How Big Should A Hedgehog Cage Be? (Best Cage Options)

So, you are planning to get yourself a Hedgehog but cannot determine how big their cage should be? Most cages labeled for Hedgehogs that are available in the market are a terrible choice for our pets. I can totally understand how tough it can be to find the perfect size cage for your Hedgehog. But don’t worry, I will help you in making the right choice by the end of this article.

The minimum standard size for a Hedgehog cage must be at least 6 sq feet. Although, it is recommended to have at least 10 sq feet, if possible. These, of course, are minimum guidelines. I always recommend giving your Hedgehogs as much space as you are able.

Choosing the correct cage size is crucial for the healthy life of your Hedgehogs. If you don’t get a large enough cage for your Hedgehog right from the beginning, you might inhibit their growth entirely.

Stick to this article till the end to learn about an ultimate Hedgehog cage list I made so that you can find everything under a single roof.

What Do Hedgehogs Need In Their Cage?

To determine the appropriate size of cage for your Hedgehog, first, you must know about all the essential items that need to go into their enclosure.

To make the process of choosing the right cage size for your Hedgehogs, you must understand the items your pet will need in their cage.

Here is a list of a few unavoidable items that must go into your Hedgehog’s cage:

  • A reliable source of water
  • A good quality food bowl
  • Hedgehog-safe bedding
  • Toys for stimulation
  • Hiding spaces
  • An exercise wheel

All the items listed below are essential for the well-being and happy life of your Hedgehog.

Furthermore, I would advise you to have at least 2-3 sets of toys for your Hedgehog. However, you need not offer all of it at once.

The best idea would be to place one set of toys and rotate it with another set in a week to keep your Hedgehog entertained.

Besides this, it is important to add sufficient hiding spaces in your Hedgehog’s cage.

You must have understood that determining what goes into the cage beforehand helps choose the perfect cage size for the Hedgehogs.

Do Hedgehogs Need A Lot Of Space?

Hedgehogs are keen explorers. Therefore, they need sufficient space to roam around.

Being nocturnal animals, Hedgehogs are most active at night. Therefore, it can be challenging for some owners to provide them with floor time during those hours.

Therefore, I would advise you to keep a large cage for your Hedgehog. An enclosure in which your little pet can play and explore is crucial in keeping them happy throughout their lifetime.

Sometimes, new owners make the mistake of caring for their Hedgehogs like small rodents, such as Hamsters.

Hedgehogs are pretty different from them, and likewise, their needs are also different.

Unlike Hamsters and mice cages, we must not provide Hedgehogs with vertical cages. Due to poor eyesight, vertical cages can be a problem for our Hedgehogs.

How Tall Should A Hedgehog Cage Be?

Your Hedgehog’s cage must have a minimum height of 20 inches.

Although the top cover of the cage is not essential, a cover and enough height would ensure that your Hedgehogs can’t escape the cage easily.

Hedgehogs love to climb. Therefore, certainly they will try to climb out of the cage.

Can Hedgehogs Have Multi-Level Cages?

Although you can provide your Hedgehogs with multi-level cages, you must avoid it.

Hedgehogs have poor eyesight, due to which they can easily fall off from the higher levels.

Although Hedgehogs enjoy climbing, they cannot judge heights.

If you still want to use the vertical space, you can create a multi-level cage. First, however, make sure that the ledge or incline you use to connect the levels are not too steep.

Besides this, ensure the high level is wholly secured so that your Hedgehogs don’t fall off and hurt themselves.

What Cage Is Best For A Hedgehog?

There are a lot of different types of cages to choose from for your Hedgehog.

Consider each of these options to decide what is best for you and your little pet.

Living World Deluxe Habitat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Small Animal Cage, White, X-Large
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Why Do Hedgehogs Need Large Cages?

If you are used to the idea of keeping your Hedgehog in a small cage, then the large cage idea might seem vague to you.

There are a number of reasons why you must keep your Hedgehog in a large cage.

The first reason to make sure your Hedgehog has a large enclosure is for their health. It is important to provide your pet with enough space to move around.

It is also essential for maintaining your Hedgehog’s digestion healthy and moving, preventing obesity and other health problems.

Besides this, Hedgehogs even need adequate space to improve their mental health. Hedgehogs are naturally active pets who enjoy exploring around and playing.

Hedgehogs can quickly get bored and depressed if they are not given enough room to act like their adventurous self.

A larger cage might worry some people that they need to put more effort into cleaning their cage. However, the opposite holds true.

A smaller cage is more likely to get soiled and smelly in a shorter period. Whereas a large cage needs less frequent deep cleaning and is less likely to smell.

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Can You Cover A Hedgehog’s Cage?

To cover or not to cover your Hedgehog’s cage is your choice. Some owners often use blankets to partially cover their pet’s cage.

Due to their natural instincts, Hedgehogs prefer to live in the dark.

Whenever you choose to cover your pet’s cage, leave some gaps. Hedgehogs are light-sensitive, and this will help them distinguish night and day.

Blankets or covers will also help you keep your Hedgehog’s cage warm.

However, I would advise you not to cover your Hedgehog’s cage all the time, as it has certain disadvantages.

If the cage is dark all the time, it could disrupt your Hedgehog’s sleeping routine.

Also, covering the cage will limit the amount of air circulation, which in turn, could harm your pet’s respiratory systems.

Do Hedgehog Cages Need A Top?

Although you will not need a top if the height of the cage is above 20 inches, I would always suggest you get one.

Hedgehogs are keen explorers. They love to climb. Therefore, an adventurous Hedgehog may find its way out of the cage.

Furthermore, if you have any other pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. living in the same house, then having a top over the cage is extremely important.


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