Do Hamsters Attract Snakes?(All You Need To Know)

Nothing can be worse than a situation when you suddenly wake from your deep sleep and spot a snake in your house.

A poisonous snake in your residence can be a life-threatening situation for you as well as your Hamster, especially when you don’t know what attracts them and how to get rid of them. Could it be that your Hamster attracts snakes? Or is there something else to it?

Hamsters do not attract snakes. There is one in a million chance that your little one’s scent could attract a snake to your backyard. Having said that, your Hamster’s uneaten food, unmaintained living environment, or poop buildup may invite a snake over your house. But, it is not your Hamster’s fault at all.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

As an inquisitive Hamster owner, I did some research, and here is what I found out!

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Why Would Snake Pay You A Visit?

There can be thousands of reasons that can attract snakes, only a handful of them maybe because of your Hamster.Not even your Hamster directly, but surely due to it’s not-so-suitable surroundings.

Let us check out a few common reasons which might attract snakes towards Hamsters:

Stale Food

One of the primary reasons you would find a reptile attracted to your Hamster is the leftover food in your little one’s enclosure.

Hamsters usually defile their food so even if it seems like it is fresh, it may not be.

Hamster owners must never make the mistake of serving extra food. Some do it because they may be too busy or may not know the correct way and method.

If the leftovers are lying around for several hours, then it is an open invitation for the reptiles to come by.

You Live Near Stream/Lake

If you reside near a stream or lake chances are quite high that a snake might pay a visit to your home.

Snakes love to live in damp areas.

Fencing can be a great option. You can fence your house using wooden planks, dig them a little deep in the ground. This will surely help.

However, If you live near a stream you must be 100% sure before you pet a Hamster.

Improper Living Environment

The improper living environment is another major attractant of snakes towards your Hamsters.

Keep a check on all the areas of plumbing in your house. Check if you have any leaks or cracks. This has been proven the most common way of snakes to enter a house.

If you live in a very old house it can pose a very serious problem. Snakes also tend to infect the walls of the house and weaken its structure. Pests also generally show up in areas where you never go.

If you have any dark and hidden area in your house where you never go,it may prove to be an ideal habitat for a snake.

Also, you would know by now how messy your Hamster can get. Hamsters tend to spill their bits of food quite often. Many times you may also find their water bottle leaking.

Make sure you have a look at all these problems.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Snakes Around My Hamsters?

Now that you know what are the notable attractants of snakes around your Hamsters, we can quickly fix this matter.

There are a few tips you can apply to ensure that your little one is safe.

Picking Up The Best Enclosure

Selecting a correct cage for your Hamsters is very important. The cage which you choose for your little one must be comfortable as well as safe.

You must ensure that your furry friend does not escape and find itself in danger.

A glass cage is the best option if you always feel that your Hamster is in danger because of the snakes.

Besides holding your Hamster against chewing the bar(because there will be no bars, haha)will also make sure that your pet does not escape through tiny openings, keeping himself safe.

However, when you use a glass cage there are also few other precautions which you should always take.

If you choose a wire cage, it is very essential to check the spacing between the bars.

Placing The Cage In A Suitable Place

Finding a suitable place for your Hamster’s cage is really important.

You must find a place which will keep your Hamsters always away from the snakes and other pets too.

Avoid keeping your little friend in side rooms such as a garage, storage units or basements.

You may also try raising your Hamster’s enclosure so that they are out of reach from their predators. There will be the slimmest chance for the predators to get up to them.

If you use a hutch as your pet’s home, try to raise its height by putting some additional support.

Give your friend a check every hour to make sure they are good.

Cleaning Your Hamsters Cage

Cleansing your little one’s cage may not be the favorite part of your to-do-list but it is a must. Your Hamster’s improper living environment’s smell may surely invite a snake(if one is roaming nearby).

One may use a disinfectant solution and a semi-dry cloth to cleanse your Hamster’s cage.

If your Hamster’s cage is a net or web cage, make sure to clean each bar properly. Baby wipes can be used to clean your Hamster’s cages bars.

One must also surely change their Hamster’s bedding regularly. A Hamster leaves all its leftovers and wastes in his bedding.

However, you must mix a little of the previous bedding with its new one. It reduces the Hamster’s stress.

Make sure you clear out any of the visible droppings. Clean and refill your Hamster’s water bottle. Take out all the stale food.

Cleansing your Hamster’s cage is the first step you should take to ensure your Hamster is safe from any predators.

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Keep A Regular Check On Your House’s Plumbing

Snakes and other reptiles love to live in damp places or retaining walls. Reptiles like Humans go wherever they find food and water.

If you live near a stream or a lake chances are quite high that you may anytime have an encounter with snakes.

To make sure your little friend is safe in your house you must seal all the cracks and crevices which gives them an opportunity to enter your home.

Snakes have a very flexible body and they are able to enter your house even from the smallest of cracks.

A check on your home’s plumbing should be done at least twice a month.

Cinnamon And Clove Essential Oils

Snakes are highly sensitive towards Cinnamon and clove essential oils.

Listed below are a few tips, that might help you:

  • Check out for any holes or tiny spaces at your home’s fence. Snakes can make to your home even from the smallest of gaps.
  • Keep a habit of mowing the grass in your laws.You must also regularly get your trees and shrubs trimmed. Trust me,this helps.
  • Avoid watering your lawn too often. Snakes loves damp areas.
  • Sprinkle Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oils in your garden. You must do it at least twice a week.

TaaaaDaaa, now you have the slimmest of chance to find a snake in your backyard.


Do Hamsters attract snakes?No,they don’t.

However, an unpleasant and untidy environment, soiled living area, a hunt for food or even the smell of stale food may attract them.

As talked about earlier, having a snake in your house brings a threat to the life of your Hamster as well as you.

You might have the slimmest chance of having a snake at your house but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Risking your little friend’s life is not at all worth it.

You should build the habit to fix a permanent date(once a month) with your building’s pests infestation, and make sure that your area is clear.

Try the steps we had discussed earlier and get rid of snakes from around your Hamsters so that they are safe and sound.


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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