How To Convince Your Parents To Get You A Hamster?

A few years back, I had a difficult time convincing my parents to get me Hamster. Is the case the same with you? Did you always want a Hamster but your parents won’t allow you? I understand that such situations can really be heartbreaking. With some experience and knowledge, I have got some amazing strategies covered for you!

Convincing parents to get a Hamster is not a one-step process. Gather enough information before talking to your parents about the pet. Show them that you are mature enough to take on the responsibilities. Your actions must prove that you are serious about looking after the Hamster for months to come.

There can be several reasons due to which your parents might not be ready for a Hamster. Never argue with them or be defensive. Instead, try to understand their concerns and find solutions for the same.

Listed below are a few strategies that you can use to convince your parents to get you a Hamster.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Do Your Research

It is essential to learn everything about the Hamster before discussing it with your parents. Start by learning about the different breeds of Hamsters. Each breed is of a certain kind.

Every breed differs from others based on personality, temperament, and other needs. Therefore, you must make a firm decision on the breed you want to bring your home. Learn everything about the feeding, sleeping, and exercise habits of your Hamster.

Also, you must make sure that none of your family members are allergic to pets or fur. A cute Hamster you saw at your friend’s place maybe not the right breed for you and your family.

Talk to your relatives and other friends who already own a Hamster. They will be able to provide you with the best advice. Hands-on experience works the best.

Noting down these points in any diary or paper will help you later. This will also show your parents that you are quite serious about the Hamster.

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Take Some Responsibilities

Taking up responsibilities will demonstrate to your parents that you are pretty dedicated and that you deserve a pet.

Help your parents with the day-to-day household chores. Make sure that your parents do not have to poke you now and then to do so.

Start doing things without being asked to. Practice the habit of making your own bed. Keep your room and the entire house clean. Help your parents with the dishes as well.

Give your best in your studies and try to improve your grades. Complete your assignments and other homework in time.

Never do things your parents are likely to say no to. Show your parents you are growing up. Do not throw tantrums for petty house chores. Just a little effort from your side will show your parents that you are willing to put a lot of effort into owning a Hamster.

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Talk About The Expenses

Willingness to take up some expenses of the Hamster will take the burden off your parents. 

Estimate the expenses each month and plan accordingly. Right from the cage, bedding, food, toys, and other accessories, make a note of everything.

Save From Your Pocket Money To Get A Hamster

Try and save money to cover some expenses for the Hamster.

If you are old enough, consider doing a part-time job around your neighborhood. Do not spend money unnecessarily, instead keep it aside for later. 

Even if you cannot afford the expenses entirely, your parents will be happy to see you take up the initiative. Trust me, they will be proud to see your dedication.

Talk To Your Local Shelter: Adopting Is Cheaper Than Buying

The best idea would be to get yourself a Hamster from some animal-help shelters. Several Hamsters are waiting to be adopted and have a loving family to live with. Do your research and find out if any pet owner is looking for families to adopt their Hamster.

Adopting a Hamster from help centers or previous owners will reduce the cost drastically. You can buy the supplies for them. This would cover the cost to a great extent. This would cost way less than any regular pet stores/

Most shelters have lower costs for every supply for sale to raise some money. Most of these items are donated by people who have lost or turned in their pets.

Talk Up The Pros Of Owning A Hamster

Talk to your parents about all the good points of owning a Hamster. There are high chances that your parents may not realize that owning a Hamster has its own benefits. Tell them that a pet Hamster can actually reduce stress and make you feel less lonely. You will have a companion to play with during your free time.

Comparing the benefits of owning a Hamster to other pets might help a lot. Listed below are a few things you can highlight while trying to convince your parents to get you a Hamster:

  • Hamsters are way cheaper to buy when compared to other pets. We can probably get a Hamster within 20$ in most of the countries. On the other hand, other pets like dogs or cats cost more than 500$.
  • Hamsters are quite inexpensive to feed. Their food does not cost much. Also, we eat very little in comparison to other pets. Their diet mostly contains Hamster pellets, seeds, and grains. They also love to munch on fruits and vegetables once in a while.
  • Hamsters can survive alone without much social interaction. Unlike other rodents, Hamsters are not kept in pairs or groups. They live happily alone, provided they have enough toys in their cage. They do not need daily walks like dogs. However, it is important to provide them with some floor time once in a while.
  • Hamsters are generally clean animals. Within a few days, they learn to use a corner of their cage as a latrine. You can just go away by spot cleaning their cage regularly. Deep cleaning the cage once in a while works well.
  • Lastly, Hamsters are adorable and playful. They make an excellent pet for school-going children. They are quite fascinating to watch. One can spend hours watching their little one play in his cage.

Find An Exotic Vet Service In Your Area

It is important to gather enough information about an exotic vet near your area. You must know that regular vets do not provide any medical care to Hamsters.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

You must know out about the cost per visit of the vet. Also, keep note of the visiting hours and address of the vet’s clinic.

This behavior of yours will tell your parents that you are quite serious about owning the pet. They will realize that that you are thinking about the hard times also, besides the fun times of owning a pet.

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Make Honest Promises

Draft a contract with your parents. Talk to them about all the tasks that you will personally take on. Have an open and honest conversation with your parents.

Promise them that you are willing to take all the responsibility of the Hamster, right from feeding your Hamsters to cleaning their cage, you are willing to do everything.

You can also check out books from the library to understand more about the Hamsters. This will show your parents that you are willing to find out everything about the Hamsters that you need to know.

Do not make any fancy promises. Be honest and tell them about the responsibilities you are willing to take. Also, talk to them about the times when you will need their help with the Hamster.

Talk About The Topic Occasionally

To convince your parents to let you have a pet Hamster, you need to be persuasive. Do not bring the topic every other time you see your parents. It will just annoy them, thus reducing your chances to get a Hamster.

Bring to your parents notice that you are quite desperate to have Hamster. Talk to them about it once in a while. To be more subtle, tell them about one of your friends that has a Hamster.

Talking about this once in a while is totally fine. However, daily discussions may upset your parents.

Understand Their Concerns

It is essential to address your parent’s concerns. Talking to them about their concerns shows that you are thoughtful and mature enough to take responsibility for a Hamster.

Sit with your parents and understand what bothers them. Remember, never be defensive. Try to understand their opinions and then speak up.

Write down all of their worries in a piece of paper, and then try to find solutions for the same.

Do not be in a hurry. If your parents say no, do not get discouraged. Instead, give your parents some time to think about your proposal. They will soon realize the importance of a Hamster to you and will surely appreciate the hard work you put in.


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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