How Do I Entertain My Hedgehog? (13 Best Tips)

Hedgehogs are smart and active animals so they will need regular physical and mental stimulation to keep their mental health strong. Also, they get bored pretty quickly. Therefore, as owners, it is our responsibility to enrich our little one’s life.

There are a lot of things we can do to entertain our Hedgehog. Toys of various shapes and sizes will keep your pet engaged for a long time. Provide them with sufficient floor time. You could also do a photoshoot with them. Cage upgrade could be a game-changer altogether.

It is important to provide your Hedgehog with sufficient mental stimulation. Lack of mental stimulation often leads to boredom and depression in them. Therefore, providing them with some toys and other playful items makes a differnce.

If you have noticed that your little pet is not as active as usual, then you must try to understand the psychological reason behind the same.

You should do your best to make sure that your Hedgehogs are living the life they deserve.

Hedgehog Boredom Breakers: Physical & Mental Stimulation

You must provide your Hedgehogs with both physical and mental stimulators to keep them happy and occupied. In addition, they need some boredom breakers to lead a healthy life.

Wild Hedgehogs are known to have excellent energy levels. In the same way, domesticated Hedgehogs also have high energy levels. Therefore, providing your Hedgehogs with sufficient floor time every day is essential for their well-being.

Once you let your Hedgehog engage in his natural behaviors, you will notice a visible change in him. In addition, you will see that he has started to become more comfortable around you. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with some boredom breakers.

It is not difficult to provide your Hedgehogs with what they want. Below are some of the best boredom breakers or the primary ways to offer your Hedgehogs mental and physical stimulation.

Allow Them To Play With Some Waste Paper

Most Hedgehogs love to play with paper. They also enjoy having pieces of paper in their cage. Once you provide your Hedgehog with a handful of waste paper, you will see him spend hours playing with it.

Also, it is essential to keep an eye on your Hedgehog from time to time. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide him with the best quality of the paper.

Any cheap quality of ink can prove to be highly toxic for your Hedgehog. Newspapers often come with free leaflets containing harmful toxins. You must never provide your Hedgehog with such paper materials.

Wicker Basket Makes An Excellent Choice

Some extra containers or wicker baskets make an excellent choice for our Hedgehog’s cage. Hedgehogs love to play around with wicker.

Wickers are entirely safe for our Hedgehogs. You can use the wicker basket in other ways too. First, line the basket with a blanket; now, your Hedgehog can hop in for a nap.

You can also place the basket upside down and hide a treat inside. This game will keep your little Hedgehog engaged for hours.

Please have a look at this Wicker basket I got from Amazon. My Hedgehog loves it!

Music Works Wonder Sometimes

Hedgehogs love to be around calm music. Some owners often use music as a therapy to calm their little pets. You can try playing slow-paced music near your Hedgehogs.

It would be best if you kept in mind that Hedgehogs do not like loud music. Therefore, you need to be careful of the volume. Loud music often leads to stress among Hedgehogs.

Furthermore, I would suggest you avoid genres like rock, pop or metal. Also, do not put the stereo or the television too close to your Hedgehog’s cage.

Mirrors Are An Amazing Distraction

You will have a good time watching your Hedgehog play around the mirror. Mirrors are an excellent distraction for our Hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs do not understand the concept of mirror or reflection. As a result, most Hedgehogs react when we have introduced the mirror.

Hedgehogs often end up thinking that they have a new company in the cage. Some even act aggressively, thinking that another Hedgehog is trying to invade his territory. Therefore, you should be around your Hedgehog when you introduce a mirror in their cage.

Add Some Hiding Space In Their Cage

Your Hedgehog would love to have hiding spaces in its cage. Hiding areas will also make your little pet feel at home. You will notice that your Hedgehog now remains happy and stress-free.

In addition, hiding spaces will help your Hedgehog to maintain their body temperature and keep themselves warm. You can also prepare hideouts at your home for your little ones just by following the necessary measure:

Cut slash a small opening out of a cardboard box to make an opening. Make sure that you do not leave any sharp edges, or your Hedgehog might hurt themselves. However, your Hedgehog will now get a place to relax.

You can either get a wooden-made hiding space for your Hedgehog or a fleece-made snuggle bed, which they can get into and feel at home. These are some of my favorites.

Play Pen For Yor Hedgehog

Playpens are an excellent choice for your Hedgehogs. It will let your Hedgehog run around without any worries. In addition, it will make sure that your little per does not escape.

I always add a few toys and treats to my Hedgehog’s playpen. Extra toys and treats let my little ones enjoy their fullest. You will see that your Hedgehog wants this change of scenery and will also get sufficient exercise. Please have a look at this foldable playpen I got for my little for from Amazon!

Let Your Hedgehogs Find Their Treats

Hiding your Hedgehog’s food can turn into an engaging game for your Hedgehog. You will see that your little pet will get hold of the smell and work hard to get their food.

You can hide some of their favorite food under their bedding. However, do not hide it too deep inside. Your Hedgehog will cherish this activity a lot. Also, they will enjoy the treats even more because they have earned them.

You must keep a regular check on the treats you have hidden for your Hedgehogs. If not found and eaten within a few hours, the food could get moldy. Consumption of stale food can prove to be devasting for your pet.

Plan A Photo Shoot With Your Hedgehogs

Photoshoots are great fun. These shoots will also help you build a bond with your Hedgehog. In addition, the pictures will capture specific valuable memories, which you will cherish lifelong.

Capture the photographs from different angles. You can entice your Hedgehog with their favorite food to get a fantastic shot.

Toilet Roll Tubes Are Great Fun

Your Hedgehog will have a great time rolling the tube around its cage. Kitchen towel tubes or toilet roll tubes are one of Hedgehog’s favorite things to play. They act as the ultimate natural toys for Hedgehogs.

In addition, you can hide some treats in the tube. Your little pet will enjoy finding its food. Furthermore, Hedgehogs love to shred. They will love to chew and shred the tube into pieces. They will enjoy throwing the tube around the love. Also, they love the ripping sound of the paper.

Add Some Exercise Toys In Your Hedgehog’s Cage

Providing your Hedgehogs with toys of various shapes and sizes will keep your Hedgehog engaged for a long time. You can also create your own playing toys at home using wood or card for your pet.

Certain climbing toys, logs, or rocks as an obstacle course works best for your Hedgehogs. You will see that they love to jump around and explore it.

Keep rotating or adding new toys in your Hedgehog’s enclosure. This way they will not get bored, also it will satisfy their thirst for adventure

Upgrade Your Hedgehog’s Cage

You must pick a comfortable and safe cage for your Hedgehog. The cage must be strong and durable. Your Hedgehog must not find a way to run away and find itself in danger.

The size of the cage is of utmost importance. The cage is your Hedgehog’s home. It must have enough space for them to play and run around.

Increase Your Hedgehog’s Floor Time

Floortime is essential to provide your Hedgehog to keep them fit and healthy. Floortime will also keep your Hedgehog happy and engaged.

However, you must make sure that your Hedgehog does not break free or escape the room. Let your Hedgehog out in an open and spacious room with closed drafts and ventilation.

You must try to provide your Hedgehog with floortime for at least 1 hour each day. If not, at least once in 2-3 days. Lack of proper exercise can lead to various health complications in your little pet.

Furthermore, exercise also helps your Hedgehogs to keep their bodies warm, which is excellent for those cold days.

Spend Time With Your Hedgehog Teaching Them a Few Tricks

It is important to build a bond with your little pet to provide them with a happy and healthy life. Teaching them a few tricks will build your Hedgehog’s trust in you.

It is not at all easy to train a Hedgehog. However, with patience, dedication, and time, you can train them. Training sessions can be fun for you as well as your Hedgehogs. In addition, you will see that they are likely to start performing tricks whenever they see you.

How Can You Tell If Your Hedgehog Is Bored?

Hedgehogs are pretty active animals, and you will rarely see them sitting quietly in one place for a very long time. If your Hedgehog is bored, he will probably just lie down lethargically at one corner of his cage.

In addition, you will notice that your Hedgehog has started to sleep more than usual. Try choosing different varieties of toys so that your little friend does not get bored.


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