Where Should I Put My Cockatiel’s Cage? (You Should Know)

Only if our little birds could talk to us, we would have perfectly known about their housing needs. However, it is our responsibility to provide our cockatiels with the best of life they deserve. I have done a lot of research and also consulted my veterinarian friends to provide you’ll the best of information.

It would be best to place your cockatiel’s cage away from the TV or music system. A central location where your birds will get lots of visitors and interaction would be ideal. Keep the cage away from direct sunlight or cold drafts. Place the cage on an elevated surface where it is not accessible to other pets.

The following guide will explain to you the possible risks of keeping your cockatiel’s cage in a particular.

We will also help you choose an ideal place for your bird’s cage. So, let’s get right into it

Can I Put My Cockatiel’s Cage In My Room?

You can surely keep your cockatiel in your room. However, there are a few things that you must take into consideration before doing the same:

  • Some people are allergic to birds. If you are one of them, I would highly advise you to refrain from keeping a cockatiel in your room.
  • Cockatiels can sometimes be noisy. If you are a light sleeper, night time might be a problem for you with the birds in your room.
  • There are chances that your room might start to smell due to the presence of your birds. The droppings of cockatiels might leave a smell in your room.
  • The foul smell of your cockatiel’s leftover food can attract flies and other rodents in your room.
  • Cockatiels require a fairly large space to live in. Therefore, you might need to sacrifice a considerable portion of your bedroom for your birds.
  • Cockatiels cannot handle the smell of essential oils well. Therefore, you will not be able to use any kind of perfume, body spray, or essential oils in your room.

Ideal Place To Keep A Cockatiel’s Cage

You must keep a few things in mind before choosing an ideal place to keep your cockatiel’s cage. Do not worry, we have got it all covered for you.

Away From Direct Sunlight

It is important for you to make sure that your cockatiel is not in direct sunlight, or anywhere else that radiated directs heat.

When the days are excessively humid, you must consider closing all the doors and windows and shut the curtains over them. This will help to keep the room cool.

Suitable Temperature

The optimal temperature for a cockatiel is 60°F to 80 °F. Anything below 40°F can be fatal and cause distress among cockatiels.

Cockatiels are sensitive creatures and cannot handle sudden fluctuation in temperatures.

Do not keep shifting them from a hot place to a cold one every other day. Instead, try to stabilize the temperature around their surroundings.

Away From Electronic Devices

The electronic items in our house, such as microwave, computer, and television emits ultrasonic waves, which can make our cockatiels uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is advised to keep your cockatiel away from all these in order to provide them with a stress-free and happy life.

Away From Other Pets In Your Home

Cockatiels can be terrified of other large animals. They are very cautious about their surroundings and are scared even with the slightest of movements.

If you have any other pet besides a cockatiel, I would advise you to keep them in different places until they understand each other well.

Sudden entry of larger animals can easily lead to stress in our birds. Therefore, make sure that other animals do not have access to your cockatiel’s living space.

Elevated Position

I would advise you to keep your cockatiel’s cage least 3 feet above the ground. You can always use a table or a support to keep their cage high.

Keeping the cage at a height will make it convenient to feed and bond with our birds.

Furthermore, this also makes sure that our cockatiels is out of reach from your other pets or any other predators.

Away From Your Kitchen Or A Fire Place

You should never keep your cockatiel’s cage near your kitchen or the fire place. This part of the house is considered the warmest.

The smoke from the fireplace can be hazardous for our birds. It could lead to several health problems in them.

Therefore, we need to be very careful while placing our little one’s cage.

Avoid Keeping Them In Your Garage, Storage Units, Or Basements

You must never keep your cockatiel’s cage in side rooms such as garage, storage units or basements of your house.

Temperatures in these rooms vary a lot throughout the day.

Furthermore, these rooms contain a lot of dust, which can lead to health problems in our birds.

Can You Keep A Cockatiel’s Cage On Floor?

Some owners do choose to keep their cockatiel’s cage on the floor. However, I do not find it to be a wise choice.

Cockatiels are tiny birds, keeping them on the floor will just make us look a walking giant agent to them.

Your cockatiel might get scared. Also, a scared cockatiel will not trust you in any situation.

Further, cockatiels will tend to feel the vibrations more prominently when kept on the floor.

The continuous vibrations of the footsteps, moving things around, cleaning or vacuuming could easily stress out our cockatiels.

In addition, you will have a hard time feeding and bonding with your birds, if their cage is kept on the floor.

Can I Keep My Cockatiel In The Kitchen?

You must never keep your cockatiel in the kitchen.

Kitchen is considered the warmest part of a house. Besides this, the fire from the stove or the smoke from the oven can be hazardous for our birds.

Besides this, for sanitary reasons, you must avoid keeping your cockatiel’s cage in a place where food is prepared.

Therefore, the best option is to avoid keeping your cockatiels in your kitchen.

How To Hang A Cockatiel’s Cage From The Ceiling?

Start by picking up an ideal location to hang your cockatiel’s cage. You must make sure that there is nothing underneath it that your bird could ruin by spilling food or water.

Choose a place that you will not bump into when you walk by and a place that allows you to sweep the mess easily.

Once you locate a safe place to hang your cockatiel’s cage, get to the ceiling using a stepladder.

To make a hole for the ceiling hook, drill a hole in the indicated area of the ceiling. By hand, insert the hook and tighten it until the threads are concealed.

Now, hang a strong chain from the ceiling hook and connect it to the cage of your bird. You can adjust the length according to your convenience.

However, you must make sure that the cage is high enough to be safe from the predators and low enough that you do not need a ladder to get to it.

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Is It OK To Take Your Cockatiel Outside In A Cage?

You can surely take your cockatiel’s cage outside in a cage. However, there are a few things that you must take into account:

  • Make sure that the outside temperature is ideal. A pet bird might be sensitive to extreme temperature.
  • You must make sure that there is no predators around the place where you have kept your cockatiel’s cage.
  • The cage should be secure enough to avoid any chances of escape.
  • If you are keeping your cockatiel’s cage in your home compound, make sure no strangers can access your compound.

Spending a lot of time outside the four walls of the house will help to improves your bird’s mood. You will be able to develop a stronger bond with your cockatiel because it will always be happy and ready to interact.

Should Cockatiel Cage Be Covered At Night?

Covering your cockatiel’s cage at night might help your bird improve it’s sleep. However, never cover your bird’s cage during the day time.

Some cockatiels love to sleep in a covered cage, whereas others hate it. If your cockatiel do not have a problem being in a covered cage, you can make it a night time routine.


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