Why Doesn’t My Hamster Like Me? How To Make My Hamster Like Me?

Even at times when we try our best to build a bond with our Hamsters, we fail. The situation may even get worse when your Hamster becomes afraid of you. You might wonder why doesn’t my Hamster like me but the answer might not be that simple.

If your Hamster doesn’t like you anymore, it doesn’t always mean you did something wrong. Common reasons for unfriendliness in Hamsters include illness, changes in their environment, loud noises, strong smells, and stress. Once you identify and fix the cause, the problems will go away in a few days.

A hostile Hamster may express its displeasure in several ways.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

It is crucial to understand the cause of such behavior and find an appropriate solution.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Why Doesn’t My Hamster Like Me?

A scared Hamster will generally take one or two days to get back to a normal state. But, a terrified Hamster can act in several ways

Many of their reactions can be minor and not be a cause of concern. But, Hamsters can hurt you or themselves physically with the objective of other responses.

Sometimes, Hamsters even start avoiding you, hide from you, and run away from you apparently without any reason.

Let us learn more about some of the common behavior of your Hamsters.

My Hamster Does Not Like To Be Held

It is very important to socialize with your Hamster before they are six weeks old but remember not to touch them until they are at least two weeks old. During this time, Hamsters can easily be made used to the presence of humans.

A Hamster will be afraid to be handled if the interaction doesn’t happen at an early stage.

Listed below are some points that will help you to socialize with your Hamster even more.

  • You need to get down to the ground level and give your Hamster time to smell your hands.
  • If you try to pet your Hamster on their back and hindquarters, then they will be more comfortable being held.
  • Don’t ever try to hold your Hamster by their neck. It can be painful and distressing for your Hamster.

My Hamster Jumps Out Of My Hand

Hamsters often jump off our arms so always hold your Hamster over a safe surface.

It is very important to hold your Hamster the correct way, or else they just become aggressive or overexcited and try to jump off your Hamster.

Do not make a tight grip whenever you hold your Hamster, otherwise they may get uncomfortable.

Always keep your Hamster close to your chest or lap, they will make him feel safe.

Never try to hold your Hamster forcefully, this will just make your Hamster hostile.

My Hamster Runs Away When I Try To Pick Him Up

Sometimes, Hamsters don’t want to be petted. That mostly happens when a Hamster had not interacted with you when they were young.

The best way is to give your Hamster some time to adjust. Allow your Hamster to come near you on their own time.

You can also offer them a treat from a distance and see if it helps. In this way, your Hamster will start to trust you gradually.

My Hamster Won’t Eat From My Hand

Do not be alarmed if your Hamster stops eating from your Hand.

Your Hamster may not eat from your hand for the following reasons:

  • Your Hamster doesn’t like the smell of your hands.
  • Your Hamster does not like the food. Hamsters may feel insecure if the new food is different in smell, texture, or flavor.
  • Your Hamster might be confused by your behavior.

In such cases, give your Hamster time to understand that the food is not dangerous.

However, if your Hamster does not eat at all, this is more serious. In this case, you should bring your pet to a veterinarian.

My Hamster Bit Me

Although Hamsters share a friendly relationship with their owners, they, too, can bite just like any other pet.

But what triggers the bite? Here are some common causes:

  • Your Hamster is afraid of you.
  • Your Hamster is stressed.
  • Hamsters bite if they have a feeling that you are invading their space.
  • Your Hamster has mistaken you for food.

A Hamster may bite you as a reaction to your action, which it doesn’t like. It is a normal animal behavior when they get hurt, afraid, or irritated. They bite to express their discontent.

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My Hamster Is Ignoring Me

There may be instances where your Hamster completely ignores you, which can be accidental or intentional.

Listed below are some instances that may help you to understand your Hamster’s behavior better.

Your Hamster See You As A Threat

There are high chances that your Hamster ignores you because they are threatened by you. They have mistaken you for a predator.

In such cases, give your Hamster some time to adjust. Do not try to hold your Hamster forcefully, this will just annoy your little one.

With patience from your end, they will understand you as a friend and not an enemy over a while.

Your Hamster Don’t Have A Good Bond With You

Sometimes Hamsters even may ignore you intentionally because they want to avoid you.

Improper handling or if you punish your Hamsters frequently, it may lead to such behavior in them.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Hamsters are cute animals and look cuddly, but this does not mean that they enjoy being carried around or holding up.

Hamsters often get stressed when you hold them or pick them up forcefully, especially when you have not bonded with your little one.

Allow your Hamster to come near you for petting and cuddling on their own time, and make sure that this happens from their side and you are not pushing yourself towards them.

Once you have won the trust of your Hamsters, they will be more comfortable to settle and take a nap around you.

A Hamster that completely trusts you can be comfortable being carried; however, this is not a case for most Hamsters.

Your Hamster Is Ill

Health complications are one of the major issues due to which your Hamster might ignore you.

There may be slight chances that your Hamster is losing vision or hearing. Due to such problems, they may unintentionally ignore you.

Does your Hamster have an infection of ears or eyes which lead to permanent damage?

Or is your Hamster is a senior one and showing their signs of aging? You need to check your Hamster carefully for any health problems.

It is advised to visit a vet if you have any suspicions.

How Do I Get My Hamster To Like Me?

Your Hamster can start avoiding you, hide from you, and run away from you apparently without any reason.

Hamsters can easily get stressed out. Your Hamster can have trust issues if adopted by another owner, or because of the new environment or previous bad experiences

In any instance, the best way is to build a bond from scratch. Here is what you can do:

Observe Your Hamster

As a Hamster Owner, you need to learn to observe your little one.

Each Hamster has its unique personality and observing them intently will help you learn about their behavior.

It is important to read and observe your Hamster’s body language and also take note of how your Hamsters react in front of you.
Do not try to hold your Hamsters forcefully. Instead of this, give some time to make them figure out the things on their own.

Observing the new smells, objects, and sounds can help Hamsters to reduce their anxiety and stress.

Give Your Hamster Time To Adjust

If you have got yourself a new Hamster, you need to let your Hamster adjust to their surroundings and the people around them.

Avoid introducing your new pet to your friends until he is comfortable with you. This leads to stress in Hamsters and they shake their body.

Allow your new Hamster to inspect everything on their own time, and they will generally grow comfortable in their environment and get used to it.

Placing your Hamster’s enclosure in the same room can be the best idea for introducing a Hamster to a new environment.

Once it has adjusted, you can gradually allow them to explore the entire house.

This procedure can be used for those Hamsters who are newly adopted, and after moving, you can introduce the home to your new Hamster.

Get Down At Ground Level

Hamsters are tiny creatures and for them, we humans are just a pair of feet if we place them on the ground.

Therefore, it is best to get on the ground or crouch low on the ground whenever you are playing with your Hamster.

This will help your Hamster feel more comfortable and at home. You will not be accepted as a tall and arrogant animal.

Bond With Your Hamster

]It is essential to build a bond with your Hamster, creating the trust can enable your Hamster to respond to you when you call the.

There are many ways to build a bond with your Hamster, which includes:

  • Training them
  • Feeding them
  • Grooming them
  • Playing with them

It would be best if you made sure that there are no other pets or people in the room so that you can easily enjoy some quality time with your Hamster.

Delivering the treats and food to your Hamster will always encourage them to approach you.

The owner needs to make sure that they will not provide excess treats to their Hamsters or else it can lead to health complications.

Provide your Hamsters with a lot of toys and floortime, this will help your Hamster to trust you even more.

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Provide Your Hamster With Basic Needs

Having a Hamster can be great fun but along with it also comes great responsibilities. There are a lot of essential things we must have to take care of a Hamster.
Have a look at the list of some of the basic things for your Hamster

  • A suitable enclosure
  • Safe and comfortable bedding
  • Correct diet for your Hamster
  • Hideouts to make your Hamster feel at home
  • Hamster ball/wheel to keep your Hamster fit
  • Health essentials
  • Grooming essentials
  • Toys to keep your Hamsters entertained.

Taking care of a Hamster is not an easy job. Mostly all Hamster owners struggle to find suitable supplies for their little ones.

Offer Your Hamsters With Treats At Least Once A Week

It is very important to treat your Hamster with his favorite food at least once a week.

To remain healthy and fit, we need to maintain a proper diet. But sometimes eating something different than the diet is not problematic.

As we all know that Hamster’s regular diet should be filled with vegetables and hay but sometimes it is important to bring some change in their taste bud. Thus, adding a treat would be crucial.

You can serve a small treat occasionally to your Hamsters as well. However, never make it a part of their regular diet as it can be terrible for their health.

When it comes to treats for Hamsters, then there are lots of options out there. Your furry friend won’t care much until and unless the food tastes good to them.

But bear in mind, every Hamster has its taste preference, while some Hamsters like a particular food while others don’t. You shall need to do some trials and errors to find out what type of food keeps your little one happy.


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