Why Is My Cockatiel Sneezing? (You Must Know)

Being a cockatiel owner, you must have heard your bird sneeze here and there. However, if the frequency of the sneeze increases, it might freak you out. It is common for us to sneeze, but what about our pet birds?

Your cockatiel might sneeze for several reasons. The sneezes can either result from environmental irritation, dust, perfumes, household sprays, etc., or internal illnesses such as infections and even eye or respiratory problems.

Cockatiels have a sensitive respiratory system, and a simple change in their lifestyle or surrounding can trigger an infection. Identifying and treating the cause is the only way to stop sneezing in our birds.

It can be challenging for an owner to figure out the exact reason for sneezing in cockatiels, as there can be many reasons. Let’s start learning more about everything in detail.

Is It Normal For Cockatiels To Sneeze?

Although it is normal for cockatiels to sneeze, excessive sneezes can be a matter of concern.

If your cockatiel is sneezing more than usual, something is wrong with them, and they need immediate medical attention.

Besides this, if you notice other signs such as runny nose or eyes, you must immediately take your bird to the vet.

Like us, cockatiels sneeze to clear their nasal passage of any irritants. In most cases, it is a good thing, as it means that your bird’s respiratory system is working, and it is a good thing.

However, if your bird sneezes more often, it might suffer from a respiratory infection.

Why Does Your Cockatiel Sneeze?

Your cockatiel might end up sneezing due to a lot of reasons.

However, you must know that your pet is not sneezing without a cause. Therefore, if you find your bird sneezing, then it surely must be one of these reasons:

  • Dust: If your bird lives in an environment full of dust, it might sneeze frequently.
  • Allergies: Just like us, cockatiels can also have a wide variety of allergies. It can be challenging to figure out what your bird is allergic to, but if you find the source of the allergies, you can help relieve your cockatiel and stop the sneezing.
  • Smoke: Smoke is highly irritating to a cockatiel’s nose. If someone in your household is an avid smoker, this may cause frequent sneezing in pet birds.
  • Strong scents: A cockatiel’s sensitive nose can also react to strong smells, such as perfume or cologne. Many cleaning products’ strong fragrances can also irritate a bird’s nose.
  • Respiratory infection: Sneezing can also be the result of respiratory diseases. It’s essential to get a cockatiel medical attention as soon as possible.

What Does It Mean When Your Cockatiel Sneezes A Lot?

A cockatiel sneezing can indicate several things. It might be possible that a particular toy you are using in the cage is causing allergies to your bird.

Excessive sneezing is always a sign of something wrong with your pet, and you must visit the vet.

The best way to find out the cause is to look at the context of the sneezing.

If your cockatiel sneezes more during bath time, it’s probably because of the temperature of the water. On the other hand, if they sneeze more, even when not eating, it could be a sign of something else, like an infection.

What Should I Do If My Cockatiel Is Sneezing?

If your cockatiel sneezes frequently, then it can be a bad sign on the other hand, if the sneezes are occasional, there is nothing much to be worried about.

If your pet bird sneezes often, try to look for other symptoms to discover the cause of sneezing. Following some practices can prevent sneezing in your cockatiels without any worries.

Spot clean your bird’s cage daily and deep clean their enclosure at least once a month. This will ensure that there is no waste buildup in the cage.

Waste buildup can increase the ammonia in the air around your little one’s enclosure, resulting in sneezing. Sometimes waste buildups also trigger allergies in cockatiels.

In some cases, the location of your bird’s cage can also be a major concern. Make sure there is enough airflow and ventilation wherever you place the cage.

Furthermore, place it away from your fireplace or kitchen. The smoke from these places can also cause frequent sneezing in cockatiels.

In addition, if you have placed toys inside your bird’s enclosure, make sure it is dust-free. Dust allergy is common in cockatiels as well as humans.

You must visit the vet if the sneezing continues for some time or if you see signs of other diseases in your birds.

How Many Times A Day Should A Cockatiel Sneeze?

Any cockatiel sneezing 2-4 times a day is considered normal. However, if the count goes up, it might indicate that your bird is suffering from an underlying health condition.

You need to rely on the frequency and context of your bird’s sneezes to put the situation at a better level.

If you feel your bird is not well and suffering from an underlying health condition, it would be best to take it to a vet.

Should I Be Worried If I Find My Cockatiel Sneezing?

If you find your cockatiel sneezing frequently, you need to investigate the cause.

Several things can lead to irritation and sneezing in cockatiels. Allergies from food particles, dusty toys, and poop build-up are common in birds.

Some serious health issues like respiratory infection and digestive complications might lead to sneezing in cockatiels.

You need to look for other negative symptoms to understand the reason for such behavior in your bird.

What Does A Cockatiel Sneeze Sound Like?

A cockatiel’s sneeze sounds just like that of us. However, your bird’s sneeze will be comparatively quieter and gentler.

If you listen carefully, you can differentiate the sound of your bird’s sneeze and its usual noises.

Do Cockatiels Sneeze When They Are Stressed Out?

There have been cases where cockatiels are known to sneeze when stressed out.

Due to stress, the immune system of a cockatiel gets weakened. In such situations, cockatiels tend to get more sick from allergies or infections.

Stress is pretty common among cockatiels. Your cockatiel might be stressed for several reasons, be it due to environmental changes, dietary changes, etc.

If you ever notice your bird sneezing more than usual, it would be best to take your cockatiel to a vet.

To understand your cockatiel’s stressful behavior, you must observe how it behaves.

If your bird tends to stay in the corner of its cage, does not eat, or stops to play, it might be stressed.

Final Thoughts

Cockatiels can hide their pain well, meaning they might seem sick when everything seems normal.

Therefore, if you notice your bird sneezing continuously, you must not hesitate to take them to a vet.

A professional vet can provide an accurate diagnosis of your cockatiel.


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