How Do I Get My Hedgehog To Uncurl? (You Must Know)

Not all Hedgehogs are easy to hold. Depending on their temperament, some Hedgehogs allow you to hold them, while others immediately get scared and curl up. But if you want to cuddle with your Hedgehog or pet them, you’ll need to uncurl them. So, how do you get a Hedgehog to uncurl safely?

I did some research and talked to my veterinarian friends to learn about the same, and here is what I learned!

Rocking your Hedgehog back and forth will help you to uncurl them. You can also try uncurling your Hedgehog by immersing it in shallow water. Immerse only a part of your pet’s body in the water, which will encourage it to wake up and relax. Keep your pet’s food ready to motivate them further to wake up.

While it may look alarming the first few times you see your Hedgehog curled over like this, you’ll quickly learn that it’s pretty standard for them.

I like to see this as a compliment. A curling Hedgehog is a sign that your pet is healthy and functioning well.

How Long Do Hedgehogs Take To Uncurl?

Hedgehogs do not take long to uncurl. You will see that your Hedgehog can uncurl himself in a few seconds.

Hedgehogs have an excellent ability to smell. They have sharp noses.

Most Hedgehog owners use the technique of nose-to-nose to uncurl their Hedgehog.

The Nose-to-nose method is pretty simple. All you have to do is place your nose near your pet’s nose, and you will see that it will pick up on your scent and uncurl.

Furthermore, this technique will also help you bond with your pet.

How Do You Pick Up A Curled Hedgehog?

Sometimes, it can be pretty tricky to pick up a curled Hedgehog.

With a curled Hedgehog, the best option is to use a towel. However, even with a towel, you may still get hurt from the spikes.

I use a fleece towel with my Hedgehog that has its scent. My pet uses this towel for its bed.

You can follow the steps listed below to pick up a curled Hedgehog quickly:

  • Spread the towel over one of your palms
  • Then, flip your hand over your Hedgehog. Make sure that you hand is now on the curled up Hedgehog with the towel in between.
  • Grab your Hedgehog gently, and flip him over.

Once you flip your Hedgehog, their face will usually be exposed.

After that, you can try the different methods to uncurl your Hedgehog.

Why Is My Hedgehog Curled Up In A Ball?

For example, there might be various reasons why your Hedgehog would curl up in a ball.

Wild Hedgehogs usually curl themselves up when they feel a treat nearby. In most cases, this is the last resort tactic taken by a Hedgehog when there is no escape.

Domesticated or pet Hedgehogs usually curl up from stress, sudden movements, anger, and fear.

In such cases, give your Hedgehog some time to calm down. After a few minutes, they will surely go back to normal.

How Do You Get A Hedgehog To Uncurl?

If you find your Hedgehog curled, then you must not be worried. A curling Hedgehog is a sign that your pet is healthy and functioning well. However, it is essential to uncurl them at some point.

While dealing with a curled Hedgehog, it is essential to be gentle and avoid loud environments.

To begin with, pick up your Hedgehog with a thick cloth. It would help if you were extremely careful as the upright spikes may hurt you.

Once you get hold of your Hedgehog, start to rock your Hedgehog gently back and forth.

Before rocking, you must make sure that you correctly hold your Hedgehog. A correct grip will ensure that your Hedgehog does not get confused when it comes out.

As you start to rock your Hedgehog, you will see your Hedgehog’s nose protruding and sniffing.

Also, keep your Hedgehog’s favorite treat nearby when you try to do this activity. Your Hedgehog will be extremely happy to see his favorite food.

You can even try to uncurl your Hedgehog differently. However, you need to be extremely careful during this method.

Try to immerse your Hedgehog in some water. I would advise you to use shallow water for this purpose.

Uncurling your Hedgehog in deep water can cause them to become alarmed. In addition, some Hedgehogs do not like water. Therefore, they might get nervous while you give baths to them.

Do Hedgehogs Curl Up When Hibernating?

In general, domesticated Hedgehogs do not hibernate.

It can be tough to find out if your Hedgehog is hibernating if you have never seen one.

Although the curling of a Hedgehog is a healthy indication, it can prove to be troubling if your Hedgehog stays curled for too long.

If your Hedgehog stays curled for too long, you must not leave it alone. Instead, immediately check your pet’s temperature.

Also, check the temperature of the room. It is essential to keep the temperature warm as any drop in temperate may cause your pet to hibernate.

You might be wondering why domesticated Hedgehogs should not hibernate while the ones living in the wild do.

The answer to this is that Hedgehogs living in the wild have the appropriate diet to survive hibernation. On the other hand, domesticated Hedgehogs do not have the right fat content and energy.

Therefore, if your pet Hedgehog attempts to hibernate, then you must do your best to keep it warm. Also, keep a keen eye on your pet during this period, as it can be fatal.

Sometimes, Hedgehog owners even confuse a hibernating Hedgehog with a dead one.

When a Hedgehog is hibernating, it will curl itself into a ball and start to breathe slowly.

However, Hedgehogs naturally do not die when curled. Therefore, it is essential to check your Hedgehog’s breathing if you ever find it curled instead of presuming it is dead.


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