How To Potty Train A Hedgehog? (Complete Guide)

Hedgehogs poop a lot. Therefore, if a Hedgehog is not litter trained, they will be peeing in all the corners of your home. It gets tough to spend some floortime with them without cleaning a lot, but how do you litter train a Hedgehog?

In general, most Hedgehogs have a particular spot in their enclosure where they urinate. Fix the litter tray to that same location, filled with some soiled bedding. Hedgehogs have an amazing sense of smell therefore they will follow their nose to reach the area.

Litter training a Hedgehog is not an overnight process. You must have patience to get the best out of your Hedgehogs.

Also, some Hedgehogs might misunderstand the litter tray as their bed, while others always digs at it.

In this guide, we have discussed every minute detail regarding litter training your Hedgehogs.

Can You Litter Box Train A Hedgehog?

You can definitely train your Hedgehog to use a litter box. However, the process is not that easy. You will need a lot of time and patience to train your Hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are pretty smart and will learn to use a litter box over time.

It would be best to keep in mind that each Hedgehog has a different personality. Therefore, there is a possibility that your Hedgehog will take a little more time than others to get through the process of training.

In most cases, with your hard work and persistence, you will be successful in training your Hedgehog to use a litter box.

Is It Easy To Potty Train A Hedgehog?

Litter training your Hedgehogs might sometimes prove to be a tiring process for you. However, you must keep in that that it is not an overnight process.

Litter training is a long process that you can surely achieve if you give adequate time and patience.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Hedgehog?

In general, you can train your Hedgehog to use a litter box within a week or two.

You will need to stick to the process to make your Hedgehog get used to it.

There might be chances that your Hedgehog will refuse to use the litter box. You will need to have patience and stay calm in such cases.

In such cases, continue with the training and do not give up. However, never be harsh with your Hedgehog. Even just one accident will take you back to square one.

I would advise you not to let your Hedgehog roam free until you are confident that they have taken to their litter box.

If you let go of your Hedgehog out of their cage before eliminating them, they will soon adopt it as their routine. They will assume that peeing in the house is normal.

How Do You Train A Hedgehog To Poop?

When you think to start training your Hedgehog, the most important thing is have adequate time and patience.

The process of litter training a Hedgehog are as follows:

  • Begin by keeping an eye on your Hedgehog. Try to find out where your little pet urinates. You will see that he is peeing the same place most of the time.
  • Once you have a track of your Hedgehog’s eliminating schedule, take your pet out of his cage and clean the cage properly. Make sure that the enclosure does not smell.
  • Place a small piece of the urine soaked bedding in the litter tray of your Hedgehog.
  • Now you can let your Hedgehog inside the cage. Then, place the tray in your Hedgehog’s preferred location for urination.
  • There are chances that your Hedgehog will get confused, when they first discover the tray, and aim to urinate at a different place.
  • Now you can keep the tray wherever they urinate.
  • If your Hedgehogs urinate outside the tray, then clean up that portion of the bedding immediately. The urine of your Hedgehog holds a decent smell. If you do not clean, they might get encouraged and will urinate in the same area again.
  • The next step is to move the poop into the litter tray if your Hedgehogs continue to excrete outside the tray.
  • On the other hand, if your Hedgehogs urinate in the tray, do not clean it up immediately. Leave it there for 24 hours. This way, your little pet will learn that a tray is a perfect place for them to urinate.

To build this habit in your Hedgehogs, I would advise you to repeat the above process.

You must keep in mind that litter training a Hedgehog is a long process. Some Hedgehogs can be stubborn making the process a challenging and frustrating experience.

Never punish your Hedgehog if they are not performing as per your expectations. Any kind of inappropriate scolding will just scare your Hedgehog for life.

You must always appreciate your Hedgehog when they are performing good.

How Do I Stop My Hedgehog From Pooping On The Wheel?

It can be extremely annoying to find your Hedgehog pooping on their wheel.

In such cases, try removing the wheel from your Hedgehog’s cage for a couple of days. Give the wheel a good wash in the meantime.

The absence of the wheel will encourage your Hedgehog to find a new place to poop. In this time, he can break their habit of using the wheel as his go-to spot.

What Kind Of Litter Should I Use For My Hedgehog?

The best kind of litter to use for Hedgehogs is a paper based, unscented litter.

Such litter has the best absorbency and odor control while also being safe for a Hedgehog’s digestive and respiratory systems.

Besides these, other options that are safe for Hedgehogs include aspen shavings, wood pellets, shredded paper, and soft paper-based bedding material.

Can I Use Newspaper For Hedgehog Litter?

I would advise you to avoid using newspaper for Hedgehog litter.

Newspaper contains high levels of ink which when wet(hedgehog urine) can release into the cage and get on their skin causing health issues.

Hedgehogs might even chew and eat bedding and swallow the ink, which can be extremely dangerous.

Can Hedgehogs Use Kitty Litter?

Kitty litter is not an ideal choice for your Hedgehogs.

If your Hedgehog swallows the litter by any chance, it could lead to blockage in the stomach. It can further lead to severe health complications.

Also, several companies use clay in their kitty litter, which is toxic for Hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs have a sensitive respiratory system. Clay litters produce dust clouds, which can be harmful for your Hedgehog’s lungs.

Besides this, kitty litter may even stick to the delicate areas of your Hedgehogs, causing irritation and infection.

Do Hedgehogs Pee Everywhere?

In general, Hedgehogs will not pee everywhere.Most Hedgehogs will have specific areas where they will prefer to relieve themselves and they can even be litter-trained if you are willing to work with them.

Once your Hedgehog is litter-trained, you should then move on to placing a litter box in every room that your Hedgehog will have access to, and from there, your pet will be naturally more inclined to use the litter box over urinating elsewhere in the house.

How Often Should I Clean My Hedgehog’s Litter Box?

During the first few weeks, you can be slightly less strict with the cleaning regime. It is important for the Hedgehogs to bond with the litter tray. You can make the process easy by familiarizing your Hedgehog with the scent.

The frequency of cleaning also depends upon the type of litter you are using for your Hedgehog.

If you use Hedgehog specific litter, you must clean the box every 2-3 days. It depends upon the use of the litter tray by your Hedgehogs. If your little pet sleep in the tray, then it is advisable to clean it regularly.

How Do I Clean My Hedgehog’s Litter Box?

You can follow the steps listed below to easily clean your Hedgehog’s tray:

  • Empty the tray thoroughly. If you find any kind of cracks in the tray, I would advise you to replace the tray as soon as possible.
  • You can even use a jet spray to clean any kind of stubborn litter or waste that clings to the tray.
  • After this, scrub the litter tray properly with white vinegar. That will help to kill any bacteria in the grooves.
  • You must also leave the litter tray to soak in water for approx 30-60 minutes. That will help to remove any particulars of toxic cleaning materials.
  • Your last step is to dry the litter tray properly. If you can dry it in the sun, it will be more beneficial because the rays of the sun provide further antibacterial properties.

The process of cleaning the litter tray might take some time. Therefore, I would advise you to have at least two interchangeable litter trays for your Hedgehog.

So, when you clean one tray, you can use the other on in your Hedgehog’s cage.


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