Why Does My Hamster Stare At Me? (This Is What You Must Know)

Staring is a typical behavior in Hamsters. Your Hamsters’ stares has several meanings. But most of the owners of Hamsters don’t understand their body language. They often wonder why does my Hamster stare at me? So, here is what it means.

Hamsters have an excellent sense of hearing and smell. They can detect you come from a distance. They use this ability to look out for predators or any underlying danger. Hamsters often stare at their owners to express affection. Curiosity and hunger are some other reasons for such behavior in Hamsters.

You need to observe your Hamster intently in order to understand the reasons behind their stares.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

Observing your Hamster is also important to build a bond with your little friend. It will help you to understand them better.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Why Does My Hamsters Keep Staring At Me?

Your Hamster gazing at you may make you feel a little uncomfortable. There are many explanations for Hamsters staring. These are as follows:

  • FOOD: If your Hamsters are hungry, then there are high chances that they would stare at you. Also, sometimes stares even indicate that your Hamster is asking for a treat.
  • CURIOSITY: Hamsters are curious pets. Sometime they would stare at you, just to find what you are doing. You will also see that your Hamsters getting angry or annoyed if you are not paying attention to them’.
  • SENSES: Hamsters have an amazing sense of hearing and smell. They can hear you come from a distance and will start looking at you to see whether you react or not.
  • JOY: If your Hamster is happy or satisfied, they will often stare at you while they are relaxing.
  • PREDATORS: Your Hamster might be watching your back. They know that they are prey animals, and they look out for one another. Hamsters gaze to confirm that the predators cannot sneak up on them or you.
  • THREATS: Hamsters start to gaze if they find any stranger near their enclosure. Your Hamsters are not quite confidant whether they are strangers or not. They notice all the movements and are prepared to bolt if needed.

Whenever you find your Hamster staring at you, it is essential to observe their body language.

Observing your Hamster will help you a lot to understand your pet better.

In turn, this will help you to understand what your Hamsters find so amusing.

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Hamster Staring Because They Want Food

By now, you must have known, how picky your little one can get when it comes to food.

Hamsters often stares at their owners when they are hungry. It can also be a sign that your Hamster wants a treat.

It is important to treat your Hamsters at least twice a week. You can always go for fresh vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, or fresh fruits such as seedless apple for treats.

You would get your answer if your Hamster jumps right into it and start munching immediately.

Also, make sure you just give a tiny portion of the fruit or the vegetable. Do not fall for their cute face. Extra food can cause health complications in Hamsters.

Make sure to regularly check your Hamster’s mouth and cheeks, and see that your little one is not hiding the food in it for too long. It can lead to rotting of the mouth and teeth. Also, it could stress your Hamsters.

After a few hours, we must make sure that all the uneaten food is taken out of the cage. Also, check if your Hamster is hiding even the smallest portion of the fruit or vegetable.

Hamsters Staring At A Potential Threat

As Hamsters are prey animals, they are very cautious about their surroundings.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

In the wild, Hamsters depend on their hearing most for survival. Your Hamster would continuously be hearing out for possible threats even with the slightest movements.

You should never make the mistake of introducing your little one to strangers until you are certain they are already comfortable with you.

Hamster Staring Because They Want To Be Petted

Hamsters are dominant creatures. They are very particular about hierarchy. If you have more than one Hamster as pets, each one will consider themselves to be the head. They would want full attention from you.

Dominant Hamsters will expect full attention from you. Sometimes they even show signs of aggression and anger when you do not give enough attention to them.

Your Hamster would start by gazing at you for a prolonged period of time. They would wait for you to take the hint.

If you fail, they will start using manual actions. They would start squeaking or making weird noises. You will also see them chattering their teeth.

If you still pay no heed, the next time you visit them, there are high chances that they would bite you.

You must be careful while handling your Hamsters. Just make sure you don’t hurt them as well as yourself.

Hamsters Sleeping with Half Opened Eyes (Not Staring)

There are high chances that your Hamster is just sleeping and not staring at you (though it may seem like stares).

This is more likely to happen during the day because Hamsters are night owls. Most Hamsters sleep for 8-10 hours a day.

How To Tell If My Hamster Is Sleeping

When Hamsters sleep, they enter a state known as self-contradictory sleep. This state of sleeping is similar to rapid eye movement sleep in human beings.

Just like humans, Hamsters dream. Due to this, we often see them shiver in their sleep. This is a relief, as some of the Hamster owners feel their little ones are dead, when they are just sleeping.

Also, while some Hamsters prefer to sleep in their hideouts while others prefer to sleep next to their beloved human. This depends from Hamsters to Hamsters.

If your Hamsters love to sleep beside you, it means they trust you. This is also a sign than your Hamster might be asking you to watch their back while they take a nap.

Hideouts are essential for your little ones as these hiding spaces helps them to stay calm and stress free.

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Hamsters Staring Out Of Love

Hamsters have their own ways to show affection towards their owners. Sometimes, we fail to understand those signs.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

If your Hamster is staring at you while they are in a relaxed position, it may indicate they love you. Even your Hamsters also doesn’t understand that they are doing so.

How Do Hamsters Show Affection To Humans?

Hamsters can prove themselves to be deserving of being loved and care for. Though at times they can be extremely moody and undisciplined, which should be handled.

Hamsters are scared of human beings due to their survival instinct nature. Our large size and structure might be fearful for them until they find a reason not to be.

However, It is not the case with the pets who are friendly or have been in and around the humans since their birth.

Though eventually, with time and patience, you can build up your relationship quite concrete with your Hamsters showing plenty of love and kindness.

The way your Hamster behaves around you is vital to understand what they feel about you. If your Hamster is happy, you will see them running around your feet. You may find this annoying, but your Hamster means it completely.

Your Hamster nudging you with their head, is a sign of dominance as well as affection. They might be trying to communicate you to pet them.

Some of these signs show you have bonded with your little one pretty well.

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Is My Hamsters Staring at Me Because They Think I’m Sick?

Many Hamster owners are firm believers that their little ones can detect human illness.

Hamsters have an amazing sense of smell. This helps them to effortlessly observe the changes in their environment (including humans) and respond accordingly.

It is very unlikely for your Hamster to stare at you because of your medical complications. However, your Hamster might be noticing the change in your behavior or your emotions.

This may be hard to believe, but some Hamsters can detect the change in your behavior.

If you are the lucky one, your Hamster will also try to cheer you up. Although this behavior is very unlikely in Hamsters. It can be more commonly seen in dogs.

Hamsters usually observe their owners from a safe distance. You will also see that your Hamster becomes alert if you are disturbed or depressed.

They keep gazing at you and try to access the cause of your anxiety.

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Why Does My Hamster Keep Staring At The Wall/Space?

Hamsters are curious pets. Each the smallest of movements catch their attention.

If they see a lizard on the way, the may keep staring at it, till the lizard is out of their site. This behavior is quite common in Hamsters.

It could also be that your Hamster is just confused or even snacking on a piece of food in their cheek (which may seem as stares).

Also, staring at the wall may be an indication that your Hamster is obsessive.

Make sure your Hamsters cage is of an appropriate size. Also, provide them with enough sources of entertainment or toys to keep them occupied.

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