How To Calm An Angry Cockatiel? (Tips & Tricks)

You can see that your cockatiel is obviously angry about something, but you don’t know how to help. When your pet cockatiel shows aggression, you can use these tips and learn how to calm them down.

If your cockatiel is angry, I would advise you to approach it slowly and speak gently. During this time, avoid holding or even touching your bird. You can always use treats and toys to distract your cockatiels.

Even the most aggresive cockatiels can be comforted when you give them time and patience.

You must pay attention to your cockatiel’s body language and use these steps to help them understand that they are safe and nothing will hurt them.

Why Is My Cockatiel So Angry?

There are several reasons why your cockatiel can be aggressive or angry. Let us understand these in detail:

Loud Noises

If there is excessive noise around your bird’s cage, then there are chances that it will get aggressive.

Unfamiliar sounds are often known to cause stress in cockatiels, which, in turn, can make them aggressive.

Some of the everyday noises that can be problematic for your cockatiels are:

  • Stereo
  • Television
  • Other Pets
  • Outside noise such as from horns.

You must also consider which part of your home your cockatiel is housed.

For example, near a window that overlooks a busy road might not be the best place.

Furthermore, try and consider lowering entertainment such as TV as this can make a big difference in your bird’s attitude.


Cockatiels can get scared pretty easily.

The only way our cockatiels have to defend themselves is to hide or fly away.

Keep your cockatiels away from the other pet if you have one. Make sure to keep them separated until they come to understand each other.

Inadequate Cage Space

To be comfortable, a single cockatiel must be provided with at least 20×20×20 inches of space.

If their cage is too small, they cannot play and exercise and become stressed out. This stress will make them excessively aggressive.

Abrupt Chances In Daily Routine

Cockatiels do not handle changes very well. Therefore, I would advise you to fix a particular feeding time for your bird.

A well-set routine will surely keep your bird happy and stress-free. With frequent changes, your bird can surely turn aggressive.

Temperature Fluctuations

The optimal temperature for a cockatiel is 60°F to 80 °F. Anything above 90°F and below 40°F can be fatal and cause distress among cockatiels.

Frequent changes in the temperature can make your cockatiel super angry and aggressive.

Excessive Handing

Your cockatiel might seem cute and cuddly to you, but the truth is, these birds do not enjoy excessive handling.

Most cockatiels do not like being carried or being held up.

Therefore, I would advise you to ensure that you do not try to hold your bird forcefully. Stress will surely make your bird aggressive.


Cockatiels are pretty active. You will rarely see your bird sitting quietly in one place.

It is essential to provide your cockatiel with mental and physical stimulation to make their life healthy and happy.

Try to provide toys, swings, and other enrichment items in your cockatiel’s cage.

I would advise you to get your bird different varieties of toys. This will make sure that they do not get bored.

Health Complications

If the basic needs of your cockatiels are not met, they can fall sick in no time.

Besides this, cockatiels are prey animals. They are pretty good at hiding their pain and discomfort.

In most cases, your cockatiel will not let you know that it is suffering from some health complication. You will learn about your pet’s health issue when it becomes very critical.

I would advise you to check your cockatiel thoroughly every few days to ensure they are doing well.

Is It Normal For Cockatiels To Be Aggressive?

In general, cockatiels are not aggressive. For the most part, a healthy cockatiel is a friendly cockatiel.

However, illness, boredom, unhappiness, cramped living quarters, and some other unfortunate incidents have all been known to cause displays of aggression in cockatiels.

How To Calm An Angry Cockatiels?

It is important to keep your cockatiel calm in its day to day life.

If you give any chance to your cockatiel to get aggressive, it can be a problem. You must give your bird whatever it needs to let it live a healthy life.

To make sure that your cockatiel is cool and collected at all times, follow these steps:

  • Establish A Routine: You must make sure that your cockatiel understands that its needs will be met. Cockatiels are smart. They’ll notice patterns and rhythms, and learn to be patient.
  • Attention And Affection: Never ignore your cockatiel’s call. This will harm your bond, and leave your bird wondering if you’re on is side.
  • Don’t Handle Your Cockatiel Unnecessarily: I would advise you to not pick your bird up for a cuddle unless it allows you.
  • Moderate Lighting And Temperature: You must make sure that your pet bird has a good understanding of the difference between night and day. Also, don’t let it get too hot, either.
  • Get Your Cockatiel A Friend: If it is feasible for you, I would advise you e to bring a second bird into your pet’s life. Once these two birds have bonded, they’ll continuously keep each other happy.
  • Keep Your Cockatiels Safe: If your cockatiel feels exposed to predators, it will live in a constant state of fear at night.
  • Never Ignore Warning Signs Of Aggression In Cockatiels: This will break your bird’s trust in you, and also damage its health. An anxious cockatiel is more prone to disease and sickness.

Do Cockatiels Get Mad At Their Owners?

Cockatiels have an interesting personality.

Research and community polls have shown that many a times cockatiels get mad at their owners, and most of the times they are not afraid to show it.

Cockatiels can surely get aggressive if they want to. They can even try to bite you in their extreme aggression. Cockatiels often vocalize in aggression.

Your bird might be mad at you for picking them up and flick you off before completely ignoring you for hours.

It can be funny to see a cute little bird when they’re mad, especially because we know they’ll forgive us eventually (especially if you bribe them with a yummy treat).


Hello, I am Mohini, the founder of this blog. I am a qualified Animal Nutrition. I am here to help everyone understand their pets better.

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