Do Cockatiels Get Jealous? (You Must Know)

We all know that cockatiels are intelligent. However, nobody expects them to know how to hate one another. Therefore, that leads us to a question that baffles many: Do cockatiels get jealous of each other?

Cockatiels do get jealous of each other. You know cockatiels hate each other when they grind their teeth, or even chase each other. And yes, cockatiels get mad at each other, especially when they are introduced to the cage at different point of time.

Jealousy in cockatiels should be controlled and managed at an early stage. Your life will become complicated if any one of your birds assumes that there is a partiality between them.

If you own more than one cockatiel, make sure you treat each of them equally by giving similar attention. But how would you know if your cockatiel are getting jealous and do they really get jealous in the first place?

Do Cockatiels Feel Jealous?

It is not rare for cockatiels to get jealous.

Cockatiels might experience many emotions, which can be complicated and straightforward.

There are several reasons why cockatiels get jealous. These includes:

  • If you have two pet cockatiels and give all your time to only one of them.
  • Offering a particular food or treat to only one cockatiel and not giving similar food to both birds.
  • If you have more than one cockatiel and you play with them turn by turn, then the other cockatiel waiting for their turn might get upset.
  • When you give the favorite toy of one cockatiel to another.
  • When you spend most of the time with your human friends than your cockatiels.

Their jealousy might appear entertaining to you for some time. As your cockatiels will behave naughtily, and they will attempt to seek your attention.

But jealousy is something that should not grow more. Jealous cockatiels can be a challenge to care for.

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Are Cockatiels Possessive?

Cockatiels, like many other parrots and birds, can exhibit possessive behaviors to some extent.

These behaviors are more commonly observed in sexually mature and bonded cockatiels.

When a cockatiel forms a strong bond with its owner or another bird, it may become possessive of that person or bird, displaying behaviors like:

  • Aggression: A possessive cockatiel may show aggression towards other people or pets that approach its bonded person or bird.
  • Vocalizations: The bird may vocalize loudly or incessantly when it feels its bond is threatened or when it wants attention from its favorite person.
  • Jealousy: Cockatiels can become jealous if they perceive their owner is giving more attention to someone else, another pet, or even an object.
  • Territorial behavior: Possessive cockatiels may be protective of their cage or certain areas in the house, and they may display aggressive behavior if someone tries to enter those spaces.
  • Nesting behaviors: In some cases, a possessive cockatiel may become overly interested in nesting activities, even if there is no mate present.

It’s essential to understand that possessiveness in birds is a natural instinct, especially when they have formed strong bonds with their human caretakers or other birds.

As a bird owner, it’s essential to provide appropriate training, socialization, and enrichment to ensure your cockatiel develops healthy relationships and behaviors.

Additionally, always approach possessive behaviors with caution and consult with an avian veterinarian or a certified bird behaviorist if you encounter any concerning or aggressive behaviors.

They can provide you with advice on how to manage and modify such behaviors to promote a harmonious relationship with your pet cockatiel.

What Makes Cockatiels Jealous?

Although cockatiels are cute and adorable to cuddle, they are of dominating nature.

There are chances that your one cockatiel might assume that another cockatiel is experiencing better treatment.

Furthermore, if there is any change in the schedule of your cockatiels, they will shortly notice it.

Cockatiels will notice it quickly as you are not giving them enough time as you used to.

Cockatiels depend on you to fulfill all their requirements, and they get bored quickly.

And if you stop attending to them, their jealousy will make them take out their frustration on another bird of the cage or humans.

Your responsibility is to care for your cockatiels equally and provide them with all the food and attention they need.

Cockatiels won’t enjoy being overlooked, so make sure you give them the attention they need.

How Do You Know If Your Cockatiel Is Jealous?

The most common hint cockatiels show when they are jealous is they involve themselves in whatever activity you do.

For example: when you are holding one cockatiel. The jealous cockatiel might start to make aggressive noises.

These cockatiels will act similarly even when you are with humans

Jealous cockatiels have many ways to seek your attention like they will start messing up their cage, start showing aggression or begin a destructive behavior.

You need to notice how your jealous cockatiel behaves with other birds of the cage

If they show their anger on other cockatiels, then they should be managed immediately.

Cockatiels who maintain a good friendly relationship with each other can also turn their jealousy on and attack each other.

Also, if you notice any situation like this, manage them because it can spoil their bonding.

Do Cockatiels Get Jealous Of Humans?

Cockatiels understand human emotions, they will understand if you are giving more attention to your mate than your cockatiels. This might result in a feeling of jealousy as well.

Be sure that you spend enough time with each of your cockatiels, putting them into a routine will make them believe that you have them as mates. However, ignoring them will make things worse.

Do Cockatiels Get Jealous Of Other Birds?

Many a time, cockatiels might carry jealousy towards each other.

Familiarizing new cockatiels to the old one also raises the chances of jealousy as the old birds might feel that their attention and care are now divided between them.

Cockatiels are territorial birds. They do not like it when a new cockatiel will infiltrate their territory.

It will act similarly if you give all your time and attention to only the new bird. Your old cockatiels will get annoyed at the new one.

Do Cockatiels Get Attached To Their Owners?

Once cockatiels have developed a bond of trust, they will indeed show affection to their owners.

Since cockatiels are social animals, they like to show affection and receive it from others.

However, they can still be very sensitive, so we need to not overcrowd them or show affection in an inappropriate way.

What Should You Do About Your Cockatiel Getting Jealous?

You can handle jealousy in your cockatiels in a similar kind as in children. You will require to be healthy but justiciable with clearing doubts.

Do not leave any reason that makes your cockatiels jealous. All cockatiels require to be treated with similarity.

Let your cockatiels figure out things on their own; they will establish a social hierarchy by themselves.

You can let them on their own as long as they don’t fight and hurt each other.

Do not control or give any reaction to their social hierarchy. Behave friendly and equally treat each cockatiel.

The role of your cockatiel, whether dominant or subordinate is nothing to do with what treatment they get.

You must provide similar food to your cockatiels, attend your cockatiels at the same time.

Communicate with all your cockatiels in a humble voice. If one of them is your favorite, do not let your birds know about it.

Make sure that each bird knows this well that you love them. Cockatiels feel insecure, but when their owners adore them, all problems get resolved.

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Show Your Cockatiel You Love Them

The language of affection is essential to cockatiels. They feel scared because of their nature, and you would also feel the same if everybody in the jungle wanted to make you their food.

Creating a comfortable living space for your cockatiels tells that you care about them. This guide will make you understand how to do this:

  • Know the body gestures and mood of your cockatiels; they talk to you daily, you just have to recognize it.
  • Offer a joyful as well as a stimulating environment to your birds. Which includes various treats, exercises, and toys, keep sure you are treating them similarly.
  • It is well said that the wat to your cockatiel’s heart goes through their stomach; if you’re offering tasty and healthy snacks daily, they will fell your affection.
  • Provide a proper living space as per the requirements of your cockatiels, so they always remain stress-free.
  • Provide your cockatiel with all the attention they need. Once your bird is bonded with you, they will do anything for your attention.

Do not live in this misunderstanding that cockatiels are low-maintenance pets.

They are emotional creatures and know they do understand emotions as well. So, your cockatiels will live in joy if they know they are getting equal treatment.

Sometimes people get puzzled when they own more than one cockatiel. On one side, cockatiels can get lonely and depressed if left alone. Whereas on the other hand, two birds may raise jealousy for each other.

Your cockatiels will get jealous if they find that they are not treated more importantly.

They can be suspicious of anybody, like your human mates, babies, or even each other.

Your cockatiel might even react in anger if they do not get attention to their demand.

Thankfully, if your cockatiels are treated correctly, they can become great pets. Just be sure that they are getting all of their needs fulfilled.


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