Do Hedgehogs Need A Lot Of Attention? (All You Need To Know)

Hedgehog are not the kind of pet that you can ignore and keep out of sight all day. If they are not given enough attention, Hedgehogs can exhibit destructive behaviors or become severely depressed. If you take the time to give your Hedgehog lots of attention every day, you’ll be rewarded with a lovable and happy companion.

Hedgehogs need to spend many hours interacting with others on a daily basis. While there are no specific guidelines for the number of hours Hedgehogs need to be in contact with others, I advise you make them as much a part of your daily life as possible. Let your Hedgehog spend time with you or other members of the family whenever you are home and awake.

It is important for you to take the time to make your Hedgehog a part of your daily life, similar to the way dogs are treated in families. Hedgehogs should be allowed to exercise and hang out with the family when people are home. They should have the chance to interact with people so they can continue to be happy and healthy Hedgehogs.

How To Give Your Hedgehog Proper Attention?

It is important that you understand the types of attention that there is needed for a pet, in this case, a Hedgehog.

It is not healthy for an animal to stay in an encaged environment forever. They need physical attention, attention to their health, and attention to their cleanliness.

If an environment is not healthy for your pet, their health will decline, and you could be facing vet bills or worse.

Provide Them With Proper Physical Attention

Hedgehogs do not like being handled physically too much. Therefore, it is important that Hedgehogs are held properly.

They also feel and read anxiety easily. So, make sure when you first get a Hedgehog, that you take the time to help transition them and the both of you bond so that there is no anxiety from either of you when you do hold them.

Hold Them Properly

When you first get a Hedgehog, you do not want to rush interactions and the introduction of the surroundings.

Allow the Hedgehog to take a couple of days with their kennel under a towel to be able to adjust to sounds and smells of their new environment slowly. 

After you can begin sticking your hand to the cage and letting your Hedgheog get used to your scent and your aura (how you feel to others, the type of energy you give off).

Allow your little pet to grow to trust you. Remember to keep yourself calm; only come to your Hedgehog in calm energy.

Carry Them With Care

Make sure your Hedgehog feels safe and stable. So, when you grab your Hedgehog, slide your hand under their belly and gently lift. Do not be swift or rough when handling your little pet.

Make sure to softly wrap a finger around the front of one of the legs. Then pull your Hedgehog up and hold him or her with both hands, making sure he or she does not feel like they are falling.

Also, make sure his or her back end is supported as well.

Keep Them Close To You When You Carry Them

Place your Hedeghog close to you and rest him or her on your chest.

his is where your little pet will begin learning more about you. His or her feet should be on your chest so that they can feel secure while getting to know you.

He or she will be able to feel you and smell you. Take this time to talk to your Hedgehog, this will allow him or hear to get used to the sound of your voice both far and close together.

Keep Holding Your Hedgehog Even When It Wiggles

When you try to hold your Hedgehog, they will wiggle.

Do not put your Hedgehog down just because he or she wiggles. Keep holding your Hedgehog while he or she does this helps them stay calm but also helps them learn how to move in the transition from your hand to wherever he or she needs to be going.

Return Your Hedgehog Safely

When returning your Hedgehog, make sure that you are still holding your little pet firmly.

Remember that this little bit of motion can be stressful for your Hedgehog, so make sure to be slow and calm while doing this.

He or she will learn the routine and learn not to squirm when it is time for the transition from your hands to his or her cage or any other area that you may have for him or her to be. You may find it beneficial to place her in her cage with her rear end going in first.

Keep An Eye When Your Children Handles Your Hedgehog

It is essential to handle the Hedgehogs properly. Your Hedgehog could be hurt or hurt a child if the little animal is not handled properly.

Before housing a Hedgehog in your room, you must keep in mind the children of your house. Therefore, it is important to consider children’s age, maturity, and experience with hedgehogs and other pets when deciding if they may be left alone with a Hedgehog.

You must also take into account the temperament of your pet Hedgehog. The best idea is to establish household rules regarding the handling of the Hedgehog, including who may feed him and what supervision is necessary.

You must show children the correct way to play with a hedgehog and praise them when they do it properly.

They Need Exploration

It is essential to provide your Hedgehog for some supervised exercise.

This helps them not only move around physically but also helps them mentally.

Hedgehogs are naturally active pets who enjoy exploring around and playing.

Hedgehogs can quickly get bored and depressed if they are not given enough room to act like their adventurous self.

Keep Them Busy

If your Hedgehog is not well taken care of, they may develop bad habits such as biting and aggression.

Escaping may be one of their learned bad behaviors. Keeping them busy with the right materials in their cage and toys will help them from being bored or miserable.

This also gives them things to do when you are gone and unable to provide them with attention.

Train Your Hedgehog

It can be really adorable to teach a Hedgehog some cute tricks, but the real value of training a Hedgehog is in the bond it creates between you and your little pet.

By training your Hedgehog you are not only teaching them cool tricks, but you’re also teaching them to trust you.

Your Hedgehog will be excited to spend time with you, knowing they’ll have fun exercising their brain and figuring out how to get treats.

Training also encourages a Hedgehog to readily approach you without expecting a treat right off the bat. It will teach them to slow down and earn their treats, while also keeping them from losing interest in you just because you don’t have any treats on hand.

Provide Them With Adequate Food

It is important that you feed your Hedgehog the right diet.

The staple portion of your Hedgehog’s diet should be kibble, followed by insects/worms.

Although insects and worms are crucial for our Hedgehog’s health, kibble (protein-based) will keep them full for a more extended time.

Keep Their Home Clean

In general, A Hedgehogs enclosure should be cleaned every week or so.

Make sure that when you clean, you also disinfect. Hedgehogs can pick up infections and sickness if their cages are not properly sanitized.

Also, be sure that you dry it completely before putting all the cage accessories and your Hedgehog back into his or her home. Wetness can cause mold and bacteria to build up which can make your Hedgehog sick.

Groom Them Properly

It is important to keep your Hedgehog clean to keep them healthy. A clean and tidy Hedgehog will keep away from a lot of diseases.

Also, trim their nails in regular intervals. This should be done approximately once a month and typically done in a routine with any other monthly care that may need to take place such as bathing.

They Need To Stay Healthy

Always keep a eye on your Hedgehog. Make sure that your little one eats and drinks with no problems.

Always check stool before cleaning out their home in case of any changes. Also, make sure that they breathe and walk normally.

As long as they are active, alert, sociable, and in general seem normal, then they are fine.

However, if they start losing weight, seems lethargic, or anything opposite of normal, then contact your veterinarian immediately as there may be something wrong with your Hedgehog.

Make Your Hedgehog A Part Of The Family

Overall, it is important for you to include your Hedgehog in your daily life in a way that makes them a part of your family.

This basically means letting your Hedgehog out to join you in the living areas, and not secluding them all day long away from people.

It means letting your Hedgehog’s personality shine through as they become braver in their interactions with people, becoming an irreplaceable part of the family.


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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