Top 10 Hamster Essentials: A Complete Supply Check List

Having a Hamster can be great fun but along with it also comes great responsibilities. There are a lot of essential things we must have to take care of a Hamster.

Hamsters need a large enclosure with some good quality bedding to live in, eat, and play. They must have free access to food and water as well. Apart from that, they will also need hideouts and exercise toys. You must also have a set of health and grooming essentials for your Hamster.

Taking care of a Hamster is not an easy job. Mostly all Hamster owners struggle to find suitable supplies for their little ones. Stick to this article till the end to learn about an ultimate Hamster essential supply list I made so that you can find everything under a single roof.

Picture Credits: Norma, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: nelsonandnorma

Picking Up The Best Enclosure

The first and most important step involves selecting the best enclosure for your little one. The enclosure you pick should be safe as well as comfortable for your Hamster.

Choose an enclosure that is durable, leak-proof, easy to clean, and access. Also, make sure that it does not have sharp corners, your Hamster may hurt themselves. Select the ones with round corners.

Wire Cage Vs. Glass Cage

I believe a glass enclosure or tanks are perfect for Hamsters. This keeps your Hamster safe and makes sure that your Hamster does not escape.

The top of glass enclosures should have mesh covers so that the place stays well-ventilated and Hamsters don’t escape. Also, you can easily see your Hamster doing its daily activities in a glass cage.

Wire cages become your Hamster’s favorite chew toys. Also, in wire cages, there are high chances that the bedding you prepared will be destroyed and thrown out by your Hamsters.

A lot of wire cages have a metal wiring floor. Your Hamster can easily get stuck there and hurt itself.

If you still prefer choosing a cage make sure the spacing between bars is not more than 1 inch.

I personally love this, Tank Glass, cage which you can get from Amazon.

Multiple Levels Vs. Ground Level Cages

Hamsters don’t care about multiple levels as long as they have room to play. However, multiple levels make your Hamster’s enclosure look attractive and provides extra space for Hamsters to play.

If you choose to make multiple levels in the enclosure of your Hamster, always prefer using tubes than ramps. Hamsters do not have any idea about heights and may jump from one level to another if they find a shortcut. So, try not to keep the levels too far off from one another.

Also, place enough bedding on the ground level so that in case the little one jumps he will not hurt himself.

Get a Safe and Comfortable Bedding

It can be very difficult for Hamster owners to find the perfect bedding for their little one. Bedding made out of biodegradable paper or wood is ideal for Hamsters.

As Hamsters are sensitive towards the smell, always choose an odor-free bedding. Also, make sure it is dust-free so that your little one does not face any respiratory tract infection.

Always select a dry bedding for your Hamster, this keeps them warm. Provide a lot of burrowing space for your Hamster to dig in.

Never give your Hamster cotton-based bedding. Cotton fibers can choke your Hamster and can be life-threatening.

Correct Diet For Your Hamster

It is very crucial to feed your Hamster with the correct diet. If you are a new Hamster owner, you will soon learn that Hamsters can be really picky when it comes to food.

Keep in mind that Hamsters have the habit of hiding their food. They often hide their food to save for later. They some times hide it under their beddings other times they just hide it in their cheek pouches.


Some Hamster owners prefer to feed their little ones with homemade food while others prefer dry pellets specially made for Hamsters that are available in all local pet stores.

You can also add food supplements to your Hamsters diet, this keeps them fit and healthy.

One feeding per day is ideal for Hamsters. Always throw the leftovers before giving him any new food.


On average, a Hamster needs 100-300ml of water per day.

Hamsters often ruin their water by excreating in it therefore providing your Hamster with fresh water every 24 hours is very important.

I personally prefer water bottles over bowls. Water bottles help me track my Hamsters water intake and also keeps the water clean and dust-free.


You should always serve treats to your Hamster at least once a week. Besides making your Hamster happy it also has some health benefits.

As Hamsters are prone to diabetes, treats must be given in moderation. An excess amount of treats can upset your Hamsters stomach.

Treats such as Watermelon, Cheese, or Carrots works wonders. You can also give them ready-made treats. Ready-made treats are easily available on any local pet store.

Avoid treating him with citrus fruits and vegetables. It can be harmful for your Hamster.

Food And Water Containers

Choose food and water containers wisely. Usually, you get a pair of these when you buy the cage for your Hamsters, still most of the time they are not good enough.

Bowls should be easily accessible to your Hamster. Also, make sure the containers do not tip easily. Use ceramic or glass containers, your Hamsters will have a hard time tipping it off.

Hamsters usually spill off the water or make is dirty by excreating in it. So, bottles work better than bowls.

Look for water bottles which has water level markings. This will help you track your Hamsters water intake.

Hideouts To Make Your Hamster Feel Safe

It is very important to have at least one hiding place for your Hamster in its enclosure. Hideouts prevents anxieties, provides a place for Hamsters to sleep, and help them to stay calm.

Also, prefer buying a hideout that does not have nails. Nails can hurt your little friend’s feet.

You can also prepare hideouts at your home for your little ones just by following the necessary measure:

Cut slash a small opening out of a cardboard box to make an opening. Make sure that you do not leave any sharp edges, or your Hamsters might hurt themselves. Your Hamster can use this place to relax.

You can either get a wooden made hiding spaces for your Hamsters or fleece made snuggle bed, which they can get into and feel at home. These are some of my favorites.

Hamster Wheel/ Other Climbing Toys To Keep Your Hamster Fit

Hamster wheels and other climbing toys are great ways to your Hamster fit and in shape. Wheels encourage physical movements and also prevents anxiety.

Try to find a noise-free wheel. Noisy wheels can scare your Hamster as well as can be disturbing for you.

Select a wheel free from the center axle to help reduce the risk of fur and tail entanglement. Also, make sure that the material of the wheel does not hurt your little one’s feet.

Hamsters are curious and super active animals. We often see them clinging to one thing or the other in their enclosure. Therefore, climbing toys keeps them engaged.

Health Essentials For Our Hamsters

You should always keep an emergency kit of all health essentials your Hamster requires. Try to take consultation from the vet before buying any medicine or supplements.

Vitamin C supplements can be essential for your Hamsters. Hamsters do not produce Vitamin C on their own.

Vitamin C strengthens Hamster’s immune system and also helps them heal an injury. An insufficient amount of Vitamin C in your Hamster’s diet can lead to a painful disease called scurvy.

Always buy natural supplements that are free from artificial flavors, color, and preservatives.

Immediately make an appointment with the vet if you notice anything unusual in your Hamster. Do not try to cure it by yourself, it may worsen the situation. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Grooming Essentials For Your Hamsters

Hamsters are one such pet that does not need much grooming. They need minimal maintenance. They mostly keep themselves clean.

Grooming is one way through which we can easily bond with our pets. Grooming essentials can contain a set of brush, nail clippers, comb, and hair remover.

Try using dry tools to groom your Hamster. DO not use water to clean your Hamsters as they are susceptible to cold.

You may use a shampoo or soap only on special recommendation by a vet.

Fur of long-haired Hamsters can be a problem some times. Try to give it a cut regularly. Be careful whenever you use scissors, do not hurt your Hamster.

Nail can be a dilemma for Hamsters which is not active. Nails show hindered growth in active Hamsters. If you ever see long nails try to chop them off or else Hamster may hurt themselves.

Hamster spends 20-30% of his life grooming himself. If you ever see your Hamster not grooming himself for more than 48 hours, it is always suggested to take it to a vet. There might be something bothering your Hamster.

How Often Should I Groom My Hamster?

The frequency of grooming depends on you and your Hamster. Short-haired Hamsters usually keep themselves clean throughout. While long-haired Hamsters may be a little dirty comparatively.

Short-haired Hamsters can be groomed once in 6 months on the other hand long-haired Hamsters need grooming every 3-4 weeks. Trimming of nails can be done once in 2 months.

Sand Bath For Your Hamster

Sand baths are not a must but surely Hamsters love them. It depends on you whether you want to keep a sand bath in your Hamsters enclosure or not.

If you are a new Hamster owner you will soon learn that Hamsters always keep themselves clean. A sand bath is your Hamster’s way to stay clean.

Have a look at this Hamster sand tray, you and your Hamster will love it.

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How To Prepare a Sand Bath: Take a medium-sized container and fill it halfway with sand. You can find sand prepared specially for Hamsters in a nearby pet store. Remember never force your Hamster to take a bath.

Toys For Your Hamster’s Entertainment

Toys play a very crucial role in our Hamster’s life. Toys enrich our Hamster’s life and keeps them engaged for a long time. Besides, toys also help them to keep themselves fit.

Hamsters are active animals and cannot sit quietly in one place for a very long time. Therefore, toys are a great time pass for them.

You must choose different varieties of toys so that your little friend never gets bored.

Tunnels: You can also add tunnels in your Hamster’s enclosure, they are a great source of amusement. Tunnels can be build up by connecting different levels of your Hamsters enclosure. Also, you must keep in mind that the tunnels are spacious enough. This will enable easy movement in them.

Chew Toys: Chew toys are a must for your little ones. Hamster teeth are different from human teeth. Their teeth grow throughout their lifetime. Chew toys help to keep their teeth healthy and well-shaped. Wooden chew toys are ideal. Make sure the piece of wood you are buying from local pet stores is free from any kind of pesticides or chemicals.

I found these amazing Hamster chew toys on Amazon, my Hamster loves it. Check it out!

Travel Case To Take Your Hamster Around

We can not carry our little ones in our hands every time we travel so a travel case becomes handy during these times. Whenever we have to visit a vet, travel cases are very useful.

I personally use this Travel Cage for my Hamster and surely my little one loves it.

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You must find a cage that is breathable as well as portable. Also, make sure the cage is accessible as well as easy to clean.


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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