Why Do Cockatiels Attack Each Other? (+How To Stop Them)

Cockatiels are joyful birds. You will be mesmerized by their fun activities and movement all around. However, when a cockatiel is annoyed or irritated with another bird, they may start fighting with each other. So, it is essential to learn why cockatiels attack each other.

Cockatiels are territorial birds and will get aggressive if their cagemates evade their space. Some cockatiels do not want to share food, water, and other resources, which may result in a fight. Proving and maintaining dominance in the cage is another major cause of conflicts among cockatiels.

Cockatiels tend to show aggression and dominance toward or bond with their mates.

Understanding the reason for fights amongst cockatiels. Continue to read the article to understand more about your cockatiel’s behavior.

Is It Normal For Cockatiels To Be Aggressive?

In general, cockatiels are not aggressive. Most owners love their birds because of their nature.

Cockatiels are joyful birds, and they rarely show any signs of aggression.

However, a cockatiel’s behavior and activities can suddenly change if they are threatened by something. They will then be concerned about their safety as they are prey animals.

It would help if you were careful, as a cockatiel’s bite does hurt. They can fight among themselves wildly and even mutilate each other.

However, most of the time, there is a reason behind such fights, and it is crucial to understand that.

Why Does My Male Cockatiel Attack My Female Cockatiel?

There are two significant reasons why your male cockatiels attack your cockatiels. The first reason is territorial behavior. Another reason is that your male cockatiel could be trying to get the attention of your female cockatiel.

If a male cockatiel has already established a cage as his home, it may attack the female cockatiel to protect its turf.

Hence, it would be best if you did not try to put a female bird in the cage of the male bird because they will likely end up in a fight.

If you want to establish a bond between two cockatiels of the opposite sex, your male bird will likely fight the female to get its attention.

How Do You Stop Cockatiels From Fighting Each Other?

To avoid fights among your birds, you need to understand the cause behind the same. Only after that will you be able to find a suitable solution.

A few of the common reasons behind the aggressive behavior of your birds are:

  • Territorial Behavior
  • Small Cage
  • Lack Of Stimulation
  • Illness

Dealing With The Territorial Behavior

You must never force two cockatiels to share space until they’ve bonded. To bond two cockatiels, allow them to live side by side in separate cages. This means that they’ll become familiar with each other’s scents.

After a while, you can introduce them in a neutral area. This means somewhere neither cockatiel has been before, so it’s an unclaimed territory.

If the cockatiel ignores each other, that’s fine. It’s better than having two fighting birds. It would help if you supervised the birds, gave them a while, then returned them to their respective homes.

However, also look out for negative behaviors. If you recognize these actions, separate your birds and try again another day.

Once tw]o cockatiels bond, they’ll be friends for life and happily share an enclosure. This should be a new, neutral home, however. Placing both birds in an enclosure that previously housed just one can reset the entire process.

Once bonding occurs, you should never separate the birds unless they fight – which is unlikely. Until such a time, however, they must be kept separate for their safety.

Get Your Birds A Large Cage

A small cage can make your birds extremely cranky.

If you have housed more than one bird in a single cage, it is important that you provide them with adequate space to live.

Cockatiels are naturally curious, and do not like to sit in one place for a long time.

Provide Them With Mental And Physical Stimulation

Cockatiels need lots of activity to keep them engaged. They quickly get bored.

A lack of activities for stimulation is a common cause of depression and frustration in cockatiels.

You must install swings, perches, and a variety of toys in your cockatiel’s cage.

A cockatiel without proper enrichment can become bored, destructive, and depressed.

You can categorize your cockatiel’s toys into four groups:

  • Foraging toys: Cockatiels are natural foragers, and toys that encourage this behavior are ideal for keeping them stimulated throughout the day.
  • Puzzle Toys: These toys will be even more mentally challenging for the cockatiels as it forages.
  • Chewing toys: These are important for mental enrichment and beak maintenance.
  • Play toys: These can encompass everything from bells and ball toys to rope ladders for climbing.

You will see that your cockatiels will eventually grow bored of their toys, so rotate them weekly to keep things fresh. You might also have to replace toys as they become damaged.

Health Checkups

Although cockatiels do not require regular health check-ups. You must visit a veterinarian if you feel your cockatiel is not well.

The vet will examine the health and well-being of your cockatiel by checking some vital signs.

That is to ensure that your pet is not suffering from any disease. If your cockatiel is suffering from any illness, it will show aggressiveness.

It would help if you visited a vet having the expertise to deal with cockatiels. There aren’t many exotic veterinarians for birds. So you might need to find one.

How Long Does It Take For Cockatiels To Bond?

The bonding process can take as little as one day or up to several months – depending on your cockatiels.

Usually, it’s a few weeks before your birds will be living happily together, but it is well worth the wait.

Not only will your cockatiel be happier living in a bonded pair or group, but you’ll also get so much satisfaction and enjoyment from watching them snuggling together.

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Should I Separate My Cockatiels If They Are Fighting?

When you first find your cockatiels fighting, you must have thought of separating them so that they do not hurt each other.

However, cockatiels are social birds and love being in pairs. They stay happy when they have a mate.

Cockatiels always like the presence of one another. They do not want to stay alone.

When kept alone, most cockatiels tend to get bored and will be under stress.

However, it is essential to take specific measures to avoid any conflict between them.

To be honest, it is best to let them settle their fights. You may need to step in and stop them if things get heated up, but in most cases, they will figure out their role in the cage and settle their fights.

Can Cockatiels Kill Each Other?

It is highly uncommon for a cockatiel to kill another, especially if you intervene and separate them.

However, if a fight breaks out when you are not there, a larger cockatiel could attack and kill one that is smaller or younger.


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