Why Is My Hedgehog Sneezing? (Causes, Remedies & More)

Sneezing behavior in Hedgehogs is not common. However, it can lead to several other health problems if continued for a prolonged time. To understand why our Hedgehog might be sneezing, we need to get to the causes and learn how to deal with those. That is what we will go through today.

In general, Hedgehogs sneeze due to dust or smoke in the environment, foreign particles in the nasal passage, and upper respiratory infection (URI). Some Hedgehog might even end up sneezing after a bath if the water went up the nose by accident. Continuous sneezes and a runny nose are often a matter of concern.

Hedgehogs have a sensitive respiratory system, and a simple change in their lifestyle or surrounding can trigger an infection. Identifying the cause and treating it is the only way to stop the sneezing in our Hedgehogs.

It can be challenging for an owner to figure out the exact reason for sneezing in Hedgehogs as there can be many reasons. Let’s start learning more about everything in detail.

Is Hedgehog Sneezing Normal?

Hedgehogs do not generally sneeze. Even if they do, the sneezes are occasional, and there is nothing much to worry about. However, if you notice something unusual in your pet, you must look into the matter.

You must not care if the sneeze if due to an allergen in their living environment or just from the dust of their bedding, etc., then it is totally fine.

On the other hand, if your pet is sneezing due to some health condition, you must look into the matter. Look into the causes dues due to which your pet might be sneezing. So, now let us discuss the topic in detail.

Why Does My Hedgehog Sneeze?

Your Hedgehog might end up sneezing due to a lot of reasons. However, you must know that your pet is not sneezing without a cause. Therefore, if you find your Hedgehog sneezing, then it surely must be one of these reasons:

  • They have some kind of respiratory issue, such as upper respiratory infection.
  • Your pet might have an allergic reaction to a particular kind of food or bedding.
  • You keep your pet around dust, smoke, fumes, etc.
  • Food or dust particles might have stuck in your pet’s nasal passage.
  • You use essential oil or scented candles near your pet’s cage.
  • Your pet caught a cold after you gave him a bath.

While an occasional sneeze should not worry you, a health condition could be fatal at the same them. Therefore, it is important to keep a track of your pet’s health.

Do Hedgehogs Sneeze A Lot?

In general, Hedgehogs do not sneeze a lot. However, some occasional sneezes due to allergens present in the surroundings are common. On the other hand, regular or frequent sneezes are a matter of concern.

Certain respiratory complications such as pneumonia or respiratory tract infection can make your Hedgehogs sneeze often.

You must not worry if your pet sneezes 1-2 times a day. However, if your Hedgehog is sneezing frequently, observe their behavior to determine the cause for the same. This will help you seek proper treatment for them.

You can easily prevent this behavior in your Hedgehog just by following some of the steps listed below. This topic is discussed in the latter part of the article.

Should I Be Worried If My Hedgehog Is Sneezing?

If you find your Hedgehog sneezing frequently, you need to investigate to find out the cause for the same. Several things can lead to irritation and sneezing in Hedgehogs. Allergies due to food particles, dusty bedding, and poop build-up are common in Hedgehogs.

Some serious health issues like respiratory infection, digestive complications might lead to sneezing in Hedgehogs. You need to look for other negative symptoms to understand the reason for such behavior in our pets.

Hedgehog Sneezing And Licking Nose

If your Hedgehog has caught something in his nose, he might lick his nose and sneeze at the same time. Sometimes, you may even see that their nasal discharge even includes blood. If your pet has cut the inside of his nose with a plant awn or grass blade, he will show such behavior.

Hedgehogs are often seen sneezing when their bedding is dusty, and the dust from the bedding irritates their nose. That usually happens if you introduce a new brand of bedding or serve dusty bedding to our Hedgehogs.

You must be aware that prolonged exposure to such dusty objects can lead to severe respiratory diseases in our Hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Sneezing After Bath

Sometimes, your Hedgehog might end up sneezing after his bath. This can be due to several reasons. The introduction of a new shampoo or soap often leads to such behavior in Hedgehogs.

Also, if the water went up to your Hedgehog’s nose, you will see your Hedgehog sneezing. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while bathing your pet.

It is important to dry your pet immediately after the bath. You also need to make sure that they are around a comfortable temperature. Normal temperature for you may still be too chilly for your Hedgehog.

Hedgehog Sneezing And Runny Nose

Continuous sneezes and runny nose often indicate some respiratory infection in Hedgehogs. If your pet is showing such behavior, I advise you to look out for more negative symptoms.

There are chances that your Hedgehog will refuse to eat or drink. They may even display labored breathing. Discharge from the eyes or nose and lethargy are often a matter of concern.

If your Hedgehog is sneezing with these signs, then the chances of some infection are very high. It would be wise to visit a vet as soon as possible. Certain infections can get fatal within a day or two. Thus, it can prove to be terrible for our pet’s well-being.

Hedgehog Sneezing And Farting

You might sometimes find your Hedgehog sneezing and farting at the same time. This is often caused due to the inappropriate diet of your pet.

Intake of certain food in excessive quantities can often lead to allergic reactions in Hedgehogs. As a result, they might end up sneezing and farting.

Intake of an excessive amounts of carbohydrates, processed food, sugar, or even the healthiest of food can lead to such behavior in Hedgehogs. Besides the eating habits, some other factors the leads to farting and sneezing in Hedgehogs include stress and dehydration.

You can easily avoid such behavior by providing your Hedgehogs with appropriate meals at appropriate timing. However, if you are still unsure about your pet’s health, take them to a vet.

Hedgehog Sneezing And Coughing

Frequent sneezes accompanied by coughs are a possible indication of some respiratory infections in Hedgehogs. In general, Hedgehogs do not catch a cold. Therefore, if your pet shows such behavior, it might be due to a health condition.

If your Hedgehog is continuously coughing, I advise you to take them to a vet as soon as possible. They will provide you with proper guidance for your pet.

Hedgehog Sneezing But No Other Symptoms

Several things can trigger sneezing and irritation in your Hedgehogs. Leftover food, dusty bedding, or some respiratory problems are some of the common things that trigger sneezing in Hedgehogs.

If your Hedgehog is not showing any other negative symptoms, then certain allergens present in their living environment might be causing the sneezes.

Hedgehogs are pretty good at hiding their pain. They have the ability to suppress the symptoms till the condition gets critical. Therefore, you need to keep a close watch on your pet to look out for other symptoms.

There are certain steps that you can take on your part to stop sneezing in your Hedgehogs. Provide them with a healthy and clean living environment, and use good quality bedding.

Also, do not use any kind of essential oils near your pet. Hedgehogs are sensitive to strong smells. Scented candles or essential oil can surely trigger sneezing in Hedgehogs.

If you feel that your Hedgehog is sick or is sneezing repeatedly, I advise you to take them to a vet as soon as possible.

What Does A Hedgehog Sneeze Sound Like?

Hedgehogs are pretty vocal and produce a wide range of sounds. It can be a difficult task for owners to understand what different sounds mean.

Hedgehog sneezes are more like the sound of human sneezing but very soft. Some Hedgehog owners describe the sneezes as ‘soft short screech.’

Cute baby hedgehogs sneezing

Sometimes, the sneeze is accompanied by coughs or wheezing sounds. This even indicates labored breathing in them. In such cases, I advise you to provide your pet with immediate medical help.

How Can I Stop My Hedgehog From Sneezing?

We might find Hedgehog sneezes to be really cute. However, if your little pet is sneezing continuously, then it can be a matter of concern. On the other hand, you must not worry about occasional sneezes.

To understand why your Hedgehog is sneezing, you need to observe your Hedgehog intently. Look out for other negative symptoms if they show any. Listed below are some of the ways by which you can prevent sneezing in your Hedgehogs:

  • Attempt to litter train your Hedgehog. Hedgehog poops a lot. Litter training them will help to avoid poop build-up in their cage. Thus, preventing certain allergic reactions.
  • Set a particular routine to clean your Hedgehog’s cage. Accumulation of waste or an increase in ammonia levels in the cage often triggers certain allergic reactions in Hedgehogs.
  • Place your Hedgehog’s cage in a well-ventilated area. Do not keep it near the kitchen, fireplace, or garage of your house. Keep them away from smoke and fumes. Proper airflow will help to stop sneezing in Hedgehogs.
  • Use good quality bedding in your Hedgehog’s cage. The bedding you choose for your pet must be super absorbent, odorless, and prevent germs buildup.
  • Avoid using dusty bedding or hay in your Hedgehog’s cage. Dust particles can cause several respiratory problems in Hedgehogs.

However, if the sneezing behavior in your Hedgehog continues for a prolonged time, I advise you to visit the vet to prevent any health problems.


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