How To Dispose Of A Dead Hedgehog? (The Right Way)

If the Hedgehog has been part of your family for several years, it might be pretty hard to deal with their death. The death of your dear pet can be a trying time for you and your family. Don’t know what to do with a dead Hedgehog? I went through the same situation when I lost my first Hedgehog. Continue reading to learn what to do with a dead Hedgehog!

You can either bury the dead Hedgehog on your property or compost even them, depending upon the laws of your state. You can also consider contacting a local animal control or a vet for help. They will handle all the processes, according to your preference. However, you will need to pay a disposal fee.

Although there are several different options for what to do with Hedgehog’s body, the most prevalent option is burying them at home itself.

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Most individuals prefer home burials because they are private and less expensive than other alternatives.

This article will help guide you in deciding on the perfect way to dispose of a dead Hedgehog.

We need to keep in mind some considerations when deciding on the final resting place for your little friend. Continue reading the article to get all your doubts cleared.

Signs Of A Dying Hedgehog

Pet Hedgehogs mostly live for about 4-5 years if kept with proper care and attention. On the flip side, while Hedgehogs have a shorter life span. They mostly live for about 2 years.

If a Hedgehog is in his ending days, you will notice some visible changes beforehand. Certain changes in their body will indicate to us that their death is near.

Listed below are some of the signs that will help to understand that your Hedgehog is in his last days:

  • Hedgehogs do not show any interest in food or water
  • Hedgehogs are unusually lethargic. There is a visible loss of energy
  • The body vitals of the Hedgehog is not normal
  • Hedgehogs have a hard time breathing
  • There is a visible discharge from their eye, mouth, and nose
  • Hedgehogs have tumors or cancer
  • Hedgehog is not able to curl up
  • Hedgehogs make weird noises and scream
  • Hedgehogs have lost control of their bladder and bowel moments
  • Hedgehogs keep on shivering and shaking

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What Do You Do With A Dead Pet Hedgehog?

It is essential to take immediate action as soon as you come to know that your Hedgehog has passed away. Also, it is important to be extremely careful while handling your dead pet. I advise you not just to hold them with bare hands.

If your pet has been dead for a while now, then the process of decomposition might have started. Mishandling of such animals can even spread diseases.

Therefore, when you handle a dead Hedgehog, do not forget to use a pair of gloves and wear clothes that you would not mind throwing away. Now, we will discuss a few ways by which you can dispose of your dead Hedgehog.

How Do You Dispose Of A Dead Hedgehog?

Dead animals should be handled with utmost care. You must dispose of immediately dispose of a Hedgehog when you know that it is dead.

If your Hedgehog has passed away under the care of a veterinarian, then there are high chances that the doctor will ask you to allow him to take care of the remains. In such situations, you must accept this request.

The vet will help you arrange for a funeral or cremation safely and legally. Although this will cost a certain amount of money, time, and energy, the amount will be less than the penalty for inappropriate animal disposal.

If your Hedgehogs has passed away under your guidance or at home, then you can choose to do one of the following things:

  • Private Burial: Most owners choose to place their dead pets at their homes themselves. The body can be rested in a tomb. However, you must confirm the legal involvements beforehand.
  • Composting: If you do not wish to keep the remains of your Hedgehog yourself but still do not want to refuse it totally, you can go for composting.
  • Private Cremation: You can also choose to go for private cremation from a local provider. This process is pretty expensive. However, it will be safer and more dignified.
  • Garbage Disposal: This process should be your last option. Also, you might want to check with the local waste collector for the rules and regulations of the area you are living in.

If you do not understand the process or what to do, you might want to call animal control or a local animal help group. They will provide you with the best suggestion depending on the situation.

How To Bury A Hedgehog?

Only once you have confirmed the legal laws of your state can you bury your dead Hedgehog. It is important to handle such a process with care.

The process is pretty easy. Follow the steps listed below:

  • If your Hedgehog was suffering from a health condition before passing away, it is important to wrap your pet before disposing of them. A plastic box works the best. On the other hand, if your pet has passed naturally, you do not need to do any such thing.
  • Now, it is important to choose a suitable location for the funeral. This step is significant. It would help if you kept in mind that there should be a distance of at least 50 feet between your house or any other water bodies from the funeral location. This will make sure that the water supply is not infected due to the remains of your pet.
  • Also, you must ask for local permission before digging. This is important because, sometimes, digging messes with the utility pipes, which can cause troubles later on.
  • Now, I would recommend you to dig at least 3 to 4 feet for your Hedgehog. This is because wild animals might dig it up if the hole is not deep enough. You can also choose to place stones above the tomb to prevent animals from digging.

Once you have completed all the steps listed above, your job is complete. Now all that remains is the sweet memories that you made with your Hedgehog.

Do You Have To Report A Dead Hedgehog?

You can always choose to report a dead or sick Hedgehog to Garden Wildlife Health (GWH). The Garden Wildlife Health project basically aims into looking if the infectious or non-infectious disease is a factor in the hedgehog decline. They also work out what a natural level of disease and parasitism may be.

What To Do If You Find A Dead Hedgehog In Your Garden?

In most situations, the local animal help group or animal management office does not remove a small dead animal from your garden.

Therefore, if you find a dead Hedgehog in your garden, follow these simple steps for removal:

  • Firstly, you must never touch a dead hedgehog with bare hands. Use a pair of gloves and wear clothes that you would not mind throwing away.
  • Now, use a long-handled shovel to pick up the dead Hedgehog. Now, place the body into a plastic bag and tie a knot.
  • Now, I would advise you to place the bag with the animal into a second bag and tie a knot on the second bag. This is because it is a safe option.
  • Now you can dispose of the bag in an outdoor trash container. Do this only if your state law permits you to.
  • Once you have disposed of the Hedgehog, remove and throw your gloves away. You must also wash your hands with soap and water.

Why Are Hedgehogs Dying In My Garden?

If there are no visible injuries, then the Hedgehog has mostly died due to poisoning. Household poisons, e.g., weed killer, rat poison, insecticides, etc., can be deadly for Hedgehogs.

You can always choose to talk to the vets in your area. Ask them about the best way to approach the problem. You also might want to keep a Hedgehog, so they can be tested for poisoning.

Related Queries:

How Long Can You Keep A Dead Hedgehog?

It is important to get rid of a Hedgehog as soon as you come to know that it has passed away. For a maximum, you can keep your Hedgehogs with yourself for a day or two. However, keeping a dead animal for an extended period can lead to a bad smell and invite severe diseases.

How Long Does It Take For A Dead Hedgehog To Start Smelling?

If you keep a dead Hedgehog with yourself in the open, it will start to smell really bad within a day or two. After that, the process of decomposition will be quite visible. However, you can always choose to keep the Hedgehog in a freezer till you arrange for the right disposal method.


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