Can Hamsters Climb? (Cage, Stairs, Tubes & More)

Some rodents such as squirrels, mice, and rats are excellent climbers. This can bring a thought in your mind that, being a member of the rodent family, are Hamsters, good climbers, as well? Can they climb up their cage? Can they climb stairs? I did some research, and here is what I found out!

Although Hamsters are amazing climbers, they are definitely not the best ones out there. Their lean body and incredibly designed paws helps them to climb. Hamsters can climb on to mostly anything they get their grip on. Other rodents like squirrels and rats are better climbers than Hamsters.

Each Hamster as their own unique personality. Some Hamsters can climb upto 25 inches high, while others climb upto 15 inches.

Hamsters do not have the capability to judge heights and always try to find shortcuts to reach a particular place. Therefore, if in any case your Hamsters hurt themself while climbing, or if they fall down and hurt themselves, take them to a vet.

Picture Credits: Mouse, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Are Hamsters Good At Climbing?

Although Hamsters are amazing climbers, they are definitely not the best ones out there. Other rodents like squirrels and rats are better climbers than Hamsters.

In the wild, it is quite a natural behavior in Hamsters to climb onto things. They climb to higher surfaces to watch the surrounding environment.

Each Hamster has a unique personality, some are just curious while others prefer to live and roam around on flat surfaces only.

How High Can My Hamsters Climb?

If you have been owning a Hamster for a long time, you must know by now, that how much a Hamster loves to climb and play around their enclosure.

They can climb up on steps and ladders pretty quickly. They can reach pretty high spaces using their lean bodies and incredibly designed paws.

An active Hamster can climb up to 20-24 inches high. However, most Hamsters climb up to 15-18 inches. Although there have been cases where owners have seen their little ones going way beyond that, but it is a pretty rare case.

Can Hamsters Climb Out of Their Cage?

If your Hamster’s cage is of the standard size, then the chances of your little one climbing out of it are pretty low.

Usually, Hamsters can climb unto 18 inches or so, and most cage walls are higher than this mark. Therefore, if if your Hamster tries to escape from their enclosure (which will rarely be the case if we care for Hamsters well), their will be negligible possibility to do so.

Your Hamsters may have a little chance of escape if you have steps or cage arrangement(toys, hidings) in such a way that they can climb and reach a higher point. However, there is a low possibility of the same.

How Do I Stop My Hamsters From Climbing The Cage?

You must have known by now, Hamsters are quite restless and they cannot sit in one place for too long. They keep moving from one corner of their enclosure to another.

Picture Credits: Nelson, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: nelsonandnorma

You cannot do much to stop your Hamsters from climbing. All you can do is take all the safety precautions to stop your little ones from hurting themselves.

Do not hold your Hamster forcefully. Make sure you hold them correctly, if not they will try to break free and jump off your hands.

Also, you must put adequate bedding in your Hamster’s cage. This will make sure that your little ones do not hurt themselves if in case they fall off while clinging to the bars of their enclosure.

My Hamster Does Not Climb Anymore!

Hamsters are curious and super active animals. We often see them clinging to one thing or the other in their enclosure.

It can be a cause of worry for many Hamster owners if their little one does not climb anymore. There may be a lot of reasons due which your Hamsters have stopped climbing.

It is possible that your little one has undergone a trauma. If your Hamster has fallen from a height in recent times, it is likely to scare them.

Another reason may be your Hamster’s age. As your Hamster grows older, there are high chances that he will show signs of lethargy.

Also, check if your Hamster has an injury. If you have any suspicions about your Hamster’s health, take them to a vet.

A Few Best Climbing Toys For Your Hamsters:

My Hamster Fell From A Height!

There are considerable chances that your Hamster will undergo a shock if they fall from a height, in these situations, even a vet fails to help your Hamster.

They are likely to have a fracture, and even their internal organs could be harmed.

If your Hamster has a physical injury, then handle it with utmost care. Avoid handling your Hamster unless it is an absolute emergency. It could stress your Hamster or even make him more aggressive.

Take it to the vet as soon as possible if you feel anything suspicious.

Even if you see no physical injuries, it is advised to take your Hamster to a vet for an x-ray.

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Are Hamsters Afraid Of Heights?

Some Hamsters are afraid of heights while others are not. Mostly all Hamsters prefer a flat, open area and avoid getting too high as they don’t feel secure. However, some Hamsters are just curious and love to explore around. These Hamsters may enjoy climbing to some of the top surfaces.

Can Hamsters Jump?

Yes, Hamsters can jump. They are curious animals and love to discover new places. Your Hamster can jump about 15-20 inches high. Also, they do not have the capability to judge heights and always try to find shortcuts to reach that place.

To know more about your Hamsters and their jumping abilities, read this article: Can Hamsters Jump?

Can Hamsters Climb Stairs?

Yes, your Hamsters have the capability to climb stairs. Though Hamsters are small animals, they are very agile. Their lean body structure and incredibly designed paws help them to grip onto the objects. If your stairs are covered with carpet, then it will make the job easier for your little ones.

Can Hamsters Climb Ladders?

Yes, Hamsters do have the ability to climb small ladders. Usually, they can climb on to anything they get a grip on.

Can Hamsters Climb Vertical Tubes?

Yes, Hamsters can climb on tubes provided it is not very steep. An angle of 20-40 degrees is perfect for our little ones. Anything greater than this can be a problem for our Hamsters.

Hamsters Climbing And Biting The Cage!

If your Hamster climbs bite the cage too often, then there is a possibility that something might be bothering them.

A lot of factors can trigger this kind of behavior in Hamster, so let us have a look and find out why your little ones are continuously climbing and biting the cage. Some of them are listed below:

  • To Maintain Their Teeth
  • Small Cage
  • Boredom And Lack Of Stimulation
  • Lack Of Floor Time
  • Not Enough Food Or Veggies
  • Looking For Your Attention

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