Keeping Two Guinea Pigs Together: Male-Female, Baby-Adult & More

Guinea pigs are smart, familiar creatures and okay for domestication. Well, hoping to get a partner, guinea pigs who live without any company can suffer from friendlessness or even health issues.

Lonely guinea pigs may turn uncommunicative and stressed, start behaving in anger, and many other problems in them can be observed.

It is advised to pet a duo of guinea pigs, as being alone guinea pigs can feel stress. Guinea pigs are social creatures, and they require the friendship of other guinea pigs. A pair of the opposite gender of guinea pigs is better to pet, but get it confirmed that their sexual organs are blocked before they meet.

It is not sure that two guinea pigs will live with each other, but if you put some effort into bonding them gradually with the care, they can become good friends with each other.

We will discuss the good and possible pairing of guinea pigs and how to make them friends for a lifetime. 

Do Guinea Pigs Need To Live In Pairs?

Domesticated and non-domesticated guinea pigs are directly linked because of their blood relations.

As they are social creatures by their nature, they rarely live lonely in jungles or other open areas. 

The researchers have stated that guinea pigs reside in complicated communal structures with different individuals from the University of Rochester, and every group consists of alpha males, beta males, and females.

When multiple guinea pigs live together, they become the happiest pets.

They can not be separated once they create a bond between them. Guinea pigs who become friends play, eat, and exercise and do other activities together. 

Pet guinea pigs being alone can experience loneliness and depression.

They do not wish to live lonely without any companions.

Many problems might occur due to this:

  •  Rejecting eating or drinking, and then suffering from sickness.
  •  Escaping inside their cage and being lazy.
  •  Damaging behaviors like digging holes, nipping on furniture. 
  •  Showing anger to their owners.
  •  Over-brush and scratching on the body and forming bald parts.

If you can not give sufficient time to your guinea pigs regularly, then it is better to get a new partner for them.

Best Guinea Pig Pairs

Every guinea pig carries a unique, dissimilar personality. There is no confirmation that two guinea pigs will live together. 

It largely depends upon their frame of mind, whether they want to live together for life or not. If two guinea pigs are of the alpha category, they will set war with each other. Also, the gender of these creatures has its importance.

Can Two Female Guinea Pigs Live Together?

There are comparatively more chances of fights between two female guinea pigs than male guinea pigs. Though, once they start knowing each other slowly, soon they turn as partners.

To be successful in keeping them together, get two female guinea pigs of one family because guinea pigs from similar families can live together nicely. Two guinea pigs who are not known to each other should be sterilized before the meeting.

Female guinea pigs without their sexual organs being blocked can be defending their regions, and due to this, chances of fight raises.

There are possibilities of keeping two pregnant guinea pigs along if you have sufficient space in your house. But, it is better to bond female guinea pigs before they get pregnant.

Can Two Male Guinea Pigs Live Together?

It is quite hard to pair two male guinea pigs and keep them living together. To make the paring work, there should be the establishment of one dominant and one subordinate member.

They must be sterilized. Male guinea pigs with their sexual organs being blocked stay quiet and accept easily to live together.

Again, guinea pigs from the same family are easy to keep together. To stop hormones ruining their bond, they must get their sexual organs blocked.

Do not try to keep non sterilized male guinea pigs, even if they belong to the same family as they can attack and injure each other.

Can Male And Female Guinea Pigs Be Together?

Male and female guinea pigs may appear similar to each other, but they carry different personalities altogether.

Different personalities can be advantageous as female guinea pigs will not be much regional in front of male guinea pigs.

Opposite gender guinea pigs duo is the best way to succeed in keeping two guinea pigs to live together.

It is mostly because non-domesticated guinea pigs live in pairs of opposite genders, and they are capable of staying in this relationship for life long.

Before introducing them to each other, it is essential to sterilize the two guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can grow reproductive cancers in them quickly if they do not get their sexual organs blocked.

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Best Age To Introduce

The duo of male and female is best to be pet, but their age also matters. Let’s just discuss whether to get two baby guinea pigs, adult guinea pigs, or a pair of both.

Can Two Baby Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Baby guinea pigs and kitties sometimes get settled quickly to live together. They do not fight nearly when they turn 3 or 4 months old.

That is more correct if the guinea pigs are from the same family. From the beginnings, only baby brothers and sisters have a great relationship. Still, expecting to keep baby siblings together for lifelong does not work sometimes.

In the times, when these baby guinea pigs become sexually mature, their personality begins to change. Their scents turn different from one another.

Bonded guinea pigs from a very long time can also attack or fight with each other once they get maturity.

But you can stop it from happening, so if you get your guinea pigs sterilized.

Male guinea pigs’ sexual organs can be blocked after 10-12 weeks of their birth when they get testicles, whereas females can be sterilized after they turn 4-6 months old, and they get sexually matured.

Can You Put A Baby Guinea Pig With An Older One?

It doesn’t sound right to pair baby guinea pigs with adult guinea pigs. Though they can be matched, there are risks to bear while doing so.

Adult guinea pigs barely bond nicely with baby guinea pigs because they can show their dominance to mini guinea pigs or even bully them.

But do not get misunderstandings, that younger guinea pigs can not be naughty; they are more energetic from elder guinea pigs and make them tired.

Whether the adult guinea pigs break the relationship or not, but baby guinea pigs can do it really once they get their sexual maturity.

As they are young guinea pigs, they do not get their personality formed fully. Also, they may not get together with adult guinea pigs even if they grow up.

If you wish to get a baby guinea pig as a partner for your adult guinea pig, get the pet sterilized before the two guinea pigs meet each other. There is a possibility that this will work.

Keeping Two Adult Guinea Pig Together

Adult guinea pigs of similar age are possibly good pairs, as they will have the same personalities fully built with similar levels of energy.

Keep in mind that both of your guinea pigs have reached the age of one and have their sexual organs blocked before their introduction.

It has already been stated that sterilization can help in decreasing the chances of bad behaviors, claiming regions or anger.

How To Introduce Two Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are supposed to make companions by their nature.

Bonding in guinea pigs takes time, but when they enter correctly in a relationship together, their bond lasts forever.  

People in human societies pet lots of bonded guinea pigs pairings.

There are lots of bonded guinea pigs wishing to get home, so getting these already bonded guinea pigs at home reduces the extra work of introductions and bondings. 

If you own only one guinea pig, note to get another one and slowly get their introduction part started.

Avoid putting them directly in a cage and expecting the good. Note these steps to follow when you are about to introduce your guinea pigs with each other:

Setup Two Separate Cages In The Room

Prepare for two different cages for your guinea pigs to keep them separated. You should place a wire netting on their cage so they can see each other through it.

It is because keeping two cages alongside is the initial move of familiarization. They will be required to watch each other. 

If your guinea pig lives in a wooden cage, you will have to get temporary enclosures once. After they get together, you can keep them in that same wooden cage, only if it is large enough to hold them. 

There are some basic features required in a cage, like:

  • Newspapers covered on the top and for bedding covered with grass.
  • Hay for guinea pigs to eat.
  • Bowls to keep fruits or vegetables sometimes for your guinea pigs.
  • Bowls, dishes, or bottles for water.
  • A covered space so that your guinea pigs can hide in it, like cardboard, but replace it if your pet munch on it.
  • Waste removal box, it must consist of toxic free litter paper with hay covered on it.

For the first few times, keep the cages in different rooms because you do not have to familiarize your guinea pigs very soon, not even allow them to see each other.

When you take out your guinea pigs to exercise, take both of them to different rooms and at different times. 

Bring The Cage Nearby

All of your guinea pigs are supposed to be sterilized before they meet each other, 3 important reasons behind it are:

  • That there will be no unwished breeding. If you have two guinea pigs with similar gender, then it is fine, but still, you can notice unusual intercourse in them. 
  • Sterilization eliminates the sex hormones, which raises the anger and makes guinea pigs claim regions.
  • There will be no chance of growing cancer of reproductive organs, as per the statements of the American association of cancer research. This most common cancer develops in guinea pigs in uterine cancer.

 After 6 months of this operation in both of your guinea pigs, only you can step on the next move because your guinea pigs might attack each other when they see each other.

So, it is better that they must get their operation wounds to heal first. 

Removal of hormones takes time after sterilization. Try to keep them away for more 6 weeks so that there comes a full chance of your guinea pigs being together. 

Introduce Them Face To Face In A Neutral Area

Choose a room that is not known to your guinea pigs earlier, for the face to face introduction. You may use a washroom or any extra bedroom in your house.

Be sure that the smell in the area is also new and same to both of your guinea pigs because they might show territorial behaviors if they find the scent similar to their areas. 

Take all the harmful things out of the room, and put cardboard boxes to escape, hay, fruits, and vegetables to eat for your guinea pigs.

Thinking of getting your guinea pigs together by offering them sweet treats is a good idea, and it might even work quickly. 

Now, keep your guinea pigs in that room, sit down, and direct them. There are possibilities of bitings when you separate them during this, wear gloves so that you do not get hurt.

Your guinea pigs will start smelling each other, tipping each other’s nose, or even revolving around each other. Anyone of these guinea pigs will start climbing on another to show dominance. 

The outcome will depend upon their characteristics, either one will settle down for the post of subordinate guinea pig, or both will fight to be the alpha member.

Slight nipping is not to worry about as they will do it to form the social rankings. 

Allow your guinea pigs to inquire about each other for a few minutes and then keep them away. Do this by increasing the time duration daily until they start living with each other for some hours.

If you notice them fighting, immediately separate them and do not leave them together for some days.

Look Out For Bonding Signs

Bonding does not occur quickly and directly. Two guinea pigs (mainly one male and one female) start loving each other at first sight. It is not a rule; they might fall in love only after meeting each other daily for weeks. 

You will notice that their body gestures have changed when they feel comfortable around each other.

Avoiding each other is a good sign that your guinea pigs have found comfort when they are together.

If you observe that your guinea pigs are resting down together, it means they have started bonding. 

The last step of bonding is when your guinea pigs groom each other nicely, which shows their relationship will last long forever.

You may support this by putting some mashed banana on the forehead of both guinea pigs. That will make them groom each other very well. 

Now, if your guinea pigs have started grooming each other properly, there is no worry about permanently leaving them together. Bonded guinea pigs should not be separated only if they do not fight or carry any health issues. 

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How Many Guinea Pigs Can You Have In A Cage?

Non-domesticated guinea pigs do not live lonely ever. There are at least 10-12 guinea pigs in each group. Massive, complicated tunnels appear home for 100 or more guinea pigs who live closely. 

So there’s no worry to pet multiple guinea pigs as long as sufficient space is there for them. It is much more challenging to familiarise a new guinea pig to an already bonded duo of guinea pigs than introducing two unbonded guinea pigs.

In the jungles or other open areas, the groups of guinea pigs mostly have one male dominant guinea pig and few humble female guinea pigs.

If you have two bonded guinea pigs with the opposite gender, believer getting a female guinea pig will be the correct option. 

Follow the steps for their introduction provided above. Treat the bonded guinea pigs equally and never separate them.

Guinea pigs with similar genders and together in a relationship will show hints of jealousy for each other. They may act out in anger to establish their dominance on the new guinea pigs. Well, do not interfere in this matter only if they do not fight and need separation. 

Take your steps carefully and slow, show patience, and wait for 2 months when the new guinea pig will get sterilization and then only let them meet. Get your guinea pigs accustomed to each other by allowing them to spend short periods together. 

Why Are My Guinea Pigs Not Getting Along?

It often happens when two guinea pigs do not show interest in bonding with each other, and they do not even bond for no serious reasons.

Male and female guinea pigs can also choose to like each other. Even after you introduce them by taking the correct steps, they do not bond. 

It mainly occurs because of the dominant characters of both guinea pigs. It is the fact that guinea pigs only get into relationships when they establish the dominant and subordinate members.

At the same time, it takes time for two guinea pigs, both dominant, to resolve the issue. 

The vital thing to know is, one guinea pig who appears to be angry is not angry, for example, mounting is the standard way to decide who is the bossy guinea pig or pinching each other’s nose while they are establishing social ranking. 

You will be required to get in between if your guinea pigs are attacking each other and know that if it is a real fight or not, some hints will prove it;

  • Snarling.
  • Following to catch.
  • Knuckle boxing.
  • Flat ears with tail getting upside.
  • Biting: Do not assume it as nipping, because real bitings cause blood wounds or torn skin.

When two guinea pigs are fighting, just go and stop them immediately. 

Deal With Guinea Pig Fight

Try to get their attention to something else when you find your guinea pigs fighting. One idea to stop them from attacking is spraying water on them.

Guinea pigs do not like water sprayed on them, so by this, they will get stopped without getting hurt.

Sprinkle water on the head of guinea pigs when you feel they are about to get involved in a fight. Forgetting about the fight, they will start brushing each other, which will help to prevent them from getting into a fight again.

However, even if your guinea pigs start fighting again, spray water on them for one more time. If this also does not work, keep your guinea pigs apart, and still let them meet each other the next day.

Usually, it takes 1-3 weeks of face to face meetings daily to make the guinea pigs good friends of each other.

But, it will take a while to bond two guinea pigs if they both carry dominant personalities. When they start fighting in the first meeting, try not to keep them together and reintroduce them after a few days.

Now, after many trials of getting the guinea pigs to be friends is still not happening, that means they will never be bonded.

In this situation, it is better to find a new home for one of these guinea pigs and get a new guinea pig for the remaining to know if they can live together.


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