Why Is My Hedgehog Bleeding? (All You Need To Know)

In most cases, bleeding in Hedgehogs can be treated. However, it is important to pay adequate attention to your Hedgehog’s physical state as some conditions can turn to be life-threatening.

If your Hedgehog is losing blood from its urine, stool, or vaginal discharge, it indicates some internal problem. In such cases, take your Hedgehog to the vet as soon as possible.

The most common type of bleeding that originates in Hedgehogs is due to certain injuries, tumors, cancer, fungal infection, gum disease, poisoning, presence of a foreign body lodged in the pet’s mouth, or even the rupture of the internal organs. Clipping your pet’s nails too short can even cause bleeding.

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Sometimes, blood loss in Hedgehogs can result from trauma, infection, and chronic diseases, which can become highly complicated later.

Suppose you notice any signs of blood in your Hedgehog’s cage or sudden changes in your Hedgehog’s behavior. In that case, you must take proper blood tests under the guidance of a vet to understand more about the situation.

Blood Loss In Hedgehogs

Bleeding in Hedgehogs can occur due to several reasons. Some cases may turn into life-threatening ones if not treated at the primary stage.

You must pay close attention to your Hedgehog’s body changes and look if they show any unusual signs. Also, it is essential to know where the blood is coming from to determine the cause of bleeding.

Hedgehog Bleeding From Anus

A Hedgehog bleeding from its anus can turn to be a severe problem. If you ever notice your little pet losing blood from its bottom, immediately take him to the vet.

Loss of blood from private parts of Hedgehog signifies a severe disorder. The best option is to take your pet to a veterinary professional in such cases.

Possible causes of bleeding from the anus include tumors, intestinal cancer, infection of the anal gland, severe constipation, blood clotting disorders, or even some kind of poisoning.

In some cases, the vet may recommend soothing your Hedgehogs by applying cold packs to the affected area until the internal bleeding stops. Sometimes, vets even advise getting the stitches to help the bleeding stop.

You must check your Hedgehog periodically to ensure its stitches are not coming out or your Hedgehog is not removing them. Contact the vet if you find any signs of external bleeding or if your Hedgehog is pulling the stitches.

Hedgehog Bleeding From Mouth

If your Hedgehog’s mouth is bleeding, there are chances that blood loss might be due to a particular injury in the teeth or tongue. However, there can be other reasons as well.

Bleeding from the mouth is also indicative that there may be a foreign body lodged in the Hedgehog’s mouth, a gum disease, some forms of poisoning, or even the rupture of an internal organ.

If you ever notice your Hedgehog bleeding from its mouth, then you must take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Hedgehog Bleeding From Nose

Just like humans, even Hedgehogs may have a bleeding nose simply from running into something nose-first. In such injuries, the bleeding usually stops with a few minutes. However, it might be a problem if the bleeding does not control.

A recurring blood loss condition may indicate that the problem is more serious. For example, a foreign body trapped in Hedgehog’s nose, a blood clotting disorder, fungal infection, or even cancer can lead to a bloody nose.

Nose bleeding is a severe condition of Hedgehogs that requires a visit to a veterinary surgeon. Therefore, if you find your Hedgehog’s nose bleeding, you must take immediate action.

Hedgehog Bleeding From Ears

Your Hedgehog might be bleeding from the ears due to several reasons. Sometimes, the conditions that may cause bleeding are life-threatening, whereas others may be trivial.

It depends on where the bleeding is coming from and the amount of bleeding on the ear. Minor scratches on the ear’s outer portion will not require much attention. Minimal treatment will work.

On the other hand, underlying disorders such as infestation by mites or some fungus will require immediate professional help. If your Hedgehog is losing a great deal of blood, you must take your Hedgehog to the vet as soon as possible.

Hedgehog Bleeding From Nail

It is vital to trim your Hedgehog’s nail regularly. If not routinely cut, your little one might end up hurting himself or tearing on objects.

Sometimes, your Hedgehog’s nail may fall off without any injury. However, an injured nail can result in severe irritation, pain, or swelling.

Also, it is essential to be careful while you trim your Hedgehog’s nail. Do not cut your little one’s nail too short. Extremely short nails may even result in bleeding.

Certain bacterial infections or fungi might even result in nail bleeding. If you see that the bleeding is too severe, I advise you to take them to the vet. In case of minor bleedings, you can apply styptic powder. It will help to stop the bleeding. You can also use flour instead of cryptic powder.

Hedgehog Bleeding From Quilling

In general, Hedgehog do not when they are quilling. If you ever find traces of blood while your Hedgehog is quilling, then it could be due to injury from falling or hurting itself refer to a veterinarian for medical attention.

Hedgehog Bleeding When Peeing

It can be an extremely worrying situation to find your Hedgehog losing blood while peeing. Urine with blood often indicates disorders such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), exposure to a particular poison, or some bleeding disorders.

Although such cases are very rare, finding blood in your Hedgehog’s urine can also indicate the presence of bladder stones or even cancer. Therefore, if you see traces of blood in your Hedgehog’s cage, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

What To Do If Your Hedgehog Is Bleeding?

If you ever find your Hedgehog bleeding, you must examine them precisely to determine where the blood is coming from, the amount of blood present, the length or frequency of the bleeding. In addition, it is essential to consider other additional symptoms when deciding how to handle the bleeding in Hedgehogs.

If you suspect any signs of infection, the best thing to do is take your Hedgehog to the vet right away. The vet will analyze the condition and begin with the necessary treatment.

There might be cases where the veterinarian will find that the bleeding your Hedgehog is experiencing results from nutritional deficiency. Therefore, you must take care and ensure that your Hedgehog receives all the necessary nutrients required to live a healthy life.

Can Hedgehogs Have Periods?

Unlike humans, Hedgehogs do not menstruate. However, they are known to induce ovulation. The rule of thumb is that their cycle lasts nine days and is off for seven days. However, this is not always accurate.

Whenever a Hedgehog is in heat, she will not bleed. However, if you ever notice a Hedgehog bleeding, the best advice is to take them to a vet as soon as possible.


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