Can Hamsters Get Fleas? (+How To Get Rid Of Them)

Fleas are those tiny parasites that suck on the blood of warm-blooded creatures. They attach themselves to soft furnishings or other soft fur animals, including our Hamster. Fleas can be harmful for our little ones therefore we need to get rid of them.

Hamsters can acquire parasites such as fleas. Fleas can infect a Hamster of any age or sex. These parasites reside on our Hamsters, especially if we have some other household pets like dogs or cats. A flea infestation can prove to be fatal therefore it is important to take action against them as soon as possible.

A flea infestation can be fatal for our Hamsters. Our Hamster’s health can deteriorate is the fleas keep on feeding in our Hamsters.

Flea infestation can turn fatal if the condition is left unchecked. This article will guide you to keep your Hamsters healthy and safe from the fleas.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Can Fleas Kill My Hamsters?

Fleas can definitely do harm to our Hamsters. However, there has been no cases of Hamster death due to fleas.

In most cases, Hamsters were not seen hosting the fleas, still those pets can be fatal to our Hamsters.

Fleas mostly survive on the blood of warm-blooded creatures, including our Hamsters.

Unlike other pets, Hamsters do not require routine treatment. However, you must still take some actions to cure fleas in your little ones.

If your Hamster ingests the egg or the larvae of the fleas, then the condition might worsen. These worms will then grow up into a tapeworm, which can be fatal to our Hamsters.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are basically tiny parasites that suck on the blood of warm-blood animals.

In most cases, Hamsters do not get any specific kind of fleas. The common cat and dog fleas are major problem for our Hamsters.

Fleas do not normally host on Hamsters for prolonged periods.

They are searching for appropriate hosts in the surrounding areas, such as you, dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Most of the fleas are brown/black, up to a length of 2mm.

Egg – Pupa – Lava – Adult Flea

If the flea finds a suitable host, it would be able to survive anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months.

Female fleas can lay around 50-60 eggs per day. Therefore, it would not take much time for the infestation to spread. These fleas can lay an egg on our pets, rugs, carpets, or any other soft furnishing in our home

How Did My Hamster Get Fleas? (Causes Of Fleas In Hamsters)

In most cases, Hamsters tend to get infected by the fleas from some other pets in the household.

If you let your Hamster play outdoors or in your garden , then contact from other animal fur lying around.

Also, if your visitor has a pet inflected with fleas, they could also bring fleas to your house.

However, you must be most concerned about the pregnant Hamsters. Pregnant females are at maximum risk of catching fleas due to increased blood flow.

Also, if the mother Hamster is infested with fleas then there are high chances that the fleas will be inevitably passed on to the babies.

It is almost impossible to treat baby Hamsters with fleas, therefore prevention is the key.

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How Do I Know If My Hamster Has Fleas?

You might have a difficult time spotting the fleas on your Hamster’s fur. These little creatures move around pretty quickly.

One of the earliest as well as the easiest sign to detect flea infestation in our Hamster is the flea dirt. Flea dirt look somewhat like brown/black speck in the fur.

Using a flea comb proves beneficial to find out the flea dirt. Running the comb in their fur would help.

Use a wet white paper towel to detect the dirt. If the substance turns red in the towel, then it is definitely the flea dirt. In such cases, you must act quickly to remove it.

It is vital to take action as soon as possible because the larvae of the fleas feed onto this type of dirt. Apart from these, you might notice some changes in your Hamster’s behavior that will signal flea infestation. The signs include:

  • Scratches all over their body
  • Patches of lost fur
  • Laziness
  • Skin rashes

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Hamsters?

It is very important for us to act fast if our Hamsters has fleas. Hamsters are quite sensitive and need extra care in such situations.

We cannot treat fleas in Hamsters the same way we do with our cats and dogs.

The basics of the treatment remain the same. However, we should never use any kind of chemicals, which we generally use with our cats and dogs.

Listed below are a few ideas that you can implement to treat Hamster fleas.

Try Using A Flea Comb

Using a flea comb is one of the effective ways to get rid of Hamster fleas. I got this flea comb from Amazon when my Hamster had been infected with the fleas. The comb is very handy and convenient to use.

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Start by brushing your Hamster’s fur in small parts. You must comb their fur thoroughly but be gentle. Keep a container of water beside you to collect the fleas.

You must look for fleas, eggs, or the flea dirt in the comb. If found any, drown them in the water container. Then, repeat the process.

Practice this tradition for at least one week, two times each day. This will help to eradicate the fleas completely.

If you think your Hamster is severely ill, then you might need to take your little one to the vet.

Keep Your Hamster Away From Other Pets

If your Hamster has fleas or any of your other pets has fleas, then it is important to keep them separated.

Most owners take this step lightly. However, this can turn into a major concern in the near future. Not separating your pets will put each of their life in danger.

Fleas can easily get onto your Hamsters from other pets like dogs and cats, and vice versa. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your pets away from one other in such situations.

Check Your Other Pet For Fleas

Once you have separated your pets from one another, check if they have got fleas too.

If you have a cat or a dog, then there are high chances that your Hamsters has got fleas from them.

Therefore, treat your each pet for fleas. Take them to the vet if necessary.

Kick Out Fleas From Your Home

Your might have a tough time eradicating the fleas from your house.

Flies just need a suitable host to begin their life cycle with. Before that, they can lie dormant in our home furnishing, such as rugs, mats, sofas, or beds.

If is important to get rid of every tiny flea from your house. If you leave behind even one of them, they might bounce back even massively in rhe days to come.

Listed below are some steps that you can follow to ensure complete eradication of fleas from your home.

  • Vacuum your house each day without fail. Vacuum each part including rugs, lounges, and carpets. After vacuuming, empty the trash outside your home. Throw the dirt in a sealed bag so that the fleas do not have a way back to your home.
  • Clean your carpets every month using a steamer. (Check out this amazing compact steam carpet cleaner)
  • Changing the bedding of your other pets (dogs or cats) will keep the fleas in control.
  • Change your Hamster’s bedding once in a while. Use good quality bedding for your little ones. Make sure that the bedding keeps the cage clean and dry.
  • If the mess is out of control, go for a pest control service.

Apply A Hamster-Safe Flea Treatment

If you have done everything you can to prevent the fleas but nothing has helped then Hamster flea treatment may come to your rescue.

However, keep in mind that we must not use any random flea treatment medications available in the market. Some of these might be toxic for our Hamsters.

You should check on the product with our vet before trying it on your Hamsters.

Prevent Those Fleas From Returning

Your battle with the fleas can be a tiring one. Once you have got those tin creatures under your control, you must take some necessary steps to keep a check on them:

  • Keep a check on the fleas by brushing your Hamster’s fur at least once a week.
  • Keep an eye on our Hamsters and look if they are grooming themselves. If your Hamster is in pain or any kind of discomfort, they will stop grooming themselves.
  • Change your Hamster’s bedding once in a while. Make sure you keep their cage clean and tidy.
  • Take care of your Hamster’s health to keep the flea infestation under control. Take your Hamster to the vet if necessary.
  • Clean your house everyday to prevent fleas from returning.

Avoid Bathing Your Hamsters!

Hamsters are quite sensitive to water baths. Therefore, we must avoid it in all conditions.

Hamsters can easily catch cold if we give them a water bath. Also, staying in water for a long period can be life-threatening for them.

We should never give water baths to our Hamsters on our own. Instead, sand baths are ideal for them.

If you feel your Hamster needs a water bath, take them to a vet. A vet will guide you with what is best for your little one.

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Do Not Mistake Hamster Mites For Hamster Fleas!

Hamsters tend to suffer from other parasites such as mites or ticks. Mites are one of the most common parasites suffered by Hamsters. Hamster owners often tend to mistake mites for fleas in their little ones.

In most cases, mites are not visible to the naked eye. Patches of missing fur are one of the common signs of mites in Hamsters. Mites often occur as the flakes in the skin that resembles dandruff.

However, you need not worry. An appropriate treatment of these mites with proper medication prescribed by a professional vet often clears the problem from the root itself.

Can Hamster Fleas Bite Humans?

Yes, Hamster fleas can bite humans. If your Hamster (or any other pet at your home) has fleas, then there are high chances that you might face an attack by the fleas too.

However, fleas are more attracted to pets with soft furnishing layers to lay their eggs. Therefore, in a way, you do not have much danger.

Some humans are allergic to certain insects, including fleas. Thus, you must keep this in mind and keep yourself away from flea bites.


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