Do Hamsters Eat Grass? (Benefits, Hazards & More)

Playing with my Hamster in my backyard often makes me wonder whether they can munch on Grass or not. If yes, is it safe?

As a curious Hamster owner I did some research and here is what I found out.

Hamsters can surely eat grass. Make sure that the grass is free from chemicals and other toxic substances. Overfeeding might lead to health problems. Therefore, portion control is the key. If you are introducing grass to your Hamster’s diet for the first time, start by serving it in small quantities.

Hamster Essentials
Hamster Essentials

Always provide your Hamster with fresh and chemical-free Grass. Grass from a park may contain harmful chemicals.

Grass from parks or outside yard may also have traces of urine and feces of other pets or animals. This may be harmful for your Hamster.

Also, avoid Grass from patches that are too close to busy roads, as it has a high chance of getting polluted.

Try to feed Grass to your Hamsters from your organic yard only. Grass food packets are also available in local pet stores, especially designed and made for Hamsters. This can be a good option for your Hamster too.

So stay with me till the end and I can ensure you would be clear with your thoughts on Hamsters and Grass.

Is Grass Good For Hamsters?

Grass proves to be a great snack for your Hamsters. Some Hamsters love to munch on Grass while others don’t enjoy it much.

Studies have shown that grasses are rich in several antioxidants, this safeguards Hamsters from injuries as well as infections.

Grass is high in dietary fiber, thus it makes a wonderful snack for your Hamster. It also helps in the regulation of the digestive system.

Grass does not have a trace of sugar or has minimal sugar content. This helps Hamsters to control their blood sugar level. High blood sugar can be fatal for Hamsters.

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Is Grass Bad For Hamsters?

As said, a coin has two sides, similarly, Grass has both benefits and hazards for our Hamsters.

You should be very careful when you serve Grass to your Hamsters, any kind of carelessness can bring their life in danger.

Grass does not contribute much to the nutritional diet of Hamsters.

Grass from outside yard may contain toxic pesticides or chemicals that can be toxic for our Hamsters. If your Hamster consumes pesticides, it can show signs of poisoning as well.

If other pets or animals have used the same lawn you are using for your Hamster there are high chances that there will be urine and feces of those animals. This can be hazardous for your Hamster.

If your lawn has recently been trimmed by a lawnmower, do not allow Hamsters to feed on those Grasses. Grasses cut be lawnmower undergoes fermentation.

Overfeeding of Grass can make your Hamsters stomach upset.

Many Hamsters even show signs of allergy after the consumption of Grass. Signs include coughing, sneezing, making weird noises, and loss of appetite.

If you notice any of these signs after feeding Grass to your Hamster, immediately make an appointment to your vet.

Do Hamsters Like To Eat Grass?

While some Hamsters love to munch on Grass, others don’t enjoy it much.

It varies from Hamsters to Hamsters.

However, if you wonder whether your Hamster would like to eat Grass or not, I would suggest you to give it a try.

Start by introducing a small quantity, gradually you may increase the quantity.

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Correct Way To Feed Grass To Your Hamsters!

These are some important steps that you should keep in your mind to feed Grass to your Hamster correctly.

The first step involves cutting the grass from the yard. Make sure the yard is free from any kind of chemicals and that the Grass is fresh. Also, you can buy Grass from the local pet stores that are specially made for Hamsters.

Always cut the Grass using a scissors. Never give your Hamsters he Grass that is cut from a lawnmower. This topic is also discussed in the late part of the article.

The second step involves washing the Grass thoroughly to clean it from bugs, dirt, and other stuff. You can use lukewarm water to do the same.

Now you may serve the Grass to your Hamster. You can also add some veggies along with it to make it a tastier and healthier treat.

After serving, keep a check on your Hamster. Observe how they react. If you see no negative reactions, you may increase the quantity a bit the next time.

Also, make sure that your Hamster does not hide any of the food in his mouth. This could lead to rotting of the mouth and teeth.

Lastly, do not forget to clean your Hamsters cage after he is done eating. This way you can keep your Hamster healthy and happy.

How Much Grass Should We Feed To Our Hamsters?

If you are introducing Grass to your Hamster for the very first time, make sure you give it in small quantities. A large amount of Grass at once may cause a disturbance in bowel movements.

The amount of Grass to be fed depends on your Hamster. You can give about a handful of Grass to your Hamster.

Make sure the Grass is clean and free from dirt before serving it to your Hamster.

How Often Should We Feed Grass To Our Hamsters?

You can feed Grass to your Hamster 1-2 times a week.

Always try to feed Grass from an organic lawn. Grass with chemicals can be toxic for your Hamster.

Also, cut the Grass using a scissor for your Hamster. Using a lawnmower heats the Grass leading to fermentation. Fermented Grass can be harmful for your Hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Grass From Our Yard?

Yes, Hamsters can eat Grass from our lawn. However, there are a few things that we must take into consideration before allowing them to feed directly from our yard.

Firstly, allow them to eat Grass from your lawn only when you are sure that Grass grown in your lawn is fresh and free from any kind of chemicals.

If you are one such kind of person who regularly sprays pesticides in your lawn or garden, don’t do the mistake to let your Hamster eat that Grass. Pesticides can poison your Hamster.

Also, if you have any other pet that plays in the same lawn, then do not allow your Hamster to eat that Grass.

There are high chances that there may be traces of urine and feces of your other pet on the lawn. This can be toxic for your Hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Grass From The Lawnmower?

No, you should never let your Hamster eat Grass straight from the lawnmower.

Firstly, when we cut Grass using a lawnmower heat is produced thus Grasses undergo fermentation. Fermented Grass can make your Hamster’s stomach upset. Always avoid feeding them fermented Grass.

Secondly, it can be dangerous and has too many risks involved. There may be slightest of the change that lawnmower may start on its own. You would not want to risk your Hamster’s life.

Lastly, even if you have unplugged the lawnmower and that you are sure that it will not start, still do not let your Hamster eat Grass straight from the lawnmower. The sharp metal blades can easily hurt your Hamsters. Your Hamster may also lick the sharpy metal edges that can be dangerous.

Can Hamsters Eat Cat Grass?

Cat Grass are the Grasses grown indoor especially for domestic pets. It is grown using a mixture of seeds. You can even find the cat Grass kit online or in a local pet store.

Besides being nutritious cat Grass acts as a tasty treat for your Hamster. Though cat Grass is costlier and takes more time to grow, it is worth it.

Cat Grass is an excellent source of potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and many other nutrients.

Start by feeding with a small quantity and observe your pet. If you see no negative reactions, you may increase the portion gradually.

Can Hamsters Eat Timothy Grass?

Timothy Grass, also known as meadow cat’s tail or normal cat’s tail, is native to most of Europe. It is a regular animal fodder that is available easily.

Timothy Grass is rich in fiber and also grows faster than other Grasses. It can be a great treat for your Hamster.

However, it is always suggested to do a taste test whenever you introduce a treat before adding it to his regular diet.

Can Hamsters Eat Wheat Grass?

Wheat Grass also known as Cat Grass, is a healthy treat for your Hamster

If you are introducing it to your Hamster start with a small quantity. If you see no such negative reactions, increase the amount gradually.

Healthy Alternatives Of Grass

By now, you must have learned that Grass does not contribute much to Hamsters nutritional diet.

So, here’s a list of healthy alternatives that your Hamster would love to munch on:

Only a few are listed here, there are many others with your Hamster may enjoy. These are the top ones.

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Can Hamsters Eat Grass Seeds?

As Grass seeds have high-fat content they are not good for Hamsters. Grass seeds have the tendency to make your Hamster obese and diabetic.

Can Hamsters Eat Grass Clover?

You can serve Grass-clover to your Hamster only from your organic yard. Clovers are rich in calcium, therefore serve it in moderation.

Can Hamsters Eat Grass Roots?

Currently, no specific researches are made to show where Grassroots are safe for Hamsters are not. It is better to be on the safer side and avoid feeding them with Grassroots.


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