feed your Hamsters with watery fruits or leafy vegetables they may drink less as compared to the ones who eat dry pellets and food grains.

The level of activity your Hamsters perform also decides the amount of water intake by your Hamster. If your Hamster stays active all the time, it is sure to drink more water compared to other Hamsters.

The temperature and weather conditions also affect the amount of water intake by your Hamster. The warmer the weather, the more the water intake.

You must keep a regular check on your little ones’ water intake. A bowl of water a day is ideal for your Hamster.

Bowls Vs. Bottles

Maximum Hamster owners prefer bottles over bowls.

Hamsters usually spill the water in bowls and destroy their beddings. Also, water in bowls gets contaminated real soon. The dirt and debris ruin the water.

Bottles seem to be a better option also because unlike in bowls Hamsters cannot contaminate water with its droppings.

Sometimes even the nozzle of the bottle gets blocked. You must keep a regular check on the bottle to make sure your little one is not facing any problems.

Prefer using bottles with marked with water level. This will help you to stay updated on your Hamsters water intake.

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How Long Can My Hamster Go Without Water?

Hamsters health can deteriorate if they do not drink water for a long period.

Hamsters should not go for more than 24 hours without water. Drinking less water will show signs of dehydration in Hamsters.

Dehydration can often lead to organ failure and can be life-threatening.

If your Hamster is drinking less water or no water at all you must try to find out the reason behind it. There may be numerous reasons behind the same.

If are unable to crack the reason, it is always suggested to visit a vet to be on the safer side.

If you are planning to stay a few nights away from your Hamster it is always suggested to leave your Hamster to someone you trust. Do not leave them alone.

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Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water?

There are numerous reasons due to which Hamsters do not drink water.

Health complications like difficulty in breathing, dental pain, urinary tract infections can be a few problems.

Sometimes due to stress, the water intake of Hamsters falls down drastically. Try to calm down your Hamster in such situations.

Change in environmental conditions and temperature also affects the consumption of water in Hamsters. Do change the temperature of the room too frequently in which you keep the enclosure of your Hamster.

It is always suggested to visit the pet if you have any suspicions.

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Hamster Drinking A Lot Of Water?

Consumption of water depends on Hamster to Hamster. Many Hamsters consume 20ml water a day, while others consume 40ml a day.

Hamsters may drink too much water when they are stressed or are in pain. Some health complications also make Hamsters drink extra water.

Hamsters usually consume water 10% of their body weight. Some other factors such as age, sex, and size also plays an important role.

Some of the few reasons due to which your Hamster might be drinking excess water are:

  • Diabetes may be the prime reason. Hamsters suffering from diabetes tend to drink a lot of water.
  • Changes in hormones or kidney infection may also increase your Hamster’s water intake.
  • Frequent change in temperature or environmental conditions may lead to unusual consumption of water.
  • If you have just started serving dry pellets to your Hamster it may increase his amount of water intake.

If you are still not confident about your pet, it is always suggested to make a visit to the vet.

Related Queries:

Can Hamsters Drink Cold Water?

Do not serve water which is too warm or cold. It is best to give room temperature water to your Hamster.

How Do I Know If My Hamster Is Dehydrated?

Always prefer giving your Hamsters water bottles marked with water level. This will help us to make note of the daily water intake by our Hamsters.

Tired and weak behavior is also a sign of dehydration among Hamsters.

Try to pinch the back portion of Hamster’s neck. If the skin snaps back to its place immediately, this signifies the Hamster is fine. On the other hand, if it takes some time, then your Hamster might be dehydrated. Tight and dry skin helps us to understand dehydration among Hamsters.

What Can Hamster Drink Besides Water?

It is suggested to not feed any other liquid to your Hamster other than water.

Any other drink than water has the tendency to make your Hamster fat. It can further lead to health complications in them.

However, occasionally, you can serve them with unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice. Serve it in a moderate quantity. Never give them packaged juices or canned drinks.

Can Hamsters Die From No Water?

Hamsters can survive for a maximum of 24-48 hours without water.

Freshwater is important for Hamsters to stay fit and healthy. You must change the water given to your Hamster every day.

Check occasionally to make sure the bottle of water is not leaking


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