Why Is My Hedgehog Not Drinking Water?

Just like every other living and breathing thing on this planet, Hedgheog need water for survival. If your Hedgehog stops to drink water, then they are probably in danger. If you are seeing your Hedgehog is refusing to drink water, you need to find out why. I did some research, and talked to my vetenerian friends to learn about the the same.

Your Hedgehog may not be drinking water for a few reasons. If you have got yourself a new Hedgehog, then it still is settling into its new environment. Provide them with fresh, and clean water. Clean their containers from time to time. Your pet might have suddenly stopped drinking due to some medical condition.

You must watch your Hedgehog closely, it will help you reveal their issue. Whatever explanation is founded by watching your little pet’s behaviors or actions, you need to seek help to ensure that your Hedgehog survives.

There is a possibility that your Hedgehog does not like the smell of the water, or there may be a problem with their bowl or bottle.

Let us learn more about the behavior of water consumption in Hedgheogs and at what point we should be concerned about them.

Is It Normal For Hedgehogs To Not Drink Water?

It is not typical for Hedgehogs to not drink any water at all. Water is essential to keep their body healthy and hydrated. So if your little pet is not drinking water at all, then there might be something wrong with them.

There is a possibility that your Hedgehog is not drinking water due to some physical or mental trauma. Also, it would be best if you looked out for other signs to find out other possible causes for the same.

Some of the common causes due to which your Hedgehog might not be drinking water are:

  • Stress: Stress is one of the most significant issue that can reduce the appetite for food and water in your Hedgehogs. A stressed-out Hedgehog will tend to hide more and are less likely to come out to eat or drink.
  • Dietary Changes: Any unsual dietary changes can also affect the level of intake of water in your Hedgehogs. Consumption of more of watery food can fulfil their hydration needs. Therefore, in such cases, Hedgehogs are likely to drink less water.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Certain health issues can have a negative impact on the digestive system of our Hedgehogs. Thus, in such cases, Hedgehogs will be less likely to eat or drink anything.
  • Respiratory Problems: Some respiratory problems can cause difficulties in breathing in our Hedgehogs. Such behavior often affects their regular appetite.
  • Unusual Pain: If your Hedgehog is suffering from any kind of dental pain or mouth soreness, then it will have a tough time eating or drinking anything. Besides this, if your Hedgehog is suffering form any health problems, including injury, then it can impact the level of consumption of food and water in your Hedgehogs.
  • Sudden Change In Living Environment: Frequent fluctautions in temperature and other living conditions can directly impact the consumption of water in our Hedgehogs. Also, Hedgehogs tend to drink less water in colder climate.

How Much Water Should My Hedgehog Drink Per Day?

On average, a healthy Hedgehog mostly drinks anywhere between 30-60 ml of water a day. The actual amount of consumption depends on several factors. Some of the common elements are:

  • The age of your Hedgehog plays an important role. Young and growing Hedgehogs are more in need of water than elder Hedgehogs.
  • The temperature around your Hedgehog is also of utmost important. Hedgehogs will need more water in summer than in winter.
  • The doet of your Hedgehog also impacts the drinking habit of your Hedgehogs. Consumption of more of dry food will make them drink more water.
  • The energy level of a Hedgehog also decides the amount of water consumed by them. Super active Hedgehogs will require more water to keep themselves hydrated.

40-60 ml of water in one day is more than enough to keep your Hedgehog healthy and hydrated. Make sure to change the water regularly for the safety of your Hedgehogs.

You should always make sure that the bottle or bowl is filled up with water for them. Never let the bottle remain empty for more than a few hours a day.

Why Is My Hedgehog Not Drinking Water?

There are a number of reasons due to which your Hedgehog might not be showing any interest in drinking water. The reasons can range from psychological to medical. Listed below are some of the reasons for the same:

  • The water might be tainted or smelly: Hedgehogs can be pretty fussy sometimes. If they find some strange smell or substance in their water, they might not drink it. In such casesm you need to clean the water, and even the container, and then refill it.
  • The water could be too warm or too cold: Hedgehogs like their water at a particular temperature. If the water is too hot or too cold, they will probably refuse to drink it.
  • Dental complications: Hedgehogs are pretty sensetive. If they are sufferiing from any kind of toothache or dental condition, then they might refuse to drink and even eat.
  • Dirty water containers: It is your responsibility to clean your Hedgehog’s bowl or bottle from time to time. If the water containers are dirty, your Hedgehog will probably refuse to drink water from it.
  • Hydrated from food: If you feed your Hedgehog with sufficient wet food, they are already hydrated from them. However, it is important to keep an eye on the thought because the food is not enough to replace the water requirement.
  • Your Hedgehog is sick: There are various health complications due to which your Hedgehog might reject their food or water. You must keep in mind that your Hedgehog refusing to drink is not their typical behavior, there is something wrong with them if they are doing so.

How To Make My Hedgehog Drink Water?

If your Hedgehogs are not showing anyHedgehog’sin drinking water, then you must try to find a solution for the problem. Listed below are some of the tricks that you can implement to trick your Hedgehog into drinking more water:

  • Feed your Hedgehogs with more of dry kibble. Dry kibble such as dry cat will surely encourage your prt to drink more water.
  • Provide your Hedgehogs with multiple sources of water. It will hekp even more if you place the water bottles at different height levels. Sometimes, if the bottle is too high or too low, it can make it difficult for your Hedgehogs to drink.
  • Apply some honey at the tip of your Hedgehog’s bottle. It will encourage your little pet to drink water. However, do not make it a regular practice, it could make your Hedgehog diabetic.
  • You must provide your Hedgehog with a large play area with several toys. If your Hedgehog run and exercise more, they will get thirsty and drink more water.

Besides tricking your Hedgehog to drink more water, you need to take care of specific steps:

  • If your Hedgehog is not showing any interest to drink tap water, arrange some bottled water or purified tap water for your little pet.
  • Switch from water bottles to bowls, or vice versa. You must use a mild detergent to clean your Hedgehog’s food and water containers. Strong-smelling detergents can create a problem.
  • Always provide your Hedgehog with fresh and clean water. You must make sure that the water is at room temperature or a little bit cooler. Hedgehogs do not like warm water, thus, you must never provide them with it.
  • If you are adding any kind of additives to the water, then try to cut it altogther. Most Hedgehogs do not want to drink water, if it has something added to it.
  • A well-balanced diet plays an important role to keep your Hedgehogs hydrated.
  • A regular health check-up to the vet will prevent your Hedgheogs from being dehydrated.

How Long Can Hedgehogs Go Without Water?

Domesticated Hedgehogs should not go for more than 24 hours without drinking water. If your pet has not sipped any water in a day or two, then his life might be at risk.

Not drinking wateHedgehog’sxtended period can lead to dehydration and even organ failure. If you have any doubts regarding your Hedgehog’s health, I would advise you to take them Hedgehog’ss soon as possible.

Also, it would be best if you tried to find out why your Hedgehog is drinkinpet’ss water or no water at all. There might be multiple reasons behind the same.

Furthermore, if you plan to leave your Hedgehog alone for a few days, set up multiple water bottles in their cage.

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How To Prevent Hedgehog Water Bottles From Freezing?

When the temperature comes below the freezing point in the colder weather, it is vital to make sure that our Hedgehog’s water bottle does not freeze.

Listed below are a few tricks and tips that you can implement:

  • Place your Hedgehog’s cage in a well maintained temperature. Avoid keeping it outside during the cold weather.
  • Swap your Hedgehog’s water bottle regularly.
  • Pick up the correct water bottle for your Hedgehog. Do not choose the one with the metal-ball spout design, as it might freeze in winter. It is better to the sippy-spout bottle.
  • You can use some insulation to prevent the bottle from freezing.
  • You can also use smaller containers instead of the water bottle. You can even use a water-bowl.
  • Consider buying a heated bottle for your Hedgehog.

How To Stop My Hedgehog Water Bottles From Leaking?

It can be highly frustrating for you if you find your Hedgehog’s bottle leaking now and then. Listed below are the steps that you can follow to stop your pet’s bottle from leaking:

  • Fill the water bottle to the top and then close the cap properly. You need to make sure you don’t screw it too tight as sometimes it causes a leak as well. Half-filled water bottle cannot create an adequate vacuum and will leak as soon as you place it on the cage.
  • The next step is to clean the bottle nozzle properly regularly and remove any kind of gunk stuck to it.
  • Alternatively, you can use a small brick just below the bottle so even if your water bottle ends up leaking the brick absorbs the water and keeps your bedding dry. My hedgehogs step upon the block to drink the water.


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