8 Essential Things That A Hedgehog Need In Its Cage

You’re bringing a new Hedgehog home and you want to make sure you have everything your Hedgehog needs. You need to figure out what kind of enclosure to get your Hedgehog, and what your Hedgehog needs to feel safe and happy in their home base. The good news is, you don’t need a lot of stuff to get started with Hedgehog care.

You don’t need a whole lot of fancy supplies when it’s time to set up an enclosure for your new Hedgehog. You’ll need to get an enclosure that is big enough for your Hedgehog, and have places for your Hedgehog to play, hide, eat, and poop. Many of the items to achieve this can even be made cheaply from home.

There are, of course, a lot of extra fun toys and accessories you can get for your Hedgehog, but not all of those expensive accessories are strictly necessary

It can be a lot of fun to give your Hedgehog new toys or watch them investigate their new piece of furniture, but as long as you have these basic supplies ready, then your Hedgehog will be set up for success in their new home.

What Do Hedgehogs Need In A Cage?

Hedgehogs need a lot of supplies to begin with. Here are a few supplies that is a must for your Hedgehogs:

  • Quality bedding
  • Food bowls
  • Water bottles
  • Toys to play with
  • Hideouts
  • Litter Tray

How To Prepare A Cage For My Hedgehog?

A living area arrangement is necessary whenever you bring your Hedgehog into your family.

Some of the families allow their Hedgehogs to run all the time freely.

Though your Hedgehogs will enjoy this freedom but also there could be many problems.

Think first before you allow your Hedgehog to run freely.

Is your Hedgehog safe when you’re busy somewhere? Will it get on the ground and cause damage? Where will your pet eliminate their poop?

Organizing an enclosure for your Hedgehog is always a safer option. They will remain happy if they get enough floor time every day.

Most of the Hedgehogs want to have their place. Even social creatures want their privacy.

The Cage Itself

It is extremely important to provide your Hedgehog with an appropriate cage.

Most of the pet stores in the market advertise cages for Hedgehogs that are way to small. Hedgehogs need a lot of space to move around.

Hedgehogs can’t be happy in the long term with only a couple of minutes a day to get out and exercise, so it’s essential that you prepare their cage with enough space to let them move around during the day.

Choose an enclosure that is durable, leak-proof, easy to clean, and access. Also, make sure that it does not have sharp corners, your Hedgehog may hurt themselves. Select the ones with round corners.

I believe a glass enclosure or tanks are perfect for Hedgehogs. This keeps your Hedgehog safe and makes sure that your pet does not escape.

The top of glass enclosures should have mesh covers so that the place stays well-ventilated and Hedgehogs don’t escape. Also, you can easily see your Hedgehog doing its daily activities in a glass cage.

Wire cages become your Hedgehog’s favorite chew toys. Also, in wire cages, there are high chances that the bedding you prepared will be destroyed and thrown out by your Hedgehogs.

A lot of wire cages have a metal wiring floor. Your Hedgehog can easily get stuck there and hurt itself.

If you still prefer choosing a cage make sure the spacing between bars is not more than 1 inch.

Soft Bedding

It can be very difficult for Hedeghog owners to find the perfect bedding for their little one. Bedding made out of biodegradable paper or wood is ideal for Hedgehogs.

As Hedgehogs are sensitive towards the smell, always choose an odor-free bedding. Also, make sure it is dust-free so that your little one does not face any respiratory tract infection.

Always select a dry bedding for your Hedeghog, this keeps them warm. Provide a lot of burrowing space for your Hedgehog to dig in.

Never give your Hedeghog cotton-based bedding. Cotton fibers can choke your Hedgehog and can be life-threatening.

Hiding Spaces

It is very important to have at least one hiding place for your Hedgehog in its enclosure. Hideouts prevents anxieties, provides a place for Hedgehogs to sleep, and help them to stay calm.

Also, prefer buying a hideout that does not have nails. Nails can hurt your little friend’s feet.

You can also prepare hideouts at your home for your little ones just by following the necessary measure:

Cut slash a small opening out of a cardboard box to make an opening. Make sure that you do not leave any sharp edges, or your Hedgehogs might hurt themselves. Your Hedgehog can use this place to relax.

You can either get a wooden made hiding spaces for your Hedgehogs or fleece made snuggle bed, which they can get into and feel at home.

A Variety Of Toys

Toys play a very crucial role in our Hedgehog’s life. Toys enrich our Hedgehog’s life and keeps them engaged for a long time. Besides, toys also help them to keep themselves fit.

Hedgehogs are active animals and cannot sit quietly in one place for a very long time. Therefore, toys are a great time pass for them.

You must choose different varieties of toys so that your little friend never gets bored.

The problem that many Hedgehog caretakers find is that Hedgehogs don’t always like the chew toys we get them.

Every Hedgehog has their own taste in chew toys, so it can be difficult to pick the right toys for your Hedgehog. That’s why it’s so important to give your Hedgehog a wide variety of toys. You want them to be able to pick out their favorites.

After you know what your Hedgehog likes, it’ll be a lot easier to keep getting the same toys.

A Wheel

Hedgehog wheels are great ways to your Hedgehog fit and in shape. Wheels encourage physical movements and also prevents anxiety.

Try to find a noise-free wheel. Noisy wheels can scare your Hedgehog as well as can be disturbing for you.

Select a wheel free from the center axle to help reduce the risk of any entanglement. Also, make sure that the material of the wheel does not hurt your little one’s feet.

Hedgehogs are curious and super active animals. We often see them clinging to one thing or the other in their enclosure. Therefore, climbing toys keeps them engaged.

Litter Box

Believe it or not, Hedgehogs can be litter box trained! This, of course, means you want to have a litter box in your Hedgehog’s enclosure and related supplies.

Hedgehogs should have a large litter box. You want to make sure that they can sit in the box completely. Unless you have a very small Hedgehog, those tiny corner litter boxes just won’t cut it.

The part that you have to be a little more careful about is the type of litter that you use for your Hedgehog. Typical clay cat litter is not appropriate for Hedgehogs.

The dust from this kind of litter can end up causing respiratory irritation. Hedgehogs will also often eat some of their litter, and clay litter can clump up inside their stomach causing a blockage.

Instead, I recommend using a paper-based litter. There are a couple different brands that offer litter that has been made using recycled paper.

In addition to being safe for Hedgehogs, this brand does a good job of neutralizing the odor of Hedgehog urine, keeping your house from smelling bad.

A Source Of Heat

Hedgehogs need to live in a certain range of temperature to survive without health issues.

They can go into hibernation during the cold months of the year, the same can happen with your Hedgehogs.

You might also need to add additional bedding or blankets to the sleeping area to keep their hedgehogs comfortable and warm.

If you have your hedgehog cage in your bedroom, then keeping the temperature in your room at a reasonable level.

The ideal temperature for Hedgehogs ranges from 75°F-85°F (24°C- 30°C).

Food And Water Containers

Choose food and water containers wisely. Usually, you get a pair of these when you buy the cage for your Hedgehogs, still most of the time they are not good enough.

Bowls should be easily accessible to your Hedgehog. Also, make sure the containers do not tip easily. Use ceramic or glass containers, your Hedgehogs will have a hard time tipping it off.

Hedgehogs usually spill off the water or make is dirty by excreating in it. So, bottles work better than bowls.

Look for water bottles which has water level markings. This will help you track your Hedgehogs water intake.

Related Queries:

Can I Keep My Hedgehog’s Cage In My Bedroom?

You can surely keep your Hedgehogs in your bedroom but there are a few things you must consider before you do the same.

  • You might be allergic to your Hedgehog
  • They will probably not let you sleep (due to their nocturnal behavior)
  • Your bedroom might start to stink
  • Hedgehogs sometimes attracts pests
  • You will not be able to use any perfumes, body spray, essential oils, etc.

Where Should I Put My Hedgehog’s Cage?

It would be best to place your Hedgehog’s cage in a quiet spot away from the TV and music system.

The temperature around the cage must be steady at 18-24°C, and it should be away from direct sunlight or cold drafts.

Ensure that the cage is placed on a solid surface and is not accessible to other pets.

The best place to keep your Hedgehog’s would be the central part of your house. It can be a separate room, your drawing room, or any other room.

However, avoid keeping your little friend inside rooms such as a garage, storage units, or basements.

Housing them at a place where someone from your family passes by every now and then is important so that they get the attention they need.


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