Can Hamsters Eat Mulberries? (Benefits, Hazards & More)

Mulberries are small, tasty, and purplish-red colored fruit that carry essential nutrients and health benefits with them. So, it is evident for Hamster owners wonder, can their Hamsters eat mulberries? Is it safe for our Hamsters? As a curious Hamster owner, I did some research, and here is what I have learned!

Hamsters can eat mulberries. Mulberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which makes them an amazing choice for our Hamsters. However, at the same time, mulberries have a high amount of sugar and calcium, due to which they should be served in moderate quantities only.

Mulberries are popularly used in sauce, jelly, desserts and sometimes wine as well. However, we cannot serve all these to our Hamsters.

Now that we know, we can feed mulberries to our Hamsters, you must surely be excited to throw in some.

Before that, it is important to learn about the nutritional importance and hazards of mulberries for our Hamsters.

Nutrition In Mulberries

Let us look in detail the nutritional values of 100 grams of mulberries.

Total lipid (fat)0.39g
Carbohydrate, by difference9.8g
Fiber, total dietary1.7g
Sugars, total including NLEA8.1g
Calcium, Ca39mg
Iron, Fe1.85mg
Magnesium, Mg18mg
Phosphorus, P38mg
Potassium, K194mg
Sodium, Na10mg
Zinc, Zn0.12mg
Copper, Cu0.06mg
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid36.4mg
Vitamin A, IU25IU
Source: USDA National Nutrient data base

Mulberries are highly nutritious and my Hamster’s personal favorite!

Mulberries have a lot of health benefits for our Hamsters. It will help our Hamsters in many ways if we feed them the correct quantity.

Some of the major health benefits by mulberries are:

  • Healthy Bone And Teeth: As mulberries are rich in calcium, it helps in the formation of our little one’s bones and teeth.
  • Keep The Blood Pressure In Check: Mulberries are rich in dietary fibers, magnesium, and potassium, which is essential to keep our little one’s blood pressure in control. Potassium is essential to maintain the hydration level in their body. On the other hand, dietary fibers and magnesium maintain the insulin level in Hamster’s body.
  • Improves Their Eyesight: The presence of Vitamin A and beta-carotene in mulberries helps to improve our Hamster’s eyesight and vision.
  • Vitamin C: The presence of Vitamin C in mulberries, helps our Hamsters in a lot of ways. Vitamin C helps to prevent scurvy in Hamsters. It also helps in the healing of wounds.
  • Iron: As mulberries are rich in iron, it helps our Hamsters by improving oxygen-carrying capacity in their blood.
  • Presence Of Antioxidants: Mulberries are rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanin and resveratrol. It helps to keep our Hamsters heart-healthy and help them fight against cancer, neurological diseases, and other bacterial problems.
  • Guard Against Inflammation: Components such as magnesium helps to prevent swelling and redness in our Hamsters.
  • Energy: As mulberries are filled with carbohydrates and water, it provides our Hamsters with refreshment and energy.

Do Hamsters Like To Eat Mulberries?

Most Hamsters love to eat mulberries as they are delicious and refreshing. However, some may despise it due to their particular disliking towards some food.

Mulberries come with a lot of health benefits still excessive eating can cause severe health complications in our Hamsters.

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Are Mulberries Toxic For My Hamsters?

Although mulberries are not toxic for our Hamsters, overfeeding can lead to severe health complications in them.

Some of the common health problems that can arise due to excessive feeding of mulberries are:

  • Diabetes: Mulberries have a high sugar content. Though your Hamster may enjoy its sweet taste, overeating can be a problem for them. Overeating sugary fruits can cause diabetes in Hamsters. It can easily upset their stomach.
  • Constipation: Mulberries contain a decent amount of dietary fibers. Although dietary fibers are known to help in indigestion, overeating can lead to constipation in them.
  • Bladder Stones: Mulberries are rich in calcium. Also, calcium is essential for the formation of bones and teeth in our Hamsters. However, excessive consumption of calcium can lead to bladder stones and many other urinary problems in our Hamsters.

What Part Of Mulberries Can Hamsters Eat?

Not all parts of the berry are edible for our Hamsters.

It is essential to learn everything about the same.

Can Hamsters Eat Mulberry Leaves?

Yes, Hamsters can eat mulberry leaves without any problem. Studies show that mulberry leaves are totally edible.

Also, these leaves has a lot of health benefits for our Hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Mulberry Seeds?

Hamsters can eat mulberry seeds. These seeds are tiny, and will be not a problem for our Hamsters.

Like many other fruit seeds, Hamsters can eat mulberry seeds without facing any choking hazard.

Mulberry seeds have a lot of nutritional value. However, these seeds also contain fatty acids such as linolenic acid and palmitic acid. These acids helps to avoid a lot of health hazards in our Hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Mulberry Stem?

Hamsters can totally chew on mulberry stem. It will help them to keep their teeth healthy and in shape.

There are various varieties of branches that our Hamsters can chew on. You can learn more about it from our in-depth article on the same.

Can Hamsters Eat Mulberries With Skin?

Mulberries can be eaten as a whole along with it’s skin.

However, it is important to wash the berries properly before serving it to your Hamsters. It helps to remove all the dirt and chemicals.

How Often Can Hamsters Eat Mulberries?

We can serve our Hamsters will mulberries once a week. Although mulberries may be attractive to your Hamsters, it has a high sugar content.

Picture Credits: Dora, The Syrian Hamster; Instagram Handle: thehamstercalledmouse

Also, mulberries contain a decent amount of calcium in it. Overeating calcium-rich food can cause bladder stones or sludge in our Hamsters.

How Many Mulberries Can Hamsters Eat?

As Hamsters have a weak digestive system they cannot eat more than 1-2 small berries at a time.

The digestive system of our Hamsters cannot handle sugary food well. Therefore, it is important to serve everything in moderation. Overfeeding will have a negative impact on their health.

How To Prepare Mulberries For My Hamsters!

It is very important to serve our Hamsters their food the correct way. Follow the steps listed below to prepare mulberries for your little one:

  • The first step involves choosing the correct mulberry for your Hamster. Choose a fresh berry for your Hamster. It must be purplish-red in color.
  • Secondly, wash the berries properly. Make sure you wash away all the dirt and chemical.
  • Cut the berry into half, and then serve it to your Hamster. You can hand-feed them or serve them in their food container.
  • Lastly, remove all the uneaten fruit from their cage after a few hours. Uneaten fruits can cause a foul smell in their cage, which could lead to stress and anxiety in them. Also, the uneaten food attracts rats and flies towards our Hamsters.

Related Queries:

Can Hamsters Eat Mulberry Sauce?

Hamsters cannot eat mulberry sauce at all. Hamsters cannot digest cooked food well. Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding them with mulberry sauce.

Can Hamsters Eat Mulberry Jam?

No, Hamsters cannot eat mulberry jam.

Mulberry jam contains an excessive amount of sugar in it, which is toxic for our Hamsters. It can also cause health problems such as diabetes and diarrhea in them. Therefore, never feed your Hamsters with mulberry jam.

Can Hamsters Eat Canned Mulberries?

Do not serve your Hamsters canned mulberries. It can be dangerous for their health.

Canned mulberries contain a lot of preservatives and sugar in them, which can easily upset our little one’s stomach. Therefore, do not serve your Hamsters with canned mulberries.

Can Hamsters Eat Frozen Mulberries?

You can serve your Hamsters with defrosted mulberries. Do not feed your Hamster anything directly from the refrigerator.

Frozen food is quite difficult to chew and also cause choking hazards in our Hamsters. Therefore, bring mulberries to the room temperature before feeding it to your Hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Dried Mulberries?

No, Hamsters cannot eat dried mulberries. Dried mulberries consists a lot of sugar, which can be toxic for our Hamster’s health.

Also, it is best to serve your Hamsters with fresh food. Therefore, do not feed your Hamsters with dried mulberries.

Can Hamsters Have Mulberry Juice?

You should not feed your Hamsters with mulberry juice. Fruit juices are packed with concentrated sugar, which can cause a bad impact on our Hamster’s health. Therefore, it is best to not serve them with mulberry juice.

What Other Berries Can Hamsters Eat?

To stay healthy, Hamsters need to follow a strict diet. Not all kinds of food are suitable for our Hamsters. Listed below are some of the berries, that our Hamsters can eat without any worries. However, it is important to keep the quantity in check


Hamsters can eat cranberries without any worries. As cranberries are sour and bitter, some Hamsters enjoy it while others don’t.

Cranberries are an excellent source of vitamins and other antioxidants required by our Hamsters. It can benefit our little ones in the long run.

You should feed no more than 1-2 cranberries in a week. Overfeeding can lead to several health problems in our Hamsters.

To learn in details, click here.


Yes, Hamsters can eat blackberries. Blackberries are nutritious small fruit, that most Hamsters enjoy eating.

It is loaded with several essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber.

A small berry 1-2 times a month is ideal for our Hamsters.


Hamsters love to eat blueberries due to it’s sweet taste.

Blueberries contains a decent amount of antioxidants in it, which is essential for our Hamsters. Also, it helps in strengthening their immune system.

A small berry once in a while is perfect for our Hamsters. Do not overfeed them as it may lead to health complications.


Hamsters can eat gooseberries once in while. It is small yellowish colored fruit.

Gooseberries has an abundance of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which is essential for the healthy growth and development of our Hamsters.

It strengthens their immune system and also helps in the prevention of a disease called scurvy. However, do not feed them in excess, a small piece of the berry once in a while is ideal.


Hamsters can eat strawberries. Strawberries are delicious red colored fruit.

Strawberries makes an excellent treat for our Hamsters. It also contains Vitamin C and a decent amount of fiber required by our Hamsters.

A small strawberry once or twice a week is ideal for our Hamsters. It is important to keep the quantity in check as overfeeding can be dangerous for them.

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Hamsters can eat elderberries once in a while as treats.

The presence of calcium and phosphorus in elderberries, make it healthy for our Hamsters. Calcium is essential for the development of bones and teeth in our Hamsters.

Do not feed more than one berry in a week. The high water content in elderberries is toxic for our Hamsters. Therefore, it is important to serve them in moderation.

To learn in details, click here.


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