Why Is My Hamster Shaking/Shivering?

It can be a matter of concern for several of the Hamster owners when they find their little one shaking.

But what does shaking indicate? Are they ill? Are they scared? Is something bothering them? Like all of you, I too was alarmed when my Hamster did it for the very first time. So, I decided to do some research on the same and also consulted a few experts, and here is what I have learned.

There could be several reasons as to why your Hamster might be shaking. Many Hamsters shake their body just to communicate with each other. Annoyance, fear, pain, and stress are a few other reasons. Some respiratory infections can also lead to shaking and shivering in Hamsters.

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Hamster Essentials

Never take the shaking or shivering casually. It may be a sign of sickness. It may prove to be fatal in the future.

Try to calm your little one down by petting them, playing their favorite music, or offering them their favorite treat.

If you are concerned, you could talk to a vet or your local pet shop. If you think your Hamster is sick, the best idea would be to take it to a vet.

Listed below are the few primary reasons why your Hamster might be shaking. I think by the end of the article you will be able to find a genuine solution to this problem.

Why Do Hamsters Shake?

There can be several reasons due to which your Hamster might be shaking/shivering.

Hamsters usually shiver when something is wrong. Make sure to check them out if you find them shaking or shivering.

Hamsters often shiver/shake when it’s annoyed, irritated, in pain, or stressed for some reason.

Here are some of the most common reasons that can leave your Hamsters shivering/shaking:

  • Shaking is often a sign of dominance.
  • Shaking due to some loud noise, annoyance, or stress is common.
  • A sudden change in the weather can be one of the reasons.
  • Shivering after a bath.
  • Shaking to communicate.
  • Shivering in sleep.
  • Other medical reasons.

The following are the major reasons because of which you may find your Hamster shaking or shivering.

Time to discuss some of them in detail now.

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Hamsters Shake To Show Dominance

As a part of their dominant behavior Hamsters often shake their body. Hamsters often squabble and shake their body to show superiority.

Avoid interfering with your Hamster when they are quarreling or removing one Hamster from the cage unless you find them injuring one another.

Pulling one Hamster out of the cage can create confusion and stress out your Hamsters.

The best solution is to keep Hamsters of the same gender together and separate Hamsters of different genders in separate cages.

Hamsters of the same gender tend to fight less than Hamsters of different genders.

Shivering Due To Fear, Annoyance, Or Stress

Hamsters often shake when you pet them if they are new to your household. Avoid introducing your new pet to your friends until he is comfortable with you. This leads to stress in Hamsters and they shake their body.

Keep your Hamsters in a peaceful place. Loud noises like that of speakers or car honks often scares and frightens them.

Make sure to comfort your little one when you find them frightened, annoyed, or stress. This might help to stop the shaking.

Shivering Due To An Abrupt Change In Temperature

Hamsters are warm-blooded creatures and a sudden change in temperature can cause discomfort to them.This can often lead to shaking or shivering in Hamsters.

The ideal temperature for Hamsters to survive is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

A much higher or lower temperature can cause medical issues.

Make sure you check and adjust the temperature of the place in which you have kept your Hamsters with a change in weather.

Hamsters Often Shiver After Bath

You should avoid bathing your Hamster unless it is an exceptional sitauations.

Bathing can make your Hamster sick, and you will see them shiver and shake.

You should only use water to clean your Hamster if it has spill something on it’s body. In such cases too, it is advised to consult a vet before.

However, Sand Baths are perfect for your Hamsters. Sand Baths are Hamster’s way to keep themselves clean.

Sand Baths are the best alternatives to water, sand baths ensure that our Hamsters stay clean without putting their life at risk.

Hamsters Shake To Communicate

Hamsters are vocal animals. They often shake their body along with squeaks to communicate.

He may want to communicate many things by shaking their body.

If you find your little one shaking continuously, it may be a signal that he demands attention, or that he is frightened and threatened by something. Depending on the situation they can either be shaking in pain or distress or in delight and excitement.

Hamsters Shiver In Sleep

A few of Hamsters have been known to shiver and shake in their sleep.

Make sure your Hamster is well hydrated and that you are feeding him with proper food.

Check the temperate of the room where they live. The temperature can be anywhere between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower or higher temperatures than these can be a problem.

Shiver Due To Medical Issues

Hamsters also shake their body when they are suffering from some medical issues.

It can be due to some abnormalities in its nervous system. To avoid this problem, make sure you are touching your little one in the most gentle manner possible.

Hamsters also shake their body if they have a heat stroke or a heart failure. Many Hamsters also shiver if they have diabetes.

A visit to the vet is the best possible solution in these cases.

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Do Hamsters Shiver During Hibernation?

Hamsters often tends to go in the state of hibernation in the temperature falls below 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit.

A hibernating Hamsters generally look still and lifeless and do not show any movements but their body is quite warm.

When you try to bring your Hamster out of hibernation by warming them up, you will often notice they shake their body.

After a couple of hours as soon as they are out of hibernation they would stop shaking. This is completely normal.

Taking your Hamster to the vet would be the best option if you are not confident.

How Do I Stop My Hamster From Shaking/Shivering?

There may be several reasons due to which your Hamster might be shaking or shivering. Some of the cases might require immediate action, while others can be ignored.

The following are some of the tips you should keep in mind to comfort your hammie:

Make sure you do not play loudspeakers when they are near you. Also, avoid watching television if you are around them.

Loud conversations and even thunderstorms tends to frighten them. Make sure you do the necessary.

Warm-up your little one quickly after the bath. You can even use hair driers but from a distance.

If your Hamster shakes when you pet them try comforting them. Do not begin introducing your Hamster to any stranger, until you are confident that they feel protected with you.

If your Hamster doesn’t respond to any of your attempts to make it comfortable then keep it fed and hydrated, take it to your vet.

Getting the suitable medication in a timely manner could be key to improving your Hamster’s health.


A shake or a shiver could mean a lot of different things in Hamsters. Right from happiness, fear, anxiety, or health issues, all can lead to trembling of Hamsters.

Though Hamsters are petite creatures, their shiver may convey a ton. Never ignore your Hamster when you see them shiver, always have a look if everything is ok.

A visit to the vet is advisable if you are not confident.


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