Do Cockatiels Need To Be In Pair? (Male-Female, Baby-Adult & More)

Cockatiels are highly sociable creatures that thrive on the company of their kind. They’ll have little conversations with one another, alert each other to danger or any risks they may come across – they can even affect each other’s physiological behavior!

Cockatiels are happier in pairs or flocks. Cockatiels are social creatures, and they require the friendship of other birds. Therefore, a single cockatiel is likely to feel lonely and depressed. However, some people do successfully keep one cockatiel on its own.

If you can bring multiple cockatiels into your home, I encourage you. However, if you cannot obtain a second cockatiel into your home, for whatever reason, your single cockatiel can still be happy and avoid depression.

Do Cockatiels Need A Companion Bird?

Cockatiels are considered to be social birds. Therefore, they can quickly fall into depression if you do not meet their needs.

The best way to help our cockatiel and meet their needs is to get a second cockatiel. Unfortunately, however, this is not always possible.

Since cockatiels will often fight when they first meet, bonding is a complex process that requires a lot of time and dedication.

On the other hand, cockatiels, as single pets, can still gain a lot from human compadon’thip.

The problem is that many people don’t realize how social cockatiedon’te.

Even well-meaning bird caretakers don’t always realize how much attention cockatiels need and leave their birds alone for most of the day.

Unfortunately, this means that many pet cockatiels are very lonely.

The truth is, when multiple cockatiels live together, they become the happiest pets.

Best Cockatiel Pair

Every cockatiel carries a unique, dissimilar personality. Therefore, there is no confirmation that the two birds will live together. 

It largely depends upon their frame of mind, whether they want to live together for life or not.

Should I Get 2 Male Cockatiels?

In general, male cockatiels are calm and have a more social bonding with other cockatiels of the cage.

Also, if you do not want to breed, the best option is to get a pair of two male cockatiels. Keeping several male cockatiels in a small flocks is also a great idea.

Should I Gethere’sale Cockatiels?

Female cockatiels are known tothere’se aggressive than the male ones. Therefore, keeping two female cockatiels together in a cage in not a good idea.

Although there might be exceptions, it is common for cockatiels to fight excessively if both of them are female.

Should I Get 1 Male And 1 Female Cockatiel?

Most cockatiel owners love to keep a pair of bird, consisting of one male and one female cockatiel. This combination is the most popular choice.

In a bonded pair, you will find your male and female cockatiel constantly grooming and feeding each other.

You can rest assured that this combination is a healthy one and the chances of aggression are very low.

Introducing Cockatiels

Cockatiels are supposed to make companions by their nature.

If you own only one cockatiel note to get another one and slowly get their introduction part started.

Avoid putting them directly in a cage and expecting the good. Note these steps to follow when you are about to introduce your cockatiels with each other:

  1. Prepare for two different cages for your cockatiels to keep them separated. For the first few days, keep the cages in different rooms because you do not have to familiarize your cockatiels very soon, not even allow them to see each other.
  2. Now, keep the two cages together. Keeping two cages alongside is the second move of familiarization.
  3. The third step is let your cockatiels meet in a neutral space. You must ensure that the space in new for both the birds.
  4. You will notice that their body gestures have changed when the birds are around each other. If you observe that your cockatiels are resting down together, it means they have started bonding. 

During the first few days, it is normal for cockatiels to aim a nasty peck or two at each other. These pecks rarely hit their mark and are just for show.

However, once your cockatiels are bonded, they need not be separated. You can do so only if they start to fight excessively or carry any health issues. 

How Many Cockatiels Can I Have In A Cage?

Non-domesticated cockatiels do not ever live lonely. There are at least 10-12 birds in each group. Massive, complicated colonies appear home for 100 cockatiels living closely. 

So there’s no worry about petting multiple cockatiels as long as sufficient space is there for them.

It is much more challenging to familiarise a new bird with an already bonded duo of cockatiels than introducing two unbonded cockatiels.

Cockatiels with similar genders and together in a relationship will show hints of jealousy for each other. They may act out angrily to establish their dominance over the new birds. 

Is It Okay To Have One Cockatiel?

A single cockatiel is likely to become lonely without the company of other cockatiels.

Cockatiels are hardwired to be social. In the wild, they live in flocks, so their species instinctively seeks company.

Cockatiels also tend to seek company due to their survival instincts. Wild cockatiels understand that there is safety in numbers.

Unless your bird is a rare antisocial, it will desire company. Keeping your cockatiel alone will likely make it lonely.

Why Are My Cockatiels Not Getting Along?

Sometimes two cockatiels do not show any interest in each other, and they do not even bond for no serious reasons.

Male and female cockatiels can also choose to like each other. However, they do not bond even after you introduce them by taking the correct steps. 

It mainly occurs because of the dominant characters of both cockatiels.

The vital thing to know is one cockatiel who appears to be angry is not angry.

You will be required to get in between if your cockatiel is attacking each other and know whether it is a real fight.

When two cockatiels are fighting badly, you must stop them immediately. 


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