Can Hedgehogs Climb? (Wall, Steps, Fence, Wire & More)

While climbing can be an excellent exercise for our pets, it can also be dangerous. This can often bring a thought to the owner’s mind that, are Hedgehogs good climbers? Do they like climbing? Can they climb out of their cage? I did some research, and here is what I found out!

Hedgehogs are skillful climbers. They can easily climb ramps, fences, and wires. Likewise, most domesticated Hedgehogs can easily climb up and down the staircase, either for exercise or adventure. However, as trees and walls offer limited grip, it becomes a little difficult for Hedgehogs to climb them.

Climbing up is not much of a problem for Hedgehogs. However, climbing down is. Hedgehogs face a lot of difficulties in climbing down due to their round body structure. Many a time, they end up tumbling down and hurting themselves.

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Today, we will discuss more the climbing behavior in Hedgehogs. We will also see the different objects that Hedgehogs can/cannot climb. Keep reading this article till the end, and I’ll make sure all your doubts are cleared by the end.

Are Hedgehogs Good Climbers?

Hedgehogs are great climbers. However, they are not the best ones out there. There are several other small pets such as squirrels and rats who climb better than Hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs can easily climb short steps, stairs, tunnels, and even ramps. However, they need a mild slope to climb up and down due to their body structure. It is a natural behavior in wild Hedgehogs to climb onto objects.

Do Hedgehogs Like To Climb?

Although Hedgehogs mostly stay on the ground, they also enjoy climbing. Hedgehogs are pretty curious, and it is in their instincts to climb and reach higher locations.

Hedgehogs are tiny animals. Therefore, it is quite obvious that they see our giant pair of ankles. Besides enjoyment, Hedgehogs mostly climb out of curiosity. It gives them space to investigate new places. They will be able to find the leftover food scraps after reaching at a height.

A wild Hedgehog mostly climbs to safeguard himself or search for food, whereas domesticated Hedgehogs do so just out of curiosity and thirst for adventure.

How High Can A Hedgehog Climb?

Wild Hedgehogs are known to have the ability to reach greater heights than domesticated Hedgehogs. However, on average, an active Hedgehog can climb up to 15-20 inches high.

There have been cases where owners have seen their little ones going way beyond that; it is a pretty rare case. Also, if your Hedgehogs get a ramp or support of a certain object, it will make climbing easier for them.

If you have owned a Hedgehog for some time, you must know by now that how much a Hedgehog loves to cling onto things and play around. They can climb up on steps and ladders pretty quickly.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Up Walls?

Walls are challenging for a Hedgehog, just like the trees. Although Hedgehogs are capable of climbing a wall, they need some support or push.

For example, if the wall bricks are jutting out, a Hedgehog may use it as a step or support to climb up. Also, if they get support from, let’s say, a box, then it will make it easier to leap onto, or over, a wall.

Walls are absolutely safe from your Hedgehog’s attention. Just keep the ground level or the surface clear, and they will generally be unable to climb. Even if they do, they won’t get high enough to hurt themselves.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Steps?

Hedgehogs can easily climb steps. If you leave your Hedgehogs in the open, you will often notice them climbing upstairs the house.

Climbing stairs is great fun for Hedgehogs. But, unfortunately, they often treat the stairs as obstacle courses. Therefore, it also becomes important to ensure the safety of the Hedgehogs if we leave them anywhere near the stairs.

If the stairs are made of pure wood, it can be a problem for your Hedgehogs. Wood is quite slippery, which makes it difficult for Hedgehogs to get a grip. On the other hand, carpets are much safer.

You must also keep in mind the steepness of the staircase. Even though Hedgehogs can climb stairs easily, it becomes very difficult for them to climb down due to their round body structure.

If you have tall stairs at your home, I advise you to avoid letting your Hedgehogs free in that portion of your house.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Chicken Wire?

A determined Hedgehog will surely manage to climb over the chicken wire. Also, the wires are much easier than the trees to climb. The wires make it easier for the paws of Hedgehogs to get a grip.

Also, climbing up the wire is not much of a problem for Hedgehogs. However, climbing down is. The process of climbing down can be a bit dangerous due to the round body structure of Hedgehogs.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Trees?

Hedgehogs that have been living in the wild can easily climb trees. They usually do so in search of food. This is not a fun activity for them.

It takes some time for a Hedgehog to climb a tress. While Hedgehogs have short claws, they do not have an amazing grip as, say, a cat’s. This implies that a Hedgehog requires a lot of patience to climb a tree.

Also, there are high chances that a Hedgehog will tumble at least once while trying to climb the trees. However, it is improbable for a pet Hedgehog to climb up a tree in your yard.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Out Of Cages?

Even if you have a standard size cage, there are high chances that your pet will attempt to climb out of their cage. Also, Hedgehogs are great climbers. Therefore, if you do not have a lid for your pet’s cage, they will probably climb out of the cage.

Also, if your Hedgehog has some cage arrangements such as climbing toys and hideout, it will be easier for them to climb and reach a higher point.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Out Of A Box?

Hedgehogs can climb out of the box if the surface is rough enough. Also, if they get additional support from an object, they will definitely find their way out of the box.

However, most of the time, boxes are safe from the attention of a Hedgehog. Keep the surface clear, and they’ll usually be unable to climb. They won’t get high enough to hurt themselves.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Ramp?

Most Hedgehogs can easily climb ramps. However, due to their round body structure, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to grip such steep surfaces.

If you plan to provide your Hedgehogs with a ramp, you need to make sure that the ramp is completely safe for your pet to use. Listed below are a few things that you must keep in mind before providing ramps to your pet:

  • The material you use for the ramp must be completely safe for your Hedgehog
  • Make sure that the ramp does not have any sharp edges
  • Do not keep the ramp too steep
  • The ramp should be wide enough
  • Secure the ramp using wires or PVC pipes
  • The ramp should be sturdy and not move when your Hedgehog uses them

How Steep Can A Hedgehog Ramp Be?

It would help if you did not place the ramps any steeper than 20-40 degrees. If the ramps are any steeper than this, there are high chances that your pet will never use them.

It would help if you placed the ramp at a comfortable angle. Then you will be able to entice your Hedgehogs to use it. Also, most Hedgehogs prefer long and small angled ramps rather than short and steep ramps.

Therefore, if your pet’s cage has adequate space, I advise you to go for longer ramp with least slope.

How Do I Stop My Hedgehogs From Climbing The Cage?

Hedgehogs are pretty restless, and they cannot sit in one place for too long. They keep moving from one part of their cage to another.

The truth is you cannot do much to stop your Hedgehog from climbing its cage. However, there are certain necessary safety precautions to stop your little ones from hurting themselves.

I advise you to place adequate bedding in your Hedgehog’s cage. This will make sure that your little ones do not hurt themselves if in case they fall off while clinging to the bars of their enclosure.

Related Queries:

Can Hedgehogs Climb Wooden Fences?

Hedgehogs do have the ability to climb wooden fences. Although they have short, little legs, they have been seen climbing fences a lot of times. Although climbing up is not an issue for Hedgehogs, they face many difficulties while climbing down due to their round body structure.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Stairs?

Hedgehogs enjoy climbing stairs. Although they are small animals, they are adept climbers. Once they get a grip on a particular surface, they will climb it easily. Also, if the stairs are covered with carpet, it will make the job easier for your little ones.

Can Hedgehogs Climb Stone Walls?

Hedgehogs can easily climb stone walls. The stones jutted in the walls make it easier for them to get a grip. Therefore, climbing stone walls is not much of a problem for Hedgehogs.


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