Hamster Whiskers: Everything You Must Know

Hamster whiskers are pretty fascinating for every owner. These whiskers can sometimes be extremely ticklish if your little one tries sniffs anywhere around our face. Although whiskers may seem insignificant, they actually play a crucial role.

Hamsters whiskers have an important role to play. These whiskers help our Hamsters to navigate, balance, protect their eyes, pick up scents, and communicate emotions. Although cutting or trimming the whiskers off will not be painful to our Hamsters at all, it is strongly advised to avoid doing such things.

Researches show that Hamsters whose whiskers had been cut showed a significant change in their lifestyle. Whiskers play a vital in our Hamster’s lives.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

Now, you must be having a lot of questions relating to Hamster whiskers. Don’t worry. We have done extensive research and consulted the vet to create this comprehensive guide for you all.

Picture Credits: Mouse, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

What Do Hamsters Use Their Whiskers For?

It might turn out to be surprising for some of you, but whiskers help Hamsters with the sense of touch. Whiskers are a stiff hair-like structure on both sides of our Hamsters.

Whisker follicles have hundreds of sensory nerves at their end. These nerves sense a touch whenever the whiskers come in contact with anything.

This gives Hamsters the unique ability to feel anything whenever something touches their whisker.


Hamsters have a hard time seeing their surroundings when the lighting condition is poor. This is when they use their whiskers to see their surroundings.

Hamsters can feel if there is danger nearby. In this case, even in total darkness, they can find their way to the exit with the help of their whiskers.

Also, Hamsters use their whiskers to feel their surroundings. They cannot estimate the size of the objects in their surroundings with the help of their eyes like us humans.

You might have noticed that if you approach your Hamster from their back, they get scared. This shows how good their sense of touch is. They get scared because they often think of predators when someone approaches them from their back.

Pick Up Scents

Even though Hamsters have an excellent sense of smell, their whiskers assist their nose to pick up scents. Along with the nose, their whiskers help them to sniff and know if owners or even predators are nearby.


Whiskers are very important in keeping your Hamster body in balance. Since their Hamsters are very long and strong they help them in keeping balance.

Cutting off the whiskers might lead to an imbalance unsteady movement in Hamsters.

Eye Protection

Whiskers also help in the protection of your Hamster’s eyes. The whiskers around your Hamster’s eyebrows prevent any dust or foreign material from entering their eyes.

They also warn them if there is any danger, which might damage their eyes. Not only does Hamsters whisker help them to make their way, but it also helps in their protection.

Communicate Emotions

It might be surprising for some of us, but whiskers do communicate your Hamster’s emotions. They act exactly like how your Hamster is feeling.

If your Hamster is resting, their whiskers will be the same. If your Hamster is happy, their whiskers will remain above the eye and give them a very cute look.

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How Many Whiskers Do Hamsters Have?

Hamsters have whiskers on both sides of their face. While few are on the eyebrows, others are on the cheek, nose, and also mouth. The number of whiskers varies from Hamster to Hamster. Some might have a little less, some a little more.

Can You Trim Hamster Whiskers?

Hamster whiskers cannot be trimmed at all. These whiskers have hundreds of neurons that help them to transmit information to the brain.

The receptor of the nerves sends impulses to the brain according to the stimuli received. These receptors can even feel the most minute deflection.

Cutting your Hamster’s whiskers might lead to their movement being affected. This is because of the deflection in the receptors that is caused by cutting their whiskers, which contains hundreds of neurons.

What Happens If You Cut A Hamster’s Whiskers?

Whiskers are an important tool for any Hamster. It lets them feel things that are closer to them because they cannot see things properly if the object is very close to their eyes.

If you cut your Hamster’s whiskers, it will worsen their navigation skills. On the bright side, if you cut your Hamster’s whiskers, they will grow back.

If your Hamster has poor vision, then you should carefully deal with its whiskers.

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Do Hamster Whiskers Grow Back?

Hamsters whiskers do grow back just like furs. It also has a scheduled phase of both growth and shedding.

On finding that your Hamster whiskers are falling off, there is nothing much to worry about since they grow back.

Although there is a problem if your Hamster whiskers are falling off and not growing back. You might need to visit a vet if this happens.

Do Hamster Whiskers Feel Pain?

Hamster whiskers are similar to that of human hair. Just like human hair and nails, whiskers have no nerve supply. Therefore, cutting the whiskers is not painful.

Cutting off these whiskers is just like trimming human hair or nails. However, cutting off a Hamster’s whiskers is big no.

Also, whiskers do have an excellent supply of the nerves at their roots, making them extremely sensitive. Therefore, pulling or twisting the whiskers can be extremely painful.

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My Hamster’s Whiskers Are Falling Off!

Hamster’s whiskers do not fall off in any normal circumstances. If this occurs in your Hamsters, it might turn out to be a problem.

What Causes The Whiskers To Fall Out?

Here are some of the common reasons for Hamsters whiskers to fall out:

  • Aggressive Behavior Of Your Hamster: If your Hamster is quite aggressive and tends to fight often, it might be a possible reason for your Hamster’s whiskers breaking and falling off.
  • Bacterial Functions: In some cases, bacterial functions might lead to your Hamster whiskers falling out.
  • Fungal Infection: Fungal infections like ringworm on the face might lead to your Hamster whiskers falling out and even form round patches on their face.
  • Hormonal Disorders: In a few cases, hormonal disorders might even lead to your Hamster whiskers falling off.
  • Alopecia: Alopecia is a situation in which there is an attack in the immune system’s fossils. This not only happens to Hamsters but to humans too. This might lead to a lot of stress, hence, loss of whiskers.
  • Other Skin Conditions: Allergic diseases like dermatitis might lead to the loss of your Hamster whiskers.


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