Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkins? (Hazards, Serving Size & More)

Pumpkins are one such vegetable that are widely used not only as food but also for aesthetic purposes. It has been an essential part of the human diet as well as the thanksgiving tradition for many years. So, it is very obvious for the Hamster owner to wonder can their little ones can eat Pumpkins? Is it safe for them?

I did some research on the same and here is what I have learned.

Hamsters can eat Pumpkins but only in small quantities. Although Pumpkins are highly nutritious, it has high calcium content, which can be harmful to our little ones. While feeding Pumpkins to your Hamsters, it is advised only to offer them a moderate amount to avoid health issues.

Pumpkins alone cannot fulfill the vitamin and mineral needs of our Hamsters. It is crucial to mix it with other Vitamin C rich vegetables to create a healthy and balanced diet.

However, there is more to it and if you want to learn all about it then be with us till the end of this article.

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Nutrition In Pumpkin?

Let us look in detail what are the nutritional values of 100 grams of Pumpkin holds.

Vitamin C9 mg
Vitamin K1.1 µg
Vitamin A426 µg
Carotene4016 µg
Lutein + Zeaxanthin1500 µg
Calcium21 mg
Phosphorous44 mg
Potassium340 mg
Fiber0.5 g
Sugar2.76 g
Magnesium12 mg
Carbs6.5 g
Calories26 Kcal
Fat0.1 g
Water91.6 g
Source: USDA National Nutrient database

Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and vision. It also has a hint of Vitamin C, which is vital for our Hamsters.

Pumpkin is 94% water, which aids in digestion, bowel movements and in the prevention of dehydration and overheating.

Vitamin K present in Pumpkin helps to improves blood flow, lowers the risk of blood clots and improves bone health as well.

Also, zinc present in Pumpkins are essential for several metabolic processes, including protein synthesis, which also improves coat health and wound healing.

Fiber present in the Pumpkins are also essential for the proper functioning of the Hamster’s digestive system.

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Are Hamsters Allergic To Pumpkins?

No, Hamsters are not allergic to Pumpkins.

Some Hamsters might have an allergic reaction to a certain food, and so you must keep an eye out for the same.

While some Hamsters love to munch on Pumpkins, others don’t enjoy it much. It varies from Hamsters to Hamsters.

You must serve Pumpkins only as treats. Excess Pumpkins can interrupt your Hamster’s bowel movements.

Are Hamsters Allowed Pumpkins?

There are a certain points you must always keep in mind, before serving pumpkins to your Hamsters:

Choking Hazards: We must make sure that we are feeding Pumpkin seeds to our Hamsters in small quantities. Feeding in excess can be choking for our poor Hamsters. Also, Pumpkin seeds are hard to digest.

Urinary Problems: As Pumpkins have a high calcium content, it can lead to urinary problems in Hamsters. In some cases, it can also cause kidney stones in Hamsters.

Diarrhea: Pumpkins are sweet and contain sugar. Sugar can be challenging for our Hamsters to digest. Excess intake of sugar can be a problem as the little tummies of our Hamsters are very fragile, and it may lead to stomach aches or diarrhea.

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What Part Of Pumpkin Can Hamsters Eat?

Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkin Skin?

Pumpkin skin or Pumpkin rind is the outer shiny part of the Pumpkin. The Pumpkin skin gives the vegetable the orange glow we all crave for.

Avoid feeding Pumpkin skin to your Hamsters, as it doesn’t have any nutrition that would benefit our little ones. Although the skin is not toxic for them, but will not do any good either.

Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are one of the few seeds, that our Hamsters can safely consume. These seeds are semi-hard and round in shape.

Generally, we as human beings, rinse and then roast the seeds to make it tasty and edible for us. However, Hamsters can only enjoy raw pumpkin seeds as an occasional treat.

Pumpkin seeds contain a lot of health benefits like protein. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A and other vital nutrients. It also has omega-3, which is an essential element for the brain. On the other hand, it also has excess fats, which can be harmful to our Hamsters.

Hamsters have a sensitive digestive tract as compared to humans. Therefore, excess fats can lead to health complications in them.

Also, if your Hamsters are overfed with seeds, it can make them obese and diabetic. Do not feed more than 2-3 seeds per day.

You can feed the seeds to your Hamsters twice a week. For example, if you served the seeds on Sunday, it will be best you give another one on Wednesday or Thursday.

Another problem with pumpkin seeds is that it can choke your little one. If you have never fed your Hamsters with the seeds before, pay close attention to how your Hamsters react after eating it for the first time.

Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkin Leaves?

Yes, Hamsters can eat Pumpkin leaves but only in small quantities.

Pumpkin leaves are loaded with Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B. They are low in calories. But, they have a high calcium content.

Though calcium is important for bone formation, excess calcium can even cause kidney stones in Hamsters.

Excess calcium lead to several health complication in Hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkin Stems?

Though your Hamsters may love to nibble on the stems of Pumpkin, but it is best to avoid feeding it to them.

Pumpkin stems are the ‘handle’ of pumpkin, which are slightly brownish-green in color.

Although the skin is not toxic for them, but will not do any good either, just as Pumpkin skin.

Also it has excess calcium, which can be harmful for our Hamsters. Therefore, it is best to avoid it.

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Correct Way To Feed Pumpkins To Our Hamsters!

Before introducing a new food or treat to your hamster you must try a test. This can be done by feeding them in a very small proportion when doing it for the first time.

Observe them closely. Only if you do not notice any reactions you may increase the proportion.

We don’t need to go out of our way to feed Pumpkin to our Hamsters. There are some simple rules that we should follow:

  • Make sure you wash the vegetable properly and peel the skin off before serving it. You should preferably wash it with warm water, this will help to get rid of all the dirt and also kill the germs.
  • You can now cut the pumpkin into small pieces or cubes and give it to your Hamster. Do not forget to remove the seeds.
  • You should keep a check in your hamster’s mouth and cheeks, and make sure that your little one is not hiding any food in it for too long. It can lead to rotting of the mouth and teeth.
  • After a few hours, we must make sure that all the uneaten food is taken out of the cage. Also, check if your hamster is hiding even the smallest portion of the vegetable.
  • Uneaten food can generate a foul smell. This can often stress your Hamster.

How Much Pumpkin Can Hamsters Eat At A Time?

You can feed 2-3 small slices or cubes of Pumpkin to your Hamster at one go.

You can also mix it with other vegetables, this will make a tastier treat for your Hamsters.

However, in no condition, it should replace the staple diet of your Hamsters. Pumpkins contain excess calcium and sugar, therefore we cannot add it to our Hamster’s regular diet.

After a few hours, we must make sure that all the uneaten food is taken out of the cage.

How Often Should We Feed Pumpkins To Our Hamsters?

Our Hamsters can feast on Pumpkins but only in small quantities. We can feed them small slices only for once or twice a week.

The intake of Pumpkin should be taken care of as feeding in excess can lead to increase in sugar level and excess calcium level in older Hamster’s bodies.

For example, if we fed them on Monday, then the next time should be a week later or on Friday or Saturday.

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Are Hamsters Allowed Pumpkin Pies?

Pumpkin pie is one of the most loved and traditional dishes for thanksgiving or on any occasion. But, it is not at all made for our Hamsters.

A lot sugar is used to make a pie. On the other hand, pumpkin is already a sweet vegetable.

Excess sugar can be hazardous for our little ones. It can lead to various health complications as well.

Also, pumpkin pie contains various other ingredients such as cinnamon and eggs, which are not suitable for Hamsters.

We are always ready to feast upon delicious pumpkin pie. But offering this to your Hamsters can be a bad idea.

Are Hamsters Allowed Butternut Pumpkins?

Hamsters can eat Butternut squash or pumpkins but only in small quantities.

It has a high oxalic acid content, which is harmful for our Hamsters.

Butternut Pumpkin is another member of the Cucurbitaceae family. It almost has same nutrition as the regular Pumpkins.

Butternut Pumpkin has a goldish yellow shine on the outside, which makes it attractive to look.

Just like regular pumpkins, butternut pumpkins are sweet, therefore we must serve it in small quantities.

Excess of the vegetables, can be difficult for our Hamsters to digest.

Sources: Pumpkin Nutrition Facts, Health Line, Science Direct, Cancer Research


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