Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Other Animals? (Dogs, Cats & More)

Having more than one pet in our homes can be so much fun, but is it safe to have two pets at a time? I already had a Hedgehog, and was thinking about bringing another pet into the family. However, I had to do some research before taking any such step. I did some research, and talked to my vetenerian friends to learn about the the same, and here is what I learnt!

In general, Hedgehogs are solitary animals that do not like being around other house pets such as cats, guinea pigs, birds, and even well-behaved dogs. However, if you still plan to keep another pet with your Hedgehog, house them separately and supervise them to make sure they won’t hurt each other.

It is important to keep in mind a few things before housing two or more pets together. Each pet has a different personality and desires. Therefore, it is important to take things slowly to make sure that our pets are comfortable with each other.

You must be careful with how you introduce your pets to one another. Also, you must have a back-up plan if things do not go as you wish them to be. Now, let us learn more about Hedgehogs getting along with other animals.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Dogs?

Hedgehogs and dogs can happily coexist together. However, with hedgehogs being solitary animals, they need to start socializing at a young age. If you can get your dog and Hegdheogs to associate during that stage, the odds of effectively keeping them together go up.

Although dogs are much larger than Hedgehogs, Hedgehogs have an excellent defense mechanism in their quills. Therefore, you need to watch them during the initial interactions.

A need might arise to separate the animals. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for the same. However, if you take care of your pets in the initial stage, dogs and Hedgehogs can live together without any incident.

Introduction Of Dogs And Hedgehogs

If you plan to keep both dogs and hedgehogs in your home, you might need to make a plan early. Both dogs and hedgehogs tend to mingle and have a sense of security around each other if raised together.

You must never let your Hedgehog roam around freely in your house if you have a dog. However, you can pick a common area where you can keep an eye on both of your pets at all times. In addition, it will help you to teach your dog how to socialize with a hedgehog.

Although hedgehogs can defend themselves with their spikes, dogs can still cause potential harm. If your dog starts to think that it has found prey, it will attack your little Hedgehog.

In addition, keep your pets away from each other whenever you have to go away. The best move shall be keeping your hedgehogs in a room when the dogs have no access at all.

It is usually possible to own both a pet hedgehog and a dog as pets for the most part. However, it would be best if you did your research into their own specific needs before deciding.

Can A Dog Kill A Hedgehog?

There are chances that a dog might attack a Hedgehog. However, such behavior depends mainly on the temperament of each dog. The training factor also plays a key role. Trained dogs tend to react less.

Most dogs will approach a Hedgehog with nothing more than curiosity. However, if your dog is of a hunting breed (like most breeds of terriers, German Shepards, Pointers, etc.), then you must introduce them slowly to your Hedgehog. Dogs with hunting instincts can mistake Hedgehogs for prey or a toy.

Although Hedgehogs can protect themselves by their spikes, sometimes dogs can cause potential harm to our little Hedgehogs.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Cats?

Although Hedgehogs and cats can co-exist with a lot of patience and hard work, it is unlikely that they will ever form a strong bond. While Hedgehogs are prey animals, cats are predatory animals. Therefore, you must never let both these animals unattended together.

Even if your cat does not have a bad temperament, you cannot trust them with your Hedgehog. Being prey animals, Hedgehogs can get stressed pretty easily. Therefore, the best option is to keep cats and Hedgehogs away from one another.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Rabbits?

Hedgehogs and rabbits get along pretty well. Having both a hedgehog and a rabbit is an excellent idea. However, it is essential to keep the animals in separate enclosures and give them privacy and space. With proper introduction and time, both should warm up to each other.

It would be best if you never let your Hedgehog and rabbit share the same enclosure. There are several reasons behind the same. Firstly, Hedgehogs are nocturnal, and rabbits are crepuscular, so their sleep schedules do not match.

Secondly, Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They do not like to share their living space with any other animal. Therefore, they are better off alone.

Besides this, hedgehogs are pretty smaller in comparison to rabbits. Therefore, rabbits might step on them. Also, the spikes of the Hedgehogs can hurt the Hedgehogs pretty severely. Therefore, keeping both the animals in the same cage is a big no-no.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Ferrets?

Keeping Hedgehogs and ferrets together is never a good idea. It would be best if you never housed both the animals together. Hedgehogs and ferrets do not do well together.

Ferrets are pretty energetic animals. They love to prey on small animals. Therefore, there are high chances that a ferret with attack your Hedgehog. Therefore, no matter how much you trust your ferret, you must keep them away from your Hedgehog.

Ferrets and Hedgehogs should not be kept in the same cages or the same room. If you own both the animals, you must seal your pet’s enclosures and make sure it is completely escape-proof. Also, never let your pets play together in the same space.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Rats?

We should never let Hedgehogs and rats live together. Housing your hedgehogs and rats together can never go well. Although hedgehogs and rats could get along in a common play area, the best option is to keep them away from each other altogether.

Hedgheogs and rats could potentially transmit illnesses between themselves and cause severe damage. Also, the rats might end up chewing on Hedgehog quills, which in turn, can turn to a disaster.

Furthermore, if these animals engage themselves in fights over food and other essential supplies, they could cause severe damage to one another. Therefore, the best option is to keep the two pets away from each other.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Guinea Pigs?

In most cases, Hedgehogs and guinea pigs will not get along. These animals have a lot of differences. Hedgehogs are solitary animals, whereas guinea pigs are social animals. If we keep these two pets together, there are chances that they will end up fighting.

There might be cases where the guinea pig will bite your hedgehog quills, predisposing it to infections. Such behavior can even lead to stress and depression in both the pets. Therefore, the best option is to keep your hedgehogs and guinea pigs far from one another.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Hamsters?

Although you can keep both animals, hedgehogs and hamsters together as pets at the same time, it would be an extremely bad idea to house them in a same enclosure.

Hedgehogs and hamsters will end up fighting and hurting each other if they are left alone in the same play area. Also, presence of the other animal around can lead to stress in both the animals. Therefore, it is best to make sure that you keep them away from each other at all times without ever letting them try to get along with each other to be on the safe side of things.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along With Other Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are not so great socializers. They are solitary animals. They prefer their own company, and do not like to share their territory with any other animals, not even other Hedgehogs.

If Hedgehogs are kept together, then there are high chances that they will show signs of aggression and territorial behavior. However, if you are still adamant in housing two hedgehogs together, always keep the females together.


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