Do Hamsters Like To Be Held? (+Tips To Handle Them)

Hamsters are prey animals who do not like to socialize much. Considering this, you must be wondering if you can handle your Hamster? Do they like to be held? Let’s find out!

In general, Hamsters do not like to be held. They find handling frightening. Being prey animals, they always look out for predators around them. You need to build a bond of trust with them to help them overcome their fear. Once your Hamster starts to trust you, they will surely allow you to hold them.

It is essential to learn to correctly hold your Hamster. Although most Hamsters do not appreciate you picking them up all the time, you must know the proper way of handling them.

You have to be extremely kind and affectionate while handling your Hamster because they are emotional creatures and seek love, affection, and attention.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Why Doesn’t My Hamster Like To Be Held?

Your Hamster will not allow you to touch him until you have a strong bond of love and trust with them. It is advised to start building a bond with the Hamster once you get them home.

If you do not do it in the initial days, you will face a lot of difficulties afterward. It is crucial to start building a bond with your Hamster from the 1st week itself.

Besides feeding them, you must spend time playing with them or grooming them. If they try to escape, you should not be upset. Building a bond is not an overnight process.

Your Hamster should be used to you handling them. This can only be done with patience and consistency. Once your Hamster starts to trust you, they will surely allow you to pet them.

Do not chase your Hamster to get hold of them. Instead, give them time to figure things on their own. Also, never punish your Hamster for retaliating or rejecting your hands.

What Kind Of Hamster Likes To Be Held The Most?

Each kind of Hamster can be handled and played with if you have a strong bond with them. Being prey animals, most Hamsters will be scared of you when you first get them.

During the initial days, they may see you as a threat or predator. However, once they are comfortable around you, you can hold them. The following list will help you understand them better:

  • Syrian Hamster: Syrian Hamsters are the largest among all Hamsters. They are pretty easy to handle and are very strong. However, you should never house them with a second Hamster.
  • Chinese Hamster: Chinese Hamsters are smaller in comparison to Syrians. They are very appealing to look at. They love being around their owners. However, they get bored pretty quickly.
  • Dwarf Hamster: Dwarf Hamsters are the smallest amongst all. They are not suitable for children. You will require patience and hard work to build a bond with them.

Each breed of the Hamster has a different personality. Therefore, some Hamsters are friendly while others aren’t. However, with time, you can build a strong bond with them.

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How Do I Know If My Hamster Wants To Be Held?

To understand your Hamster, it is important to observe them closely. This will tell you the way your Hamster behaves around you.

A happy Hamster will run around you. They may even show affection by climbing onto you or nudging you.

By doing these, your Hamster might be trying to communicate with you to pet them or hold them. These are some of the common signs that you have bonded with your little friend pretty well.

How To Get A Hamster Used To Being Held?

Your Hamsters allow will allow you to handle them when they are used to your presence. If you got yourself a new Hamster, do not try to hold them for the first few days. There is a possibility that he is not used to human touching him, so he might get stressed and retaliate.

During the initial days, your Hamster will consider you as a threat or a predator and will jump off your hands or bite you every time you try to get hold of them.

Once your Hamster gets used to you being around him, he will start to enjoy and appreciate your presence. Till then, you need to act with patience.

Serving your Hamster their favorite treat once in a while will help you build a strong relationship with them. Spend adequate time with them to gain their trust and build a bond of love.

Tips To Handle Your Hamster

Listed below are some of the basic points that you must keep in mind before handling your Hamsters:

  • Always wash your hands with unscented soap before touching your Hamsters. Also, avoid wearing perfume when you are around your little one. If you have any other pets such as cats or dogs, then make sure that you get their smell off your hands before touching your Hamster.
  • Never try to sneak up on your Hamsters. This behavior of yours will just scare them. Instead, make sure that your Hamster knows that you are approaching him through the sound.
  • During the initial days, make sure no one is around when you are trying to get hold of your Hamster. Do not introduce your pet to any stranger until you are confident that they feel protected and safe around you.
  • You need to get down to the ground level and give your Hamster time to smell your hands. This will ensure then that you are not a threat.
  • Lastly, you must understand that building a bond with your Hamster is not an overnight process. Give your Hamster some time to adjust. Patience and consistency are the keys.

How To Pick Up A Hamster Without Scaring It?

Always make your Hamster comfortable around you when you try to pick them up. If you try to hold your Hamster forcefully, he will probably jump off your hands and end up hurting himself.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Do not let the kids (below the age of 10 years) handle your Hamsters. With the kids, the chances of something going wrong are more.

You should learn to correctly handle your Hamster. Hamsters are pretty delicate and have weak bones. Therefore, mishandling them might have terrible results.

Never attempt to pick up your Hamster by their ears. This would severely hurt your Hamster and lead to serious injuries.

It is important to pick up your Hamster in a proper way. Listed below are some of the tips that will guide you through the same:

  • Get down on the ground level. Whenever you try to hold your Hamster, the best option is to crouch low on the ground. This way, your Hamster will see you as their friend and not some tall and arrogant animal.
  • Do not pick your Hamster all of a sudden. Start by talking to them in a soft tone. Make sure that they are aware of your presence.
  • Let your Hamster smell your hand. Do not hurry. Give your Hamster some time to understand and get accustomed to your presence.
  • Bring both your hands together and scoop your Hamster. Try to do this smoothly. Also, make sure that your Hamster is comfortable in your hands.
  • After picking them up, observe their reaction. If you find your Hamster retaliating or trying to jump off your hands, let them free immediately. Do not worry. Such behavior is common in Hamsters. You can try again after some time.

It is advised to not pick up your Hamster forcefully at any cost. Instead, build a strong relationship with them first

My Hamster Poops When Held!

If your Hamster is scared or is under stress, he will poop on you whenever you try to get hold of him. This behavior is commonly seen in new Hamsters.

Hamsters do not have control over their system. Therefore, sometimes they end up pooping anywhere and anytime.

Certain researchers even say that Hamsters display such behavior to mark their territory. Your Hamster pooping on you might be his way of showing affection towards you.

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Do Hamsters Like To Be Petted?

Some Hamsters love to be petted, while others don’t enjoy it at all. However, any Hamster will never accept petting behavior from any stranger or a new owner.

Hamsters are quite slow when it comes to building trust. Being prey animals, certain actions often frighten them easily. Some of these actions include petting them in the wrong spot or handling them the wrong way.

If you do such mistakes repeatedly, your Hamster will start to avoid you. This may often make you think that your little one does not like being pet.

You must allow your Hamster to set their own boundaries when it comes to petting. You should mainly focus on developing a bond with your little one.

Where Do Hamsters Like To Be Petted?

If you have got yourself a new Hamster, you will see that he will remain scared most of the time. Give him time to adjust and make sure that he is comfortable with your presence. Do not pet your Hamster when they are angry or scared.

Gentle strokes on the top of your Hamster’s head or their back works the best. Petting in these parts makes our little ones feel relaxed and comfortable. Instead of using all the fingers, go with your index finger of the middle finger.

It is seen that Hamsters love to be petted in the area where the fur grows. Do not touch the legs of your little one. Most Hamsters are not comfortable being touched there.

Whenever you hold your Hamster, try to notice their reaction. If they bite you or try to escape, then they are not comfortable in your hands. In such cases, let your Hamster free.

On the contrary, if you notice your Hamster closing their eyes and relaxing, then it indicates that they feel comfortable around you. This also shows that you have now build a trustworthy bond with your Hamster.

My Hamster Won’t Let Me Hold Him Anymore!

You might get worried if your Hamster suddenly does not let you hold him. In such cases, try to analyze the situation the understand the reason for their behavior instead of holding them forcefully. There are two basic reasons due to which your Hamster might not let you pick him.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Firstly, a bad experience of your Hamster might turn the tables. If you have mishandled your Hamster in the past, then they may run away from you whenever you try to get hold of them.

The mishandling might have caused an unforgettable injury to him. Also, if you have ever dropped your Hamster from your hand, they will try to stay away from you.

If this is the case, do not try to hold your Hamster forcefully. Instead, try to regain their trust. Once your Hamster starts to trust you again, he will again be comfortable around you.

The second reason due to which your Hamster might not let you hold him is that he might be sick. A sick Hamster generally prefers to stay alone and spend his time hiding.

Being prey animals, Hamsters are masters in hiding their pain. They will not let you know about their illness till it gets severe. Also, if your Hamster is refusing food and water, then there is something definitely wrong with them.

In such cases, it would be best to take your Hamster to a vet. The will give you the best of advise for your Hamster.

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My Hamster Doesn’t Like Me!

Being prey animals, Hamsters does not like to socialize. However, your Hamster would love to be around once they start to trust you.

Sometimes, your little one may even start avoiding you, hide from you, and run away from you apparently without any reason. Listed below are some of the things that might indicate to you that your Hamster does not like you:

  • Your Hamster always bites you
  • Your Hamster refuses to eat from your hand
  • Your Hamster runs away whenever you try to hold him
  • Your Hamster always jumps off your hand.

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How To Make Your Hamster Like You?

To get your Hamster to like you, you need to earn their trust and build a strong bond. Hamsters do not speak, but they can definitely communicate through various actions. If you understand and pick up those actions, you will bond with them easily.

Try to show them that you are not a threat. Listed below are some of the ways by which you can get your Hamster to trust you:

  • Understand Their Body Language: It is important to observe your Hamsters understand their body language. Once you do so, you will develop an amazing bond with your little one in no time.
  • Spend Time Your Hamster: You must spend adequate time with your Hamsters to make them accustomed to your presence. You can spend time with them by playing with them, feeding them, grooming them, or training them.
  • Make Them Feel Comfortable: Provide your Hamsters with all the basic needs. Make sure they live in a large cage, comfortable bedding, and suitable temperature. Provide them with plenty of chew toys. Serve them with their favorite treat once in a while.

Never force your Hamster to do something they do not like. Just by keeping in mind these few points, your Hamster will realize that you are an amazing parent and will be comfortable around you in no time.


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