Can Hamsters Jump? (Here Is The Truth)

It can be a matter of concern for several of the Hamster owners when they find their little one jumping around. But what does this? Can Hamsters jump? Is it safe? Are they scared? Is something bothering them? Like all of you, I too was alarmed when my Hamster did it for the very first time.

So, I decided to do some research on the same and also consulted a few experts, and here is what I have learned.

Hamsters can jump about 15-20 inches high. Hamsters are curious creatures and always want to discover places. They do not have the capability to judge heights and always try to find shortcuts to reach a place. If your Hamster has fallen from a height, take it to a vet as soon as possible.

Never try to hold your Hamster forcefully, this will just make him more aggressive and he will try to break free.

There may various reasons due to which your Hamster keeps jumping around.

So, stick to this article if you want to learn more about your Hamster and his jumping skills.

Why Do Hamsters Jump?

A Hamster may jump due to many reasons. But one of the primary reason would be that your little friend is just trying to break free.

Hamsters also start to jump around when they are stressed or uncomfortable.

Hamsters will often try to jump off your hands whenever you hold them.

Hamsters are also very enthusiastic animals, they also jump around out of joy while playing or just exercising.

Will My Hamster Jump Out Of His Cage?

Yes, Hamsters do attempt to jump out of their cage whenever there is a possibility.

Like every other creature, they are just desperate to break free.

If you are buying a bar cage for your Hamster, always make sure that it is covered from the top.

Hamsters are excellent climbers, they will climb up the cage and jump out of it if it is open from the top.

Will My Hamster Jump Off A Platform?

Yes, your Hamster can jump off a platform, no matter how high it is.

Hamsters do not have much understanding about the height, they do not have the capability to judge the distance.

Hamsters are just curious and always try to explore as much as they can.

Keep an eye on your Hamster whenever you take him out of his enclosure. Also, do not leave them on any high raised table.

If you have a leveled enclosure for your Hamster, provide enough bedding, so that they do not hurt themselves even if they fall.

Why Do Hamsters Jump Over Each Other?

Firstly, it is always advisable to have a separate enclosure for each of your Hamsters. You may keep your Hamster together if they are of the same gender.

Hamsters show dominance in front of one another.

Hamsters frequently squeak in front of their cage mates to prove themselves to be dominant.

They also show the sign of dominance by jumping on top of each other, threatening each other, not letting their inmates eat, injuring each other.

The best way to arrange your hamsters is to keep the identical gender unitedly and part hamsters of different genders in separate cages. You will notice that the hamsters of identical gender squabble less.

You should also remember that once you have separated hamsters they should never be allowed to socialize with each other again.

Will My Hamster Jump Off My Arms?

Yes, Hamsters often jump off our arms so always hold your Hamster over a safe surface.

It is very important to hold your Hamster the correct way, or else they just become aggressive or overexcited and try to jump off your Hamster.

Do not make a tight grip whenever you hold your Hamster, otherwise they may get uncomfortable.

Always keep your Hamster close to your chest or lap, they will make him feel safe.

Never try to hold your Hamster forcefully, this will just make your Hamster hostile.

How High Can My Hamsters Jump?

If you have been owning a Hamster for a long time, you must know by now, that how much a Hamster loves to jump and play around.

But did you ever wonder how high can your Hamster jump?

You will be shocked to learn that an active Hamster can even jump up to 20-24 inches. However, on average, Hamsters jump up to 15 inches.

How Do I Stop My Hamsters From Jumping?

Hamsters are restless animals, they cannot sit in a place for too long. They always hover from one place to another even in their enclosure.

There is not much you can do to stop your Hamster from jumping. All you can do is take all the safety measures to stop your Hamster from hurting himself.

Make sure you hold your pet correctly, if not he may try to break free and jump off your hand.

Also, make sure you put adequate bedding in your Hamster’s enclosure. In case your Hamster falls off while clinging to the bars of his enclosure, he will not hurt himself.

My Hamster Does Not Jump Anymore

Hamsters are curious and active creatures. You will often see them clinging to one thing or the other in their enclosure.

It can be a cause of worry for many Hamster owners if their little one stops to climb. There may be a lot of factors behind this.

It is possible that your Hamster is in trauma. If your Hamster has fallen from a height once before, it is likely to scare them.

Another reason may be your Hamster’s age. As your Hamster grows older, there are high chances that he will show signs of lethargy.

Also, check if your Hamster has an injury. Take it to a vet if you have any suspicions.

My Hamster Fell From A Height

If your Hamster falls from a height, there are high chances that your Hamster will undergo a trauma, in such cases, even a vet fails to you and your Hamster.

There are chances that he will have a fracture and even his internal organs may damage.

If your Hamster has a physical injury, then handle it with utmost care. Avoid handling your Hamster unless it is an absolute emergency. It could stress your Hamster or even make him more aggressive.

Take it to the vet as soon as possible if you feel anything suspicious.

Even if you see no physical injuries, it is advised to take your Hamster to a vet for an x-ray.

Related Queries:

Can Hamsters Climb?

Yes, Hamsters are amazing climbers. They can climb everything and anything they will have a grip on. Hamsters are curious creatures, so you might have often seen them clinging to their cage.

Wooden ladders are a great option to let your Hamster experience climbing in a glass cage.

Make sure you provide enough bedding in your Hamster’s cage. In the worst-case scenario, if your Hamster loses the grip while climbing, the bedding will make sure that your Hamster does not hurt himself.

Do Hamsters Land On Their Feet?

Your Hamster may or may not land on his feet, whenever he has a fall. It totally depends on how active and fit your Hamster is.

However, even if your Hamsters lands on their feet it may be dangerous for them.

There are high chances that your Hamster will hurt himself. He may even have a fracture. Take him to a vet in such cases.


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